Results are amazing!

Here's what clients say about Diamond Dowsing

"This course was incredibly easy to use and extremely effective in my immediate surroundings. I am so impressed that I am looking at using this on my friends' homes, and I intend to use it professionally as my ability grows. I can see and feel the changes it makes, and it is positively enhancing the environment. I have just found something I love to do. To be able to help heal the earth and to make peoples' lives and homes feel clearer and lighter is so inspiring. After I corrected the area of my home, I found myself changing everything around and emptying out even more...I thought I had decluttered, but my home is quite empty now, yet it feels beautifully alive and full. This has really struck a chord with me, and I will use it to see where it takes me. By far the best money spent."
-- Julie Blackley, Victoria, Australia

"I was very glad to have the audio CD in the course which included the Paraliminal, Tubes of Light for dowsing, and Marie's Release meditation. The CD is the highlight of the course for me, and makes using it MUCH easier."
-- Holly J., Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

"Marie Diamond is excellent at explaining what is difficult to explain. She is an excellent teacher and helps build confidence in your own abilities. I especially like the meditation CD."
-- Joanne Desmond, Braselton, Georgia

"I highly recommend the Diamond Dowsing course; I feel so much better in my home now. I have lived in my house for 11 years, felt so tired when in the house, and did not sleep well either. When I went on vacation or slept at a relative's, I didn't have this fatigue, nor did I have a problem sleeping in other homes. I told my husband over and over that I wanted to move, but he loves our home and wouldn't hear of it. I knew geopathic stress was part of the problem and I tried correcting the stress by having someone come out and dowse the property some years ago, but it didn't make much difference; I still felt bad. I tried curing the stress using methods I read about or saw on the Internet, but nothing helped until this course. I now sleep through the night (before the Diamond cures I would wake up several times a night, and sometimes could not fall back to sleep) and I now wake up refreshed. I no longer feel tired in my home. My dog and children are also more calm since the cures. Thank you all for this wonderful course! My husband thanks you too--he no longer has to listen to my complaints about this house."
-- Christina Martin, Apopka, Florida

"Living near the Gulf Coast, I expected to find water stress around my house. I was surprised when I also found geopathic stress in a couple of places. A little later, there was a news report that a local geologist had mapped several small geological faults in the region—in my neighborhood."
-- Brian McKinney, Houston, Texas

"The course is very 'down to earth' and in layman's language. It's easy to understand and use. If I can understand and do it, anyone can! The energy principles are of great value. The meditation and Paraliminal CD included with the course is worth its weight in gold. This is by far the best and most complete learning system I have ever encountered."
-- Carol Lance, Odessa, Texas

"Diamond Dowsing was extremely effective, and the rods were surprisingly easy to use. This is by far the best course I have bought from you. I have had instant results with locating and correcting faults. By far the best money spent."
-- Julie Blackley, Victoria, Australia

"I received the course during a very stressful time, and within one week of applying the cures, I can tell there is a big difference in my energy and stress levels. Today, after five hours of sleep, I feel more energized and alert than I often would after eight hours."
-- Pam Hirtle, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

"When the opportunity arrived to study Diamond Dowsing I decided to try it, and I'm very happy I did. It had been some years since I had dowsed in my own apartment, and I was quite surprised by the results. I discovered a geopathic stress line from the head of my bed through my body. I was shocked to think that I had not discovered it before."

"I thoroughly enjoyed Marie Diamond's presentations and found the lessons helpful and easy to follow. I love the fact that she can see the energy fields. It's wonderful to see a master at work! I highly recommend Diamond Dowsing to everyone who wishes to heal their environment to have harmony and peace of mind."
-- Winifred Wager, New York, New York

"Ever since I discovered Marie Diamond's dowsing course I feel I have a more in-depth understanding of energy vortexes and how to apply cures and corrections. I now can overcome many obstacles in life with confidence and ease because of the simple way the material is presented. It is such an eye opening experience to uncover yet another of the many vast layers of the universe."
-- Joanna Holden, Los Angeles, California

"I received the course ten days ago and could not resist completing it in three days. It was full of surprises. I thought I was well-versed in space energy, depending on my instinct. No way! Not after discovering that I had been sleeping in a direct geopathic stress line, which explains my health problems since I moved into this house seven years ago! Surprisingly, the cracks in the walls have different meanings now! It was also interesting, and disappointing, to find out the level of energy of every room before dowsing for faults and negative lines, and the energy level of every object—even food! My study room feels different after applying all the cures, including for my own personal zones. It just feels fresh."
-- Fatma Hamad, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

"I moved into a new house five months ago and have been struggling with it ever since. I had none of these negative feelings about my past homes, and I felt that the energy and entities in this house were damaging and upsetting for me. The cures I was able to place in and around this house have made it a comfortable and enjoyable place to live. This is a monumental change, and it was virtually done in a couple days. It still amazes me."
-- Pamela Keller, Arvada, Colorado

"The learning is easy and fun. You get from it exactly what you put in. I've only cured geopathic stress so far and already I'm sleeping better."
-- Narelle, Melbourne, Australia

"I could feel the energy change in my house and property immediately. I did the changes over the course of two days and did experience some flu-like symptoms, but they were gone in two or three days. My home went from a -11 to a +27!! I have been accomplishing so much more and have greater clarity of thought. The course was so easy to follow, and the printed material was a great help for when I went to do the corrections. This course was one of the best I have purchased in years!"
-- Nancy Wharton, Port Jervis, New York

"I have found the Diamond Dowsing course very easy to follow and fun to use. I was allowing clutter to pile up on my desk area, and it just seemed that I was unable to tackle this job. Then I checked for a negative vortex and found one within two feet of my desk. The dowsing rod twirled quickly counterclockwise, and when I cured for this, there was an immediate shift to positive. The dowsing rod now quickly turned clockwise. The next morning I entered my office area and immediately, without hesitation, began to de-clutter the desk area, and it has been easy to keep clean and de-cluttered ever since. I have cured several geopathic stress lines going through my home and landscape, including three that were going through my bed. I now rest better, with much more energy and alertness in the mornings. The Diamond Dowsing course and the Diamond Feng Shui course have immensely energized my home and life."
-- Randy Peterson, Nome, North Dakota

"I ordered this course to reinforce my knowledge from the Diamond Dowsing Seminar. At the seminar I did a "distance cure" for a geopathic stress line that ran though my daughter's room and bed. When I spoke with her the following morning, she told me that she had the best night's sleep that she had for a very long time. When I got home I did a permanent cure on that line and several others. She and I began to work through and repair some issues that had been between us for some time. I now dowse all living and working areas that I, or my family, will be spending more than just a few hours in. Thank you all for this opportunity to learn and improve the lives of those I come in contact with."
-- Phyllis VanBaugh, Napa, California

"This is a great course—very practical and very interesting. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about dowsing. I was surprised to be able to dramatically change the energy of a problem room in our house, just following Marie's straightforward instructions."
-- Client

"I have had the dowsing course for less than thirty days. The immediate result I experienced was a reduction of stress, both physically and in the atmosphere of my home and business. I feel the energy level of my home and business is positive and peaceful. These are places where I truly enjoy being."
-- Jan Nichols, Breckenridge, Colorado

"I have been researching a major historical project for five years. I bought this course to strengthen my dowsing skills since I was going to study several sites with archeological pieces on-site. We used GPS locators to get to the general area of the pieces we were looking for. However, when it came to finding the specific location, the area was still too large to search in the time we had. As we were doing a walk-through survey, with the intent of coming back another day, I felt inclined to go over to a specific large rocky area. The DVDs included in the course strengthened my intuitive confidence and sensitivity with clarity. I found the exact site we were looking for, which is truly exciting!"
-- Bambie Linn Reed Zeddis, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I identified a strong positive vortex in my house. It's not that surprising, because the energy in my house feels wonderful. However, the confirmation from dowsing of what I and other people have sensed before was great. It made the feeling more tangible. Thanks so much."
-- Victoria Waney, Utrecht, The Netherlands

"I have only begun using my Diamond Feng Shui course and the Diamond Dowsing, but everything is so well organized and well presented. I love having so much information at my fingertips allowing me to proceed, from home, at my own pace. Thank you!"
-- Client