After Embracing Freedom comes
Infinite Grace

Dear Friend,

Each of the volumes in the Changing the Paradigm Series builds on the previous one. The knowledge and experiences are designed to be sequential, so you can develop a strong and sincere understanding.

In Seeds of Enlightenment we explored the key elements that allow us to recognize the Sea of Awareness.

We identified the elements that enable us to find our essential Being in the midst of human experience and, consequently, work in alignment with our true nature.

We looked at how our thoughts and beliefs produce our experience both intended and unintended.

In the next volume, Embracing Freedom, we then applied that knowledge and skill to staying centered in daily life. We looked at the main areas that cause us to forget our origin and lose our way.

Embracing Freedom offers a way to see the presence of our eternal self, right in the midst of challenge and struggle.

Now in Infinite Grace we are bringing our focus to the Being of Awareness—to the qualities and states that are inherent to all existence, all life, all form.

In the Infinite Grace meditations, you are offered the opportunity to experience direct resonance with Awareness. The nine meditations are encoded with higher frequencies to encourage your practice to incorporate the frequencies of the 5th, 6th and 7th realms (if you are not familiar with these frequencies, you can find the explanation in “Energy Centers” and “Energy Bodies” in Seeds of Enlightenment).

We talk of love, beauty or wisdom and yet how many of us can say that these states make a regular appearance in our life?

For many people their daily lives are a far cry from such elevated experiences. In Infinite Grace, we’ll turn these topics from a concept into a living reality. We see how accessible these states are, how they are natural and effortless experiences of bringing our conscious attention into the nature of Awareness.

And this really is the essence of Infinite Grace—to bring you back to your birthright—the magnificence and the beauty of your Being.

Pete Bissonette
President, Publisher


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