What is an energy vortex?

An energy vortex is a whirling of energy strongly concentrated at a specific point on earth. The energy radiates in a spiraling cone shape clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the type of vortex. There are two kinds—positive and negative. Positive Energy Vortexes Positive vortexes spiral upward in a clockwise motion and create an enhancing flow of energy that promotes delta brain wave activity. A positive vortex is often referred to as "a place where heaven meets earth." Throughout history druids, priests, and shamans believed that spending time in a positive vortex could enhance meditation and creativity and lead to experiences of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and self-realization. Positive vortexes occur where Ley Lines intersect at a perfect 90-degree angle. Ley Lines are meridians that connect what might be considered the acupuncture points on the earth. Positive vortexes are said to exist throughout the world, including places such as the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, the Sedona desert, and sacred temples and cathedrals throughout the world. The energy of a positive vortex is very yang. People tend to gather and linger in locations where positive vortexes exist. Dogs are attracted by them and may sleep there, while birds found here may sing and talk incessantly. While this energy is good when meditating, working, and practicing yoga or Spring Forest Qigong, it is too energizing for sleep. If you sleep in a positive vortex, make sure your head is not in the center of it, but only in the aura field. Negative Energy Vortexes Negative vortexes spiral downward in a counterclockwise motion and create a draining or depleting energy. They interfere with the Chakra energy centers of the body and are believed to cause mild to severe health problems and personal issues, such as nightmares and depression. Negative vortexes can also create a lot of clutter and chaos in the area they are located. While these areas can create stress for humans, cats tend to be attracted to them. Negative vortexes are usually created when Ley Lines intersect at an angle other than 90 degrees. They can also occur when two negative Hartmann Lines intersect or as a result of energy produced by underground caves or past negatively charged events such as murder. In my Diamond Dowsing course I show you how to find vortexes, enhance positive vortexes, and turn negative ones positive. Consider yourself fortunate when you find a positive one. Not everyone will. Marie