Memory Optimizer by Vera F. Birkenbihl with Paul R. Scheele

Thanks to Mrs. Birkenbihl's thirty-plus years of training people to use their Memory Web, you will be able to create temporary or auxiliary Memory Threads that make new information more easily remembered. As you use the new information, the temporary Memory Threads become permanent and your memory fantastic.

Remember more using the Memory Pyramid

The Memory Optimizer also gives you the Memory Pyramid:

Imagine everything that happens in your life collects as Gold Dust beneath a massive pyramid. Most of this insignificant information is lost forever. But, for reasons you will learn in the course, some gold dust bonds with other gold dust and turns into Gold Nuggets. These gold nuggets push their way into the lower level of the Memory Pyramid and become things that can be remembered. Gold nuggets that push their way to the walls of the Memory Pyramid are remembered at will.

And, that's what we all want, and what Mrs. Birkenbihl delivers in Memory Optimizer. To remember more at will!

Back to the pyramid: When gold nuggets combine with other gold nuggets they form Gold Bars that make up the bulk of the pyramid. Moments of your life that end up here become part of your General Memory, which helps you operate powerfully in the world. But, it also has challenging aspects. For example...

You have handled your car keys so many times that your brain has created a general memory of where you put your keys. As a result, each incident stays buried under the pyramid, unless you do something specific. If you do what Mrs. Birkenbihl suggests, you will know exactly the whereabouts of your keys. Nearly all of the time.

Here's what happened for me: every morning when I park my car at the office, I shut the driver's door, open the back passenger's door, take out my briefcase, click the clicker to lock the door, and walk to the office. Inevitably, half way to the office building, I turn to re-click the clicker, because I do not remember whether I had locked the door—until I learned a technique from Mrs. Birkenbihl.

Immediately and automatically I began to remember that I had clicked the clicker. As a matter of fact, in the first six months I could not remember only two or three times. That was two or three out of ninety times! In the past, I usually forgot every day. Now I seldom forget.

Since then not once have I wondered whether I unplugged the iron, turned off the stove, or shut the garage door. With certainty, and with very few exceptions, I remember many things that generally ended represented by general memory and buried lost under the pyramid.

Be clear. I practiced absolutely nothing. There was no work at all on my part other than doing one tiny thing that Mrs. Birkenbihl suggested. I did it once for my car's clicker and everything else fell into place. The change was automatic.

Once you hear Mrs. Birkenbihl's advice, I am sure you, too, will notice your memory automatically and instantly improve.

She skillfully uses whole-mind and accelerated learning techniques that automatically work for your benefit. Her unique style has become known as The Birkenbihl Method. The typical memory program is filled with exercise after exercise—not this one! Your memory will improve by simply listening to the sessions. And, when you do the select exercises she recommends, you will realize even greater results.

One final comment about the Memory Pyramid: As you age, certain gold nuggets as well as gold bars of general memory rise to the top of the pyramid. Here resides your wisdom. These memories allow for great thinking, insightful reasoning, and opportunities for breakthroughs to benefit yourself, family, friends, and even the world.

Follow the Memory Optimizer and more nuggets will rise to the top! If you want to make a mark in this world, if you want more success, then do this course now. It is much more than just memory.

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