No more: Rote Memorization • Endless Hours Of Conjugating Verbs

In as little as 10 minutes a day,
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The "EasyLearn" method is Easier and More Fun than any other language learning program – GUARANTEED

Dear Friend,

Yes, learning a language can be fun, and it can be easy when you follow the EasyLearn method. Unfortunately, many people I talk with have shattered dreams about learning another language. Some have had classes that were long, monotonous, and expensive, and they never met at convenient times. Others have used programs from other companies with only one or two audio sessions, and they provided little more than a guide.

Still others have used the more expensive programs from bookstores or mail-order, which were too complex to follow. There almost needs to be a taskmaster–"What are you doing watching television when you should spend two hours with French," "Turn off the radio and listen to the German audio set," "Do your exercises, conjugate those verbs, count to one million in French".... On top of that, one study says that fewer than 1% of purchasers ever get beyond the first audio set. Wow. That’s an expensive waste.

If you have had shattered dreams, you will find EasyLearn refreshing.

Beware of "accelerated learning"

The headline on a full-page ad for a language program in an in-flight magazine read, "Based on Accelerated Learning Methods." Baloney. They use the same tedious approach your ninth grade Latin instructor used–with a relaxation exercise or two added. A relaxation exercise alone does not do it.

Our EasyLearn programs will really accelerate your learning. Ours are based on Accelerated Learning methods pioneered by Dr. Georgi Lozanov of Bulgaria. These methods help activate the "whole brain" for learning so that you join the creative "right brain" with the analytical "left brain" for unbelievable learning possibilities.

There is nothing else available so powerful as EasyLearn Languages

EasyLearn is truly unique. Just as our PhotoReading is a breakthrough in reading, and the Paraliminals are a breakthrough in behavior change, EasyLearn is a breakthrough for learning language.