How to PhotoRead on the iPhone & Kindle

When I got my iPhone, I never dreamed I would use it for reading books, but Amazon offered me a free download of a book that interested me. I got it, and I haven't turned back.

I prefer reading books on the iPhone over reading real books. Contrary to what some folks have said, I found it easy on my eyes and easy to read. Plus, with my iPhone I always have a book with me.

* I had to wait in line 45 minutes for customs when traveling to Bermuda, but the time zipped by because I had a great "book" fitting easily in my palm!

* I planted a dozen new trees on my property, and throughout the summer I had to water each one for five minutes. I had my iPhone in my right hand and hose nozzle in my left—I got my chores and reading done all at once.

* I had a surprise need to visit the dentist and had to wait 20 minutes in the waiting room. No problem, because I had a fascinating book waiting for me on my iPhone.

I could go on and on with how handy that little device has been for me. Instead let’s get into how I PhotoRead with it:

* Open the book using your favorite book app. I use the Kindle app, which is free.

* Set the size of the font to the smallest possible. This puts more words on the page. When you go back to the book for activating or reading, you can easily reset the font size to something that is ideal for you.

* Follow the regular PhotoReading procedure, and get into state.

* Begin PhotoReading by tapping the right side of the screen. This will cause the pages to turn. Go as fast as you can until the pages start to bunch together. You’ll be able to tell when you’re going too fast for the app. Remember to chant away!

I wish it were easier to jump through the book to preview, postview, and activate, but I find that inconvenience minor compared to the overall convenience of having a shelf of books in my pocket.

I don’t have a Kindle, but Paul Scheele does. He’s recorded a piece for you on how he uses his Kindle. Check it out here.


P.S. – If you have tips for the iPhone, Kindle, or other e-readers, please post comments for everyone.