Spring Forest Qigong Healing Stories

“I had issues with mobility, memory lapses, and pain in various parts of the body. With Five Elements Healing most of these symptoms subsided. Thank you, Master Lin. Will continue to practice. Will be grateful to you forever!”
– Murat from New York


“I have kept up my daily practice. It will be five years this summer that I was told that I would need a kidney transplant. Since then, my health has improved. My blood pressure has dropped, and my doctors have taken me off three meds. My kidney function labs are still elevated, but I have not needed dialysis, and am no longer on the active list waiting for a kidney. I have been told that the improvement in my health is quite remarkable. My mental health has also greatly improved. My anxiety is greatly reduced, and I have not experienced depression in a very long time. I am much more relaxed and quite content with life just as it is.”
– Kathryn T. from Becker, Minnesota


“I got COVID and it was a difficult case. The illness was focused on my lungs, and it was often difficult to breathe. I started doing the Healing Movements every day. Breathing became easier and my energy level improved. Gradually I have experienced improvements in all areas. My knees are much better (maybe 70% better). I have been able to move around the court in badminton again, which I had given up in the past two years because of my knees. My neck feels consistently more comfortable and no longer keeps me awake at night. Digestive problems are 80% better. Thank you so much, Master Lin.”
– Paul Corazza from Fairfield, Iowa


“I’ve only been doing the Spring Forest Qigong Five Elements movements for a little over a month, but I’ve done it every day, and it always makes me feel better emotionally and even physically. My tendency is to get too wound up, feeling pressured to get things done, and rush around a lot. After doing the Five Elements, I feel MUCH more grounded and relaxed, and it’s easier to be gentle with myself and stop pushing myself to do twelve things at once. I also tend to have cold hands, but they are always warm by the end of a practice session.”
– Jude from Santa Cruz, California


“I started practicing Spring Forest Qigong in the spring of 2020 during COVID while we were quarantined in our homes. Over this nearly 2 years, I have improved in more ways than reduced anxiety. I had restless leg syndrome for years and I started to notice it wasn’t as extreme or as often. The pain in my shoulder which made it difficult to do tasks and sleep through the night started to go away. The tightness in my neck and back started to open up and the flexibility of my spine returned. I’m happy again.”
– Susan Churchill from Mt Prospect, Illinois


“I came to Spring Forest Qigong because of my arthritis, and chronic back pain. Once I started the 100-day challenge of the Five Elements practice, I never stopped. It was the consistent, daily practice that slowly but surely eliminated all of my arthritis and stiffness of joints. As I continued to practice, there were some unexpected benefits, like less emotional anxiety, less stress, and more peace and harmony in my everyday life. My healing journey continues today in discovering more wisdom and feelings of blissfulness.”
– Rose W. from Portland, Oregon


“When the pandemic hit, I felt overwhelming fear and anxiety! My nursing background and knowledge of viruses, bacteria, and microbiology put me in full panic mode! I felt paralyzed to leave the house—I literally did not leave my house. I practice Qigong every noon and I am again out and about in the world. I no longer have heart palpitations, my headaches are gone, and I am no longer exhausted all the time. Bonus, I don’t chew my fingernails down to nothing.”
– Stacy Henrichs-Wangerin from Jordan, Minnesota


“I’m a Combat Veteran with PTSD and the Spring Forest Qigong Five Element Healing Movements have helped me beyond words... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Master Lin.”
– Josh E. from Traverse City, Michigan


“I could not walk very far without stopping. I went to the VA and they gave me four pages of things wrong with my back. The only fix was surgery. I told them I was going to do something else. I did a lot of Spring Forest Qigong, sometimes 4 and 5 hours at a time. At my next checkup I was walking very well. My doctor said the surgery must have gone well. I told her I did not have the surgery. She went down the list of the many meds that I no longer needed. Plus, I got rid of my asthma.”
– Gregory H. from Otsego, Minnesota


“I had knee replacement surgery. I had injured my left knee 20 years earlier and in spite of some treatment, it never healed. The replacement surgery was horrible, painful, and debilitating. I learned some Spring Forest Qigong and used that to control the pain. I was able to make some serious progress in recovering my old strength and stamina. I am now (mostly) free of pain and have a full range of motion in my knee.”
– Stefani Woodams from Freeville, New York


"I felt physically hungry all of the time until I started practicing Qigong."
by Corrine Vahle

I weighed up to 210 pounds at 5’7". I began losing weight as a result of practicing Spring Forest Qigong.

I joined Weight Watchers in July to learn better food and portion choices.

I now weigh 163 pounds. I did not journal my food intake as instructed by Weight Watchers. But I did follow my hunger patterns and continued with Qigong.

I felt physically hungry all of the time until I started practicing Qigong. It felt like a hole in my stomach that would never fill up. The energy now fills me up. I feel more balanced and healthy, and I see more clearly my responsibility for my own happiness.

Corrine Vahle
Minneapolis, MN

------------------------------------------------ "Lump vanishes from my breast."

by Stacy Langager

I was diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breast Disease at the age of 22. Five Medical Doctors told me there was no cure, and they did not know what caused the lumps.

I am a Registered Nurse and was not satisfied with what the medical profession had to offer.

The only treatment the Doctors gave me was surgical removal of the lumps.

I had two lumps removed.

The first one was the size of a large grape. The second was the size of three grapes. I found a third lump the size of a golf ball. I did not want to have another surgery.

I saw Master Chunyi Lin talking about Qigong on Channel Nine news. I decided to see if he could help me.

After the first treatment, the lump was reduced by 95%–down to the size of a pea. After the second treatment, the lump was completely gone.

It was a miracle!

It has been eleven months since my first treatment, and I have NOT had any reoccurrence. I was at the doctors office for a checkup, and Dr. Pat Arnold said my breast was completely clear! He did NOT find any lumps or abnormalities.

I now practice Qigong every day. I am a more relaxed, patient, and calm person because of it. Also, I no longer suffer from migraine headaches.

In the past, I had suffered from seasonal allergies. I was on Claritin for two years. The prescription did help me a little, but not as much as Qigong. I do not suffer from allergies any more.

Spring Forest Qigong has changed my life forever!

My husband has also taken Master Lin’s class. He had a shoulder injury and suffered back pain for six years. After the first class with Master Lin, his back pain was gone! It was amazing.

Heath and Stacy Langager
Rockford, MN


“You can’t know the fear unless you have cancer”

Laura Buchl was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 31 and underwent chemotherapy. The cancer came back the next year, and she had more chemotherapy as well as a stem cell transplant. She was unable to digest food, had severe chest pain, and lived in deep fear. Then Laura began practicing Spring Forest Qigong. Her pain disappeared and she was able to eat again. A CT scan showed that her thymus had returned to normal size and there were no other tumors.

“Besides regaining my health, I stopped the fear with Spring Forest Qigong,” said Laura. She also changed her diet and received acupuncture treatments. “You can’t know the fear unless you have cancer. Qigong has completely changed my life, because I have control over my health. I am not fearful, and I do not feel helpless. Western medicine doesn’t like you to think that.”


I recovered so quickly it still amazes me

Cathy Beedle of Zimmerman, Minnesota was diagnosed with mononucleosis in 1979, which triggered years of headaches. In 1985 she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. In 1990 her autonomic nervous system started failing. Her weight dropped and she developed gall bladder problems with pancreatitis, chronic shingles, and arthritis in several joints.

She purchased the course and began practicing Spring Forest Qigong. She found that doing the exercises, especially when she least felt like doing them, gave her immediate benefits. Soon she was walking three miles a day. By March of 2003 she was off all medications except for a significantly reduced dose of thyroid hormone. In 2022 she still practices nearly every day.


Emotional Healing

The Five Elements Healing Movements have lifted me through so many emotions to a clarity that I had never known.”

Ann Dolence


7 years of arthritis pain ended when Doug started using his course

“There was not a moment in the past 7 years that I was without pain,” said 52-year-old Doug Williams of England. “Nothing worked.” Then he received a mailing, just like this one. “I thought it was just another one of those products with wild claims that never work.” He decided to try it anyway, expecting to return it later. But when he listened to the “Sitting Meditation” and practiced the “Small Universe” exercise, the pain left his body. “It defies logic. I am completely without pain! I want to meet Master Lin personally so I can give him a big hug.”


Immediate improvements

“I suffered day and night from joint pain due to undifferentiated autoimmune connective tissue disease. Over the years I had numerous orthopedic visits, due to disc herniation, cervical protrusions, a third degree tear in the quadriceps, pain in the knees, hips, and feet. I was prescribed four different types of orthopedic insoles without success. I felt miserable because I could no longer do the things I liked so much, such as climbing, hiking, and playing the accordion.

“I started practicing and the improvements started immediately. Slowly and progressively the pain in the joints, muscles, and back decreased.”

Chiara Chiolerio, Italy


“I was able to sleep on my shoulder with absolutely no pain”

“I’m extremely crippled with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and several lesser maladies. Damp, rainy weather brings extreme pain for me,” wrote Myra Ullerup of West Virginia. Excruciating shoulder pain kept her up most of the night. The day her Spring Forest Qigong course arrived in the mail, she’d been “fighting back tears due to intense pain.” Ten to fifteen minutes into the first viewing of the video – the pain left her body. “I must say I’m in complete awe of Master Lin and Spring Forest Qigong.”


Finally free of pain!

“I began the course at the end of August. Within one week I was walking without my chair or cart, and no pain. In two weeks my stomach disorders were much better. I was eating solid foods (rather than the blended diet I had been on), and the pain was negligible. I have been able to quit one of my blood pressure medications and my anti-depressant already. I have cut down on the morphine and plan to taper slowly off of it, because I feel I do not need it for pain control any more. In fact, I hope to be medicine free in a few months, and back to leading a happy life.

“My mind is clear and peaceful for the first time in years, and I have energy. This is nothing short of a miracle.”

Terry Maiers