And, every week, for seven weeks, unbelievable
bouts of magic happened

I will highlight the first three weeks and let you imagine the other four. Back then Paul and I were paying ourselves very little salary. We kept rolling our profits back into the company for computers, employees, and mailings. We had fewer than 7,000 customers (compared to 500,000 today). I went shopping for new dress slacks and found two pair that I liked. Unfortunately they were $100 each, and all I had was $100. I told the clerk I would be back on Thursday to pick them up, but I had no idea how I would pay for them. The next day I put on a pair of slacks I hadn’t worn for a while, reached into my pocket, and pulled out a crisp $100 bill.

Did it appear out of thin air? Didn’t know, didn’t care.

The next week Paul, his wife, his kids, and I attended the victory parade for the World Champion Minnesota Twins. They had just won the World Series. While standing on a street corner in downtown Minneapolis, I pointed out to Paul a high-rise apartment building called Symphony Place. "I’d like to live in that building someday. As a matter of fact, I would like to live in that apartment." I pointed to one on the corner.

The next day my roommate found that he was going to be transferred to Phoenix on the first of January. The following day I overheard a fellow at a party say his roommate would be moving out January 1. I told him that I was looking for a roommate for the first of the year, and I asked him where he lived. He said, "Symphony Place."

We made arrangements for me to stop by the next day. The apartment was the very apartment I had pointed out to Paul three days before. (Incidentally, the rent was going to double what I had been paying, but somehow our company income increased significantly in the next two months, so Paul and I doubled our paychecks!)

On the third week of the course I went shopping again. This time a friend and I were browsing through a furniture store before meeting others for dinner. I fell in love with a couple of pieces. Chris asked, "Are you going to get them?"

"Yes," I said, "but I don’t know how. They are $2,000, and I can’t afford them."

Two days later I received a call from a woman asking if we ever bartered for our courses. Back then we did. I asked her what she had and what she wanted. She said she owned a furniture store. I asked which one. She told me. It was the store where I had been window-shopping two days before! I asked what of ours interested her. She said, "The full $2,000 NLP training beginning the first of January," when I would be moving into the new apartment.

If you want to bring this kind of magic, serendipity, manifestation, wonderful coincidences, abundance, or whatever you call it, into your life, then you will want to consume the Seven Steps. You will want to capture every word and implement it with the same commitment, wonder, and passion that I did almost twenty years ago.

Every single day for seven weeks I applied the Seven Steps until they became part of my life. Even today, if I ever feel that I might be out of kilter, I pull out the notebook from that course and revisit the Seven Steps.

Paul, who also took the course, and I have kept in close contact with Bobbie and Dean since this husband and wife duo first taught us their serendipitous strategy. Paul worked closely with them to bring it to you on the fourth audio set of the Main Course of Abundance for Life.

I have said many times that if this course doesn’t bring value to you 10 times what you paid for it, return it for a refund. I make this offer unequivocally because of the proven power of the Seven Steps. With every cell of my body I know this works, and I know it will work for you.

You see, while listening to this course, you will make Seven Choices, things that you want in your life, things that you absolutely cannot live without, things that will bring you complete joy, happiness, and peace of mind. It doesn’t matter whether these choices include Health, Freedom, and Love, or a Mansion, Artwork, and Fancy Cars. If they will make you happy, that is all we care about.

In the next audio session, you will experience the most ambitious and moving Paraliminal session yet. While this claim might seem grandiose, just wait until you hear the recording. It is 54 minutes of the Labyrinth Experience, where you will apply the Seven Steps to one of your Seven Choices. - You realize what this means, don’t you? - Not only will you learn about the Seven Steps of Manifestation, you will make manifestation real for you.

Now that you can conjure up all
that you need,
use "deceivingly simple and devastatingly powerful"
strategies to influence people around you

Until this point in your course, your focus has been on establishing a powerfully congruent inner universe, one in accord with natural laws that govern energy flow. You will have opened a flow beyond description.

Now you will shift outward.

I copied the "deceivingly simple and devastatingly powerful" phrase from a promotional email I received from someone teaching how to manipulate other people.

Sure, he can teach you how to manipulate others to:

  • get the best deal on a car
  • get a raise from your boss
  • make anyone fall in love with you
  • win arguments every time
  • get people to do what you want

And so can we. We’ve taught classes like this in corporations, but no longer.

Going through life trying to get others to change and to do what you want is tiring, wasteful, fruitless, and makes you old awfully fast.

On part-six of the Main Course, you will learn a system of influence that is simple and potent, but it is a system that allows you to sleep peacefully at night and wake balanced and refreshed. It worked for us, and it can work for you.

Paul calls our system Congruent Communications. You see, when you are wholly congruent inside, you project congruence to the outside. And every human being, except those with deceit and treachery in their soul, respond naturally to those who are congruent. They prefer to be with… they prefer to give deals to... they prefer to love... they prefer to help... they prefer to buy from... they prefer to learn from... they prefer to go out of their way to do whatever they can... for the internally congruent person.

When you meet someone, your sensory system makes a rapid, non-conscious calibration of everything in the physical appearance of the person. It notices hair, facial features, clothing, posture, proximity. Your mind also instantly observes and compares patches of color and capillary blood flow in the face, lip size, pupil dilation, and lateral symmetry of the body. All of those physical indicators communicate non-verbally the thinking and feeling states of a person. Even when you speak, the tone, timbre, volume, and qualities of the voice along with the rhythm of the speech pattern are instantly measured and judged.

Now, you can try to manipulate any of these aspects in yourself to then manipulate other peoples' impressions and judgments of you; that is what the "devastatingly simple" guy would tell you. But those methods are not devastatingly simple. And it takes a lot of conscious work to manipulate someone else.

But what is unbelievably simple is that when you are congruent, every part of your body from the tension of your skin to your breathing pattern to how you stand, automatically communicates with everyone you meet. People will perceive your congruence. People will respond. People will help you create the life you want.

Time for the Miracle Question

Okay, you have seen the bumper sticker "Sh*t Happens." Well, it does. How you handle your challenges determines how quickly you get your health, wealth, abundance, and power.

If you try to control the situation to make it right - which is the typical way - you would be focusing on the problem. What’s wrong? Who’s to blame? What’s broken?

That negative-focused approach will slow the flow of abundance and set you back. Have you thought of that truth before? Most people haven’t. That’s another reason why Paul’s Abundance for Life course is ground breaking: It is complete; it looks at all angles; it gives you what you need.

On Set 7 of your Main Course you will learn to ask what two of Paul’s colleagues, Paul Jackson and Mark McKergow, call "The Miracle Question." That big question gets to the ideal way to handle any problem. It opens internal resources for you as well as for others who may be involved in the situation. Remember, you are not working in isolation. Abundance flows when you are in harmony with all around you.

And, finally, on Set 8, Paul will guide you through an integration process with another Paraliminal session. This is when the whole idea will come together for you.

"The Awakenings Video Set"

Over the years we here at Learning Strategies have learned that people who call our coaches or visit our Discussion Forums get better results. There is something about connecting with others that is magical.

To build this connection for you, we took video of six clients as they learned the Abundance for Life processes. Then we produced a documentary exclusive to this course. It follows people as they establish internal congruence, including balance in thought, feeling, physical, and spiritual dimensions. You will see them open up energy that had been stored in negative beliefs. On camera they break out of self-limiting trances and end suffering that they had created when they were projecting their inner state on the world.

If they can awaken, so can you.

The "Awakenings" video includes over two hours of special features - in addition to the documentary - to help you understand how to open the flow of health, wealth, abundance, and power.

Seven Meditations for your Seven Energy Centers
to accelerate the flow of abundance

The Main Course will set into motion the undeniable abilities of your mind to create exactly what you want in life.

Fuel your bio-machinery. Don’t let it run down. Don’t let your life slide back to where it was. This is a crucial time for you. If you use it wisely, it will pay off for decades to come.

Dream vacations. Quadrupled income. Ideal relationships. Luxury cars. Passionate love-making. Top recognition. The finest wines. Magnificent artwork. Truth, beauty, freedom, and love in any and all areas of your life.

In the first 21 days after you complete the Main Course, practice Paul’s Seven Meditations. They balance the seven physical energy centers of the body and inherent emotional issues associated with them. The more you harmonize your energies, the freer the flow of health, wealth, abundance, and power.

Meditation #1 ~ Your inner passions
- To balance fears of insecurity

Meditation #2 ~ Your relation to others
- To balance fears of rejection

Meditation #3 ~ Your Self
- To balance fears of being weak

Meditation #4 ~ Your potential
- To balance fears of not getting

Meditation #5 ~ Self-expression
- To balance fears of being worthy

Meditation #6 ~ Inner knowing
- To balance fears of soulessness

Meditation #7 ~ Expanded awareness
- To be at your energy center

Raise your energetic levels with these meditations, and your inner wisdom will guide you from now on. It lives in you and animates your every heartbeat. There is no need to "improve" yourself. Your inner wisdom is already a perfect presence within you. It has been waiting for your invitation to awaken. Right here. Right now.

Answers to soothe the soul

By now in the process you will have more questions. In a special audio set, Paul will answer the usual questions people have. If they stimulate additional questions for you, send an email for coaching or visit the Discussion Forum online. Abundance for Life is a complete system designed to skyrocket your intentions and right actions into the life of your dreams.

Conversations with experts to keep your energy high

It is not possible for me to overemphasize the need to keep your energy high and balanced in the weeks after the Main Course.

You will break trances in the Main Course. Don’t let external forces re-hypnotize you into the lower world of suffering and lack.

You will take phenomenal steps in the Main Course. Developing internal congruence will serve your high state of love and abundance. Don’t succumb to the lower drives now.

After you have transformed, keep the abundance with you.

To help you hold your transformation, we have hired one of the best producers of audio programs in the world, a genius at eliciting genius. Toni Boyle has worked with the big thinkers including Les Brown, Leo Buscaglia, Wayne Dyer, Lee Iacocca, Harvey Mackay, Gerald Jampolsky, Earl Nightingale, Norman Vincent Peale, Denis Waitley, and Zig Ziglar.

Over the course of a year, we worked closely with Toni so she could use our unique perspective and approach in helping people maximize their potential.

First she studied the teachings of some of the experts who have influenced Paul Scheele through the years. Then she brought them into the studio to create three recordings for you to keep your new life alive and expanding. These sessions and their invaluable lessons and inspiration are exclusive to Abundance for Life.

You will get to know the inside secrets and personal stories of Dr. Bobbie Stevens, who has devoted her life to uncovering the Seven Steps of Manifestation. You will meet Mark Orth, the psychologist and brilliant thinker who inspired Congruent Communications. And you will profit from the ideas of Paul Jackson and Mark McKergow, who developed "The Miracle Question."

But the change work doesn’t stop there. There is more.

Paul Scheele himself went into the studio with Arnold Patent in a moving exploration of spiritual awareness and amassing personal abundance - two things inextricably linked in nature and clearly deciphered in your Abundance for Life course.

If you think being wealthy and being spiritually balanced are mutually exclusive, your eyes will be opened wide in your journey with us. You are in for a wild and fun ride!

You are getting these four audio sets to keep the passions alive and explore additional perspectives and ways to embrace and use the teachings of the Main Course.

This could be the most important time of your life

You can already see that this is one of the most important courses of all time. It reveals the truth about what holds you back. It helps you discover who you are. It unlocks tremendous energy held in your emotions and beliefs to turn you into a magnet for all that you desire.

Open the floodgates of health, wealth, abundance, and power. Get access to the natural laws of success to create the life you want. Welcome miracles to flow into your life, time and time again.

Be courageous now, and order Abundance for Life online or call 866-292-1861 24-hours a day. If you are not satisfied, return it for a refund within 30 days under our Guarantee of Satisfaction. I know you will be convinced of it’s value within seven days of following Paul’s Results Supercharger Path, included with your course.

If you have questions, please email me personally: I want to do everything I can to get this course into your hands. It has been a joy for me to read the scripts and to work with Paul. I am eager to hear from you about your successes.

For your personal best,
Pete bissonette
Pete Bissonette

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