It's a small, small world

Today languages such as French, German, and Spanish are called world languages, not foreign languages.

The world is much smaller as lines between cultures blur. We have Federal Express, cheap airfares, the Internet, and CNN to thank for this.

It has become much easier to understand other cultures and other languages. It is just not as foreign.

Breakthroughs in language learning have helped to make it easier than ever

"Accelerated learning" principles have taken the drudgery out of learning languages.

The unique EasyLearn approach takes you on adventures into life in a different culture. It makes learning gentler and—believe it or not—fun!

As I mentioned, each language section has twelve 10-minute adventures presented part in English and part in your new language. By participating in these playful adventures, you will learn the language in much the same way as you learned your native language.

You will get your "whole mind" and body involved in the learning process. And, you won’t be conjugating endless lists of verbs.

As a result, you will have a solid introduction to your new language in 30-60 days with a commitment of 10-60 minutes a day.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on other programs when you can order EasyLearn for less

Language classes can cost thousands of dollars. Other self-study programs cost hundreds of dollars and are difficult to use.

But you can buy EasyLearn at an affordable price of $149.95, and you will enjoy using it.

If you are a PhotoReader, you are in for a treat!

Patricia Danielson, PhotoReading co-developer, was one of the first to use PhotoReading to learn a new language. Her special recommendations for PhotoReaders are included with the EasyLearn program. Remember how in the PhotoReading class we PhotoRead the dictionary? Patricia recommends PhotoReading the English/French dictionary (or German) on a regular basis. My own personal experience shows it helps!

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

There are always reasons to put off learning a new language, but taking the step to order an EasyLearn program today puts you one step closer. Whether or not you actually begin learning a new language, you will have the program ready to start any time. To take off the pressure, you can ask to extend our standard 30-day satisfaction guarantee to six months—just be sure to ask before the end of your initial 30-day period. You will have plenty of time to begin your course when you order today.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call us. Thank you for reading this letter and ordering the EasyLearn program today.

My Personal Best,
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Pete Bissonette

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EasyLearn Languages Course (Digital)
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