Each EasyLearn language, whether Spanish, French, or German, consists of 12 very short, but extremely playful and effective, audio sessions.

Each are 10-minute adventures into some aspect of life in a different culture. EasyLearn French, for example, includes "A Day on the French Riviera," "A Hot Air Balloon Trip Over Paris," "Tour of a Castle," and others.

You begin each adventure with a relaxation process to calm the body and focus the mind on learning. Each adventure is presented partly in English and partly in the target language. In essence you learn the new language in much the same way you learned your native language. You live the language in your imagination. You immerse yourself in the language and culture in a way you cannot by simply conjugating verbs.

Each time you go on an adventure with EasyLearn, the language becomes clearer and more defined. You better understand the vocabulary and how the language comes together. You bring in words from other adventures and see connections from your new language to English. As you master one adventure after another, you get a sense of accomplishment, of really owning the language.

You will not have to do translations in your head. You come to know the meaning of words. Understanding becomes automatic. You begin using your brain in different ways that improve other areas of your life. Your brain, as you probably know, has a tremendous capability for learning—especially languages—but you must activate and use it in certain ways. When you do, learning is virtually effortless and limitless.

EasyLearn teaches a realistic vocabulary

Many other language programs boast vocabularies of 2,000 to 5,000 words. Yikes! That is a lot to learn, especially when you are just starting. Each EasyLearn program presents only 800 words, which anyone can learn. Is 800 enough? Winston Churchhill said that you really only need 500 words to communicate in another language. Besides, 800 words are a great beginning.

Those huge vocabularies are a problem for the 99% of purchasers who never go beyond the first lesson. It is simply too daunting. EasyLearn makes it easy to go beyond the first lesson. EasyLearn makes it easy for you to learn an introductory vocabulary so that you can travel in another country.

When you master EasyLearn, go on to one of those other programs if you want more. They will be much easier to learn when you have used the EasyLearn method. As a matter of fact, many EasyLearn students continue using EasyLearn MP3s while they are using the more complex programs. Most, however, feel they do not need to learn more. They discover that EasyLearn satisfies their needs.

If you are using other programs now, you may be happy to know that EasyLearn complements all other language training. It makes the other trainings easier. The EasyLearn method actually "activates" the additional vocabulary you learn from classes, tapes or trips, or even from previous learning years ago!

EasyLearn is probably the most effective refresher available today. If you took French in school, and are finally taking a trip to France, EasyLearn French will bring back most of what you learned in school. It helps make your trip more exciting.