Free MP3 recordings to boost your PhotoReading

I opened our vaults and found two teleseminars on PhotoReading that we did a few years back. They contain good stuff that can help you master PhotoReading. While they are best for those who have already learned PhotoReading, others should find them of interest (especially the PhotoReading demonstration on the radio).

The first is from an old friend Chris Payne, who used to head a company that sold almost 10,000 PhotoReading courses. He presents what he has learned from coaching his clients. He covers:

* Specific steps to get better results more consistently, regardless of the results you’ve had so far. * The biggest mistakes people make when they are about to start PhotoReading a book. * What gets in the way of you integrating PhotoReading into your day-to-day life. * What gets in the way of you using PhotoReading to get the best results.

You can download this free MP3 here. It’s a little less than an hour.

On the first recording Chris also talks about the time I dragged him to a Minneapolis radio station for a live PhotoReading Challenge. I found the recording of the show. You’ll love the PhotoReading demonstrations—they are amazing. You can download the MP3 here.

The next free mp3 is a teleseminar by PhotoReading developer Paul Scheele. He shares eight of his most startling discoveries about PhotoReading that he generally doesn’t share outside of our live events.

I hope you enjoy the recordings.


(Posted on January 6, 2010)