Let Diamond Dowsing enhance your life by using the power of positive energy

Within 30 minutes of starting the first video set, your dowsing rods will be working for you -- helping you increase the positive energy in your environment.

Your course is complete, comprehensive, and easy to follow.

The three video sets, audio session, and comprehensive manual take you step-by-step into learning and using Diamond Dowsing. The course is presented in 13 easy-to-follow chapters:

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Dowsing

Chapter 2 - Using Your Dowsing Rods

You and your family will have a blast with this chapter! Not only will you learn to detect energy, but you can use your rods to ask all sorts of fun questions.

Chapters 3 & 4 - Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress occurs when energy emanating from the Earth’s core is interrupted. It results in stress that impacts our health and well being. Geopathic stress sometimes shows itself as cracks in the land, roads, sidewalks, and walls or as breaks in plant growth.

If it can crack concrete, imagine what it can do to your body. You will learn how to detect geopathic stress and cure it.

Chapter 5 - Detecting the Strength of Energy

Your dowsing rods can help you measure the energy level of any room, home, or building. Since everything is comprised of energy, you can also test the energy level of foods, beverages, plants, and inanimate objects such as books. To determine which Learning Strategies course to do next, you can ask, “What is the energy of the personal learning course for me?”

Chapter 6 - Hartmann & Curry Lines

Hartmann and Curry Lines represent the flow of the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field and are located in grid formations all over the planet. They can create problems, especially for your health, when they intersect with electricity. You will learn how to detect negative Hartmann and Curry Lines and cure them.

Chapter 7 - Interference Lines

Interference Lines are caused by electromagnetic energy coming from human technology, such as power distribution networks, computers, microwave ovens, cell phones, antennas, and satellite communication systems. They can cause many issues, from depression to lack of romance to money issues.

You will learn how to detect Interference Lines and cure them.

Chapter 8 - Personal Zones

These are energetic zones that affect you personally and no one else in your home or office. They are generally connected to human-made energetic interference.

You will learn how to detect Personal Zones, for yourself and for friends and family, and cure them.

Chapters 9 & 10 - Positive and Negative Vortexes

An energy vortex is a whirling of concentrated energy at a specific point on earth. Positive vortexes create an enhancing flow of energy that promotes delta brain wave activity. A positive vortex is often referred to as “a place where heaven meets earth.” Throughout history druids, priests, and shamans believed that spending time in a positive vortex could enhance meditation and creativity and lead to experiences of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and self-realization.

Negative vortexes create a draining or depleting energy. They interfere with the energy centers of the body and are believed to cause mild to severe health problems and personal issues.

You’ll learn how to find vortexes, how to amplify and benefit from positive vortexes, and how to neutralize negative ones.

Chapter 11 - Energy Forms

Energy forms are the residual energy of a person who has died or the emotional or mental energies created out of events or circumstances. People living or working in a place inhabited by energy forms may experience their effects. For example, a person whose bedroom has an energy form created from a sad experience may find that they become inexplicably sad or depressed.

You can release all types of Energy Forms with the releasing exercise in the course.

Chapter 12 - Distance Dowsing

It is possible to measure energy levels and dowse a building from a distance by simply using a diagram of the property and Marie’s specific instructions.

Chapter 13 - Step-by-Step Wrap-up

Marie wraps it all up for you and gives you each step, in perfect order, to get the ultimate results from your Diamond Dowsing.

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