Since Life is for Living, what is the ultimate skill?

Using your internal compass to navigate through life successfully, no matter the challenges

If you would like growth, harmony, inner peace, and completeness, perhaps beyond what you have ever experienced or even envisioned, we will help you find, develop, and use your internal compass to achieve it. What I am about to share with you is quite possibly the most important course we've offered in our thirty years.

Let us begin by exploring an interesting scenario
(that is closer to the truth than you might imagine)

Imagine right now you are living in a home that provides shelter and safety, but you're living there without any light…in complete darkness. You have lived there all of your life, and do not realize that light even exists.

You live with the frustration of bumping into things, the pain of stubbing your toes, and the fear of the unknown.

You live without a sense of direction, you wonder where things are, you know a pantry full of everything you could want is near, but you never seem to find it.

Nonetheless, you have learned how to get around and enjoy life. It all seems completely normal.

Then one day you discover a dimmer switch and begin turning up light. An entire world emerges around you. It was there all along, but you had no idea until now.

You see how beautiful your home actually is. You can navigate your home without issue. You no longer experience the frustrations or pains of the former darkness.

You discover a thermostat that gives you control over how you feel in your home. You discover books that give you great insight and hours of entertainment. You find the pantry of abundance. Feelings of lack dissipate, because you see that there is so much around-all within your grasp, just waiting.

You have to admit, this is an interesting scenario. Living in a world with the lights out. And not even knowing that the lights are out. Then you turn on the lights, and you see life is so much more than you could have imagined.

You are likely living in the dark right now

Sure, the lights are on and you see quite well, but what if you found another layer of light that could illuminate your life in ways you cannot now comprehend?

You would see what you're stubbing your emotions on. This clarity would lessen any power emotions have on you. They would cease to get the best of you. The drama would be gone. The emotional roller coaster would stop. You would go through each day on an even keel…making decisions and acting in ways that aren't driven by emotions.

When you enlighten your life, you don't fear what others think. You don't fear losing your job, being late, being single, or any of the anxieties that commonly gnaw at folks. What's even better is that if any of these situations happen, you do not get your underwear in a bundle. You find it so freeing.

You find it is easy and natural to be confident, self-assured, and clear-thinking. Feelings of inadequacy don't exist on this level.

You see order in what previously appeared to be chaos. From your new, expansive, and enlightened perspective—even with all of the mess in the world—you see a natural state of harmony overlaying everything. You feel hopeful.

This can be a real possibility for you. Can you imagine what living like this could do for your psyche and sense of well being? Can you imagine the transformation that would happen in your workplace, your home, your community?

"Before starting the course, I had problems at home and work that stressed me. My temper had worsened. I felt anger easily. I became less happy and distanced myself from friends and family. I realized I had to put a stop to all this. I started to meditate, which I had never done before, and the results are amazing. I am happier, calmer, and less angry, and my friends noticed that I was more friendly and fun to be around—all this from only the second meditation. Thank you for bringing this course to me."
– Ching, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

An entirely new approach to self-improvement

In January 2007 I met a highly respected "spiritual" teacher. It took six months of prodding from the universe before I began personally working with her. My experiences with her completely and undeniably changed my life. I finally found a deep-seated contentment, peace of mind, and knowing that everything will be okay.

Nowadays it takes a lot to get me riled. When the person in front of me at the grocery store is looking for exact change, when someone cuts me off on the highway, when I have to sit for two hours on the tarmac… I don't get steamed. I'm not stuffing it either—emotions that don't serve me simply have no reason to rise.

I've only lost sleep two times since 2007 even though… my sister was diagnosed with cancer… a potentially deadly construction accident stopped work on a building project at my home… my 18-year-old dog died… a business associate went astray… the stock market plunged… my best friends of 30 years "divorced" me for no apparent reason … a rampage by a friend's co-worker threatened his safety… My emotions did not swell and my mind did not cloud. I could easily navigate through all of those challenges.

I am sure you never would have faulted me had I gotten emotionally caught up in any of the above. But I did not. Was I emotionally detached or cold? Not at all. Emotionally balanced? Living from my heart as Chunyi would say? Absolutely. And that feels good.

I changed the paradigm of my life, and I would like to extend the same opportunity to you, in a breakthrough course called Changing the Paradigm. It is an entirely new approach to self-improvement.

Here's what you receive with Changing the Paradigm

This all-encompassing course includes three volumes of audio sets along with informative digital PDF mini-books. They are Seeds of Enlightenment, Embracing Freedom, and Infinite Grace.

Phase One – Turn up your dimmer switch

The lessons of Seeds of Enlightenment have been designed to help you develop energy awareness to turn up the dimmer switch.

You will get to see and experience how the laws of existence work. These lessons help take the mystery out of being you, transforming everything around you.

  • Your relationship to yourself, your families, society, our species, and the universal energy will shift. You will become less caught up in the small story of your life and operate more with the bigger picture in mind.
  • You will be freed from being locked into habitual responses to other people's energy/expectations/thoughts/feelings. You can steer your own boat and navigate the waters of life as a captain rather than a deck hand.
  • You will experience greater levels of love, compassion, and wisdom, which has a profound effect on the rest of humanity. You can become a beacon of light if you so choose.
  • You will let old ways of seeing/thinking/feeling/doing drop away without struggle. (Not without work—but without struggle. An important distinction.).
  • You will see how some thoughts and actions cause contraction while others cause expansion, which gives you unlimited freedom and magical results in your life.
  • You will make a shift from living as "a human being having a spiritual experience" to living as "a spiritual being having a human experience."
  • You will sense your body as an energy body, see how emotions, thoughts, and intentions are forms of energy, and discover how it all works together.
  • You will be exposed to a wide range of sensations from peace to joy to bliss to, if I may be so bold, Divine Grace.

"This week I listened to the first meditation of Seeds of Enlightenment, ‘Conscious Awareness in the Present Moment.' Already, the inner shift I have experienced is miraculous! My ability to be more thoughtful, discerning, and feel purposeful has dramatically increased. There is more internal space, creating more room to feel ethereal, spiritual energy. My zest for life is even more delicious. The best news is that this is just the beginning of the series!"
– Ed Sroczynski, Westwood, New Jersey

Phase Two – Operating in your day-to-day world

The next volume, Embracing Freedom, helps you apply your new knowledge and skill to staying centered in daily life no matter what is happening around you.

You will look at the common causes of slipping into old patterns, what influences try to affect you each day, and the elements that restrict you. You will learn how to examine any area of your life whether your family life, work, finances, or your health and well-being. You'll still have challenges, but you'll no longer struggle with them. As I mentioned earlier, you're shutting down the emotional roller coaster of life.

You will come to understand how the universal laws operate within the context of your day-to-day existence. This understanding will help it become second nature to live in harmony with these laws, which is like navigating through your home with the lights up.

As a natural byproduct of your course, you'll no longer get caught up in the dramas and tragedies of others, their expectations, financial issues, or other concerns that arise. You will see these things for what they are, and any grip they might have had on you loosens and disappears. This makes it so much easier to deal with anything.

With this freedom comes contentment so thorough and all-encompassing that it peaceably settles through every cell of your body.

"My partner Rollin died suddenly one morning during the summer of 2006. The loss was so intense, I slipped into seemingly endless despair. No matter what my family and friends—and doctors—did to support me, depression and anxiety continued to cycle. My life was full of fear and I saw no end in sight. Finding this work was my way back into joy. The last two years have been the happiest of my life."
Lynette Ayres, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phase Three – Living with meaning and purpose

So much is said about love, beauty, and wisdom, yet how many of us can say these states make a regular appearance in our lives?

For most people their daily lives are a far cry from such elevated experiences.

In the third volume, Infinite Grace, you will turn these topics from concepts into living reality.

You will see first-hand how accessible these states are, how they are natural, and how you can bring them in anytime … even at work… even if you are a soldier in Iraq… even when someone is trying to create an argument… even if your car breaks down… even if you are faced with a health crisis… These states can always be there for you.

They are present for you right now, but you probably are not experiencing them. As I said, it's like being in a room at night with the lights out. You have no idea what is around you. But turn on the lights, and everything changes.

You still put your pants on one leg at a time, eat three meals a day, and sleep eight hours at night. You laugh, make difficult decisions, shop, go to work, and catch a cold now and then. But with your dimmer switch turned up, nothing fazes you, you have no fears, and you find peace in every moment of every day.

If that is what you want, then Changing the Paradigm is for you.

"I have been in Iraq since the end of 2005 as a civilian contractor. A lot of life-changing events have happened to me that might cause most people to fall apart. Something has always kept pulling me or pushing me to where I need to go. So I keep going no matter what. Lately my mind had been very full of random thoughts, and I was not able to get into a good meditative state. Your program has helped me open up my heart again and be a more whole person. I can't thank you enough."
– Josh Carriere, Camp Ramadi, Iraq

How to use your course

The best way is to take your time. This is not a course to rush through. Simply do one lesson each week. Each lesson includes an opening talk followed by a practice meditation.

To meditate, all you have to do is listen to the recording with your eyes closed and follow along with the guidance.

Most of what you learn will come through the practice meditations. This unique method of teaching is very, very effective, as well as relaxing.

Listen to the meditation a couple more times that week before going on to the next lesson. Each meditation helps you integrate the topic further, which turns up the dimmer switch a little bit at a time.

If you have questions when going through the course, either drop us an email, visit our online discussion forum, or call one of our coaches during business hours. We'll be there to help you.

"These meditations help me experience a deep peace and connection with my true self. They helped me move through the extreme emotional pain of a recent relationship change and get back on track to living my life from a centered, loving, peaceful place. Whenever I'm feeling lost in painful emotion, I use the meditations to regain my center in higher vibrations. I absolutely love these meditations!"
– Michele Beisler, Slidell, Louisiana

Yes, you can try the course today risk-free

You will receive valuable support. Each week we'll send you an encouraging email to help you stay motivated and on track. We'll give you additional tips and insights to go along with your lessons.

If the course is not what you're looking for, simply return it within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price. If you would like a longer guarantee, get back to us within the initial 30 days and ask that we extend it to six months for you.

"With the help of these meditations, I have developed the courage to be present to all the fears I had tried to lock down, to not feel. I had been overwhelmed with not knowing how to solve them and what to do with the discomfort when they came up. Through actually allowing them and facing them in meditation—and letting go of the ‘story' that came with them—I've discovered a love and a sweetness I've never known before. Now there is no longing, no sadness, no pain that does not come with sweetness—nothing hurts like it did before. I am no longer afraid to uncover hidden emotions.

Life has become incredibly rich, simply in the way it feels. Instead of limits, I feel joy, tenderness, and delight in all of life, and possibility all around me. Instead of putting all my energy into resistance, I'm now free to discover, create, and begin again."
– Jennifer Cochran, Redlands, California

A life that is harmonious, peaceful, and loving

Since you've read this far, there must be something here that is resonating with you. Honor it. Please order the course and try it out.

I'm sure you noticed that this course is not about manifesting riches, healing your body, or deepening relationships, although those are pleasant side effects. The magnificence of Changing the Paradigm comes from developing an inward knowing through every aspect of your being that you are a living, breathing, conscious, expression of unlimited love.

Imagine your life without fear, doubt, uncertainty, that sinking feeling of lack or wrong, and the urgency to escape life. Imagine uninterrupted peace, certainty, contentment, and knowing. It is here right now. A life full of experiences that are satisfying, rich, and rewarding. You just need to turn up the dimmer switch to see the gifts you have.

For your highest good,

Pete Bissonette

Pete Bissonette
Learning Strategies Corporation

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Changing the Paradigm Course (CD and Digital)
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Includes Seeds of Enlightenment, Embracing Freedom, and Infinite Grace. View shipping cost and time

P.S. – Most people, even happy or successful people, are largely unaware of their inner landscape. The ability to know yourself, inside and out, has a profound impact on the whole of life's experience. Not only do you gain deep insight into your own nature, but you are able to navigate through a seemingly confusing world with far greater clarity and focus. Your potential becomes limitless.