Finally, a wholistically-grounded Wealth-Making course...

to help you rewrite the script of your life to give you overflowing Abundance for Life whether you want outward prosperity of family ski trips, additions to your home, and BMWs -- or -- a spiritually complete lifestyle of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love -- or -- Both!

Dear Friend,

You may become rich beyond your wildest dreams sometime after completing this thorough course of 24 audio sets, a phenomenal video session, a course manual, support follow-up email, and one-on-one coaching. Mind expanding. Life altering.

Or you may uncover a richness in your life of pure joy in every moment, freeing forgiveness for all who cross you, illumination of your soul, and a second sight for the absolute best the world has to offer. Every cell of your body will come alive like the first time you fell in love.

Or you may simply find treasures and breakthroughs and successes that have eluded you for years.

Or, you may get them all!

You will find no less personal value than 10 times the cost of the course, unless you resist, resist, resist.

Linda Barrett, who received a sneak preview at our retreat last summer, writes, "Life has been filled with abundance and synchronicity for me. I have a steady stream of business booked. My musical show is coming together, and I just booked my first performance. The dreams I've envisioned for so many years are now coming to fruition, and it's really fun! It feels as though my energy is more aligned now, so my efforts are yielding the kind of results I had wanted but that had seemed so elusive. The law of attraction seems to have kicked in. People are showing up in my life, and business is booming. Now I get to put all my energy and effort into creating, performing, and serving others, which is what makes me happiest."

You see,

Day in... day out... billions of us live in a trance... the illusion of limitation.

Paul Scheele will take you on a journey from your familiar world to follow your hopes and dreams as you awaken a new into a world of abundance, power, and possibility.

During the first four Prelude audio sets of your Abundance for Life course, you will explore four mind-development processes to interact with your other-than-conscious mind.

Benefits come instantly: You will begin to feel better and improve how things are going before you can even start the second session. You will receive an immediate demonstration of drawing health, wealth, abundance, and power to you.

Changing your entire life begins with no more effort than shifting a single thought

At this point in your journey we are less concerned about what you do to solve problems, and more concerned about what you undo. By undoing trances that have kept your potential asleep, your true power awakens.

The four Prelude audio sets explain why you didn't fully open to your power until now. Your life has been a preparation for the amazing experiences that will unfold in the days to come.

You will see through the fog of the 11 trance phenomenon that occur throughout the average day. You will hear how they help you. You will feel how they restrict you. And you will learn how to use them to awaken health, wealth, abundance, and power.

Listening to the Prelude will be like walking behind the curtain of the great and powerful Oz, like getting off a ride at Disneyland and looking behind the electronics and mechanics that create the illusion, like having a magician teach you all of his secrets.

Trances that you experience create an illusion - a marvelous web of self-deception that can cloud life. Sometimes they produce a false sense of self, a sense of lack, limitation, problems, and poverty of many types.

The Prelude helps you explore how to awaken from your trances, pull back the veils from debilitating beliefs, and reclaim health, wealth, abundance, and power.

Yes, I said "reclaim," to get your power again. You see, we contend, as do thinkers such as Emerson, Thoreau, Jung, James, and Campbell, that our natural human state is one of complete power and abundance, and zero lack.

Remember, your personal beliefs can obscure and inhibit the greater presence and power within you. Beliefs create your abundance or lack there of. You will see what I mean when you come to understand six specific natural laws. Whenever you violate these natural laws, the consequences can be devastatingly swift.

In the Prelude's fourth audio session is a remarkable Paraliminal session, The Fourth Path. It is designed to undo the negative, harmful, trance-inducing events from your past so that they do not doom your future, restrict it, or otherwise commit you to more trances. Clear your mind, and you are ready for the 8 audio sets of the Main Course to...

Put into action - with courage, determination, and heart - a guaranteed blueprint to get what you want

You are on a journey, and you have just landed at an airport to change planes. You will leave the baggage of your past behind. It is time to step away from the suitcases of stories that define your life.

My spouse shouldn't have treated me that way. My child shouldn't hang around with that group of kids. My company shouldn't have made that decision. I should make more money. I am too fat. I shouldn't drink. I shouldn't have stolen. I should have finished school. I should work harder. I should be kinder. I shouldn't have cheated. My father should be supportive of me. I'm embarrassed by my car. I can't afford a gift for my mother. I didn't get that promotion because I am not good enough...

Whatever your story, whatever your belief, it became your demon a long time ago. It hypnotized you. It shut out health, wealth, abundance, and power.

Who is the judge of your life? Who is the jury? The jailer? The executioner? The liberator? Who will bring you peace where you have endured only suffering? On the first session of the Main Course you will learn every one of them is you. Each of them has always been you. You will begin to give to yourself what you have longed for everyone else to give to you - acceptance and love.

You will trade shame for love. You will stop dealing with what is wrong so that you become what is right.

The first set of the Main Course becomes the pause in your trance.

The second set will break your trance.

And you had better be ready.

Energy you have previously locked down in self-limiting beliefs will be released, breaking your trances and raising your energy level.

Twenty years ago Paul Scheele and I studied with a gentleman named Arnold Patent. His best-selling book, "You Can Have It All," instantly became one of my favorites. I gave dozens of copies to friends. Since then, Arnold has become a friend of mine and a very close friend of Paul's.

A technique that Arnold developed called the Feelings Exercise has the power to instantly awaken the energy of abundance by focusing on feelings.

Why feelings? As color gives richness to our visual experience, feelings give richness to our physical experience. And we certainly put a lot of energy into feelings.

In the second audio set, you will experience how the Feelings Exercise harnesses this incredible pent up power, but

What good is electricity if it doesn't open your garage door?

The Feelings Exercise also channels the power for your own good. You'll be able to open the garage door of your life, power the lights, play the music, broil the shrimp…whatever you want to do.

About the only thing that can clog the power channels is when emotions get in the way and distort your thinking. And that is where the work of Byron Katie comes in. She is another friend of ours, with whom Paul has studied extensively. Paul guides you through the challenge of emotions-run-rampant with a remarkable five-step process called Inquiry. Simply brilliant!

You will tie everything you learn and experience together with a Paraliminal session called "Know Your Truth."

Don't be surprised if you wake from this session with tears in your eyes. You are being transformed. The script of your life is being rewritten to include what you choose. You are being prepared for the fourth set,

Seven Steps of Manifestation

I first learned this super effective strategy in the "Executive Futures," a seven-week course taught by Bobbie Stevens and Dean Portenga back in 1991.

And, every week, for seven weeks, unbelievable bouts of magic happened

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