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Abundance for Life gives you the secrets to having things you want miraculously appear and the mental processes that make it happen for you. With the Deluxe Course you will get exclusive tools and experiences you cannot get anywhere else.

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Abundance for Life Deluxe Course (CD/DVD)
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Abundance for Life Deluxe Course (Digital)
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Abundance for Life Deluxe Course (CD/DVD and Digital)
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Go on a playful journey with Paul R. Scheele, one of the world’s leading mind explorers and principle developer of our courses. Lay claim to the power centers of your brain. Accelerate your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Manifest in life all that you desire.

Your course is complete. It is practical. It even comes with the Seven-Day Results Supercharger Path in case you are impatient and want super-instant results. And this course will be a joy to you as you awaken and explore your new world of health, wealth, power, and abundance.

Abundance for Life Deluxe Course includes:

  • 4 Prelude experiential Audio Sets with one Paraliminal Session
  • 8 Main Course Audio Sets with three Paraliminal Sessions containing exclusive information and processes to awaken abundance and power
  • A complete course manual
  • Success Coaching
  • Unlimited access to the online Discussion Forum


  • "Awakenings" Video Set to motivate full action
  • 8 Accelerator Audio Sets with meditations for longer-lasting results
  • Four Additional Audio Sets with the critical secrets to energize your trance breaking and wealth making