After Seeds of Enlightenment comes
Embracing Freedom

Dear Friend,

The original lessons and meditations of Seeds of Enlightenment help you be conscious of who you are: Conscious Awareness. It helps you feel/live/be Conscious Awareness in its purest form, and gives you the most fundamental knowledge and experience of existence.

So…what's the next step after Seeds of Enlightenment when you know you're Conscious Awareness? How do you live your life? What do you do differently?

Seeds of Enlightenment explains all of the mysterious elements of life. How you've been operating up until now. Where fears have come from. How thoughts affect your experience. The role of intention. It helped you deal with the mechanics of life and how your life works.

Embracing Freedom is for someone who has enjoyed their experience with Seeds of Enlightenment and wants more. It's the evolutionary next step.

Embracing Freedom deals with "what you do with who you are." It takes the foundational understanding that you know from Seeds of Enlightenment and helps you apply it to your day-to-day life. It looks at the common causes of forgetting what you've just learned and slipping into old patterns. It looks at the influences that affect you every single day. It looks at the elements that restrict your ability to experience freedom, and it shows you how to operate free from these restrictions. It's 12 of the best lessons and meditations that I've ever heard.

Use Embracing Freedom to fine-tune your ability to stay conscious

Embracing Freedom will teach you skills so that you can go into very deep states in meditation and stay conscious.

Plus, there are ingrained issues about your physical body and your mind that make it hard to stay conscious. These deep unconscious patterns operate under the radar. The course will help you bring consciousness to these issues, so they affect you less. You should find it much easier to stay conscious for longer periods of time.

That had been my challenge. How do I stay conscious especially when I'm not in meditation? For me, the benefits were real and affected me here at work and at home. How about you? After working with Seeds of Enlightenment, have you noticed pestering annoyances disappear? Things simply do not faze you anymore? You don't suffer from outside circumstances? You don't worry about what will happen next? You see, you'll be embracing more of those freedoms as you spend more time being conscious.

Embracing Freedom offers "The Wisdom of The Ages"

Wisdom is knowledge, understanding, experience, discretion. It's the maturing nature of balance, humility, and confidence. It is naturally present when you consistently conduct yourself with integrity in relationship to truth. This course could have been called Expanding Wisdom.

The more you expand consciousness into previously unconscious areas of your life, the more you mature your understanding, the more wise you become. This is directly proportional to your capacity to engage fully. "This is the essence of freedom. The early days of trying to grasp concepts and experience will pass, and you will feel much more confident and comfortable at the helm of your life."

Embracing Freedom will help you align with the way you are designed

Otherwise you'll forever push against the design and inadvertently create the opposite. That's why some people have such a dickens of a time trying to achieve goals, trying to make progress in their lives. Their intentions are golden, but they are pushing against the way they are designed. The course helps you flow along with your design. As such you will experience how you can easily change what happens in your life.

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize that the only thing standing between what you have and what you can have is your willingness to embrace it.
  • Enter into an active state of acceptance with positive expectation that invites effortless creation.
  • Find clarity of focus and increasing trust and confidence.
  • Decipher the mixed signals coming into your awareness so you can make conscious decisions that align with your highest good.
  • Recognize how consciousness held steady in awareness is enlightenment.
  • Break illusions and misconceptions about the mind that hold you back.
  • Let go of negative, restless, and agitated thoughts that perpetuate limiting beliefs.
  • See how calm, gentle thoughts invite contentment and peace and how they open your mind to a new perspective that has no limits.
  • Rely on feedback from your sensations to better understand what you experience in your day-to-day life.
  • Notice what is working at any given moment in any area of your life—as well as what is not working.
  • Discover how to be free from the expectations of others.
  • Experience greater love and compassion for others. You will accept people more easily for where they are at without judging them, chastising them, or making them wrong for what they are doing.
  • Self-correct any thought, feeling, action, situation, or event that feels imbalanced.

…it's a gentle and beautiful extension to Seeds of Enlightenment.

There are wider implications that go far beyond yourself

The more you understand the design of the universe, you see the world in an entirely different light. You see things less in terms of "me" and more in terms of "us." This is not a philosophical point, but the truth of how we all exist in the unified field.

The more conscious you are of what is happening in each moment, the more able you are to facilitate the best experience for yourself and others. People around you will never be the same.

"When we understand and work out of a unified paradigm, we know that every time we choose kindness over cruelty, we are making these vibrational patterns more available for the whole planet. When we maintain expanded conscious awareness on a consistent basis, our influence is magnified. As you develop a deeper ability to know yourself as love, as light, and as wisdom, you will give rise to a new way, making the world better for you and your fellow inhabitants."

That's freedom worth embracing. Get your personal Embracing Freedom today.

Most Sincerely,

Pete Bissonette
Publisher & Student


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