Memory Optimizer by Vera F. Birkenbihl with Paul R. Scheele

Memory Optimizer
Frequently Asked Questions

What is this course about?

The Memory Optimizer is a complete memory enhancement program that shows you how to work with the brain directly and build the neuro-circuitry required for an effective memory for the rest of your life. It's inclusion of techniques for anti-aging and anti-alzheimer's take you farther than any other course. And, use of the methods are guaranteed to benefit you for as long as you live. This course teaches you practices and principles about what memory is and how to use it to your fullest advantage. A new generation of memory techniques is contained within this course. And they have emerged from startling new facts that we have learned about how the brain works, literally out of the laboratories of neuro-cognitive sciences and into your hands, so you can take charge of how to use your mind to optimize your memory.

Using the skills that you develop in this course, you can improve your memory for names, jokes, language, where you put your keys, in almost any situation where you need to rely on memory. You'll truly understand why memory happens and why it does not. This course is designed so that once you know how your memory actually works, you can pick and choose from easy-to-use techniques and over 3-dozen tricks to accomplish results in the most important areas for you. Whenever you receive new information that's important to you, you can make sure that you'll remember the facts and details you need. You learn to optimize your memory, managing your brain and mind in a way that brings you the results you seek.

How long is this course?

There are 11 audio sessions in the Main course totaling 8.5 hours, and 4 additional audio sessions in the Deluxe course, adding 4.5 hours. These sessions guide you through the processes contained in the 74-page manual.

How much time is recommended to complete the course?

For best results, we recommend you put time in your schedule right now to do the course. Treat these as important appointments and do not change them because something else has come up.

How quickly will I see results?

You will begin noticing subtle shifts as soon as you begin the course. As you apply what you learn, and depending on what is going on in your life, you'll see increasingly more noticeable results.

What is the difference between the Main course and the Deluxe course?

The Main course teaches you the basics and foundation of the entire Memory Optimizer Course. The Deluxe course includes everything in the Main course, plus in-depth discussions from Paul Scheele for how to enhance your new memory skills, and additional training on developing Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Memory. You could purchase the Main course now and purchase the upgrade later. Or, take advantage of cost savings by purchasing the Deluxe now.

What are the exact contents of the course?

Deluxe course contents are listed here:

Can I listen while driving or exercising?

Absolutely. While the course is designed to be interactive, you are welcome to listen to the course one time through before doing the recommended processes. Do not listen to Paraliminal sessions or meditations, however, while driving.

How is this different from other memory courses (Rapid Recall, Kevin Trudeau's Mega Memory, Harry Lorayne's Memory Power)?

Most memory courses focus on pegs for memorization. Memory Optimizer is not about memorization, but about improving your memory. With the Memory Optimizer course you will have an understanding of the intricacies of memory, what it is and how to work with intelligence gap management. You will learn what memory really is and how to improve it. The Memory Optimizer course also includes anti-aging and anti-Alzheimer's techniques that can be used to combat the effects of memory loss, common in old age.

Are there pegs and associations in the Memory course?

There are, because there have to be associations. That is the way the brain works. But you will create your own pegs, unlike with other courses that give you pegs to memorize along with what you are already trying to remember.

Will I be able to memorize with this course?

Yes, but you will get there in a different way than you have in the past. The course is more about retaining knowledge and memory improvement than memorizing useless facts.

Is the Memory course for children?

I would not recommend the Memory Optimizer for kids to listen to, but rather for someone to teach kids what is on the course. Concepts from the Memory Optimizer can help kids in a number of ways. Overall, it is essential for kids to learn what memory really is.

Is there a money-back satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. Learn the details here: