How to use PhotoReading in college

Paul Scheele has been working on a doctorate in Transformative Leadership. The stacks of books on his desk looked daunting the first time I saw them. It got worse when I opened one of the books. The language was so dense and scholarly that I had to read the first paragraph multiple times and still had no idea what the author said.

But Paul figured it out. He’s been absorbing the content as freely as I can breathe in fresh air on a hike. If you’re a student or read a lot of dense technical materials for your career, you’ll want to listen to how Paul says he does it. Be sure to pass this post on to all of your student friends or colleagues—they’ll be thanking you for years to come.

Take it away Paul…


P.S. – If you’re a student, please leave a comment with one of your PhotoReading success stories. It might inspire someone else to dive in.