Scientific Studies of Sonic Access

The potency and influence of sound

Every spiritual tradition has used sound, voice, and music to enhance emotional and mental health, balance the body's energy centers or chakras, and heal disease. The ancient Greeks used the flute and lyre to treat illnesses such as gout and sciatica. In the Bible, David played his harp to lift King Saul's depression.

From the multiphonic toning of Tibetan monks to the chanting of Gregorian priests, sound has freed spirits, opened hearts, and lifted consciousness to higher levels.

The benefits of sound gained attention in the modern West soon after WWII when veterans in homes and hospitals responded so positively to visiting musicians. Today 5,000 music therapists work in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and hospices. And since the "Mozart Effect" and its positive impact on college student test performance was first reported in 1993, scientific research into music and sound has virtually exploded. For instance:

  • The Journal of Advanced Nursing reported that listening to music one hour a day for one week reduced chronic pain by up to 21 percent and depression by up to 25 percent in people with a range of conditions including rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Premature babies exposed to music increased their suckling rate 2.5 times, allowing them to increase their weight and leave the hospital two weeks earlier than other premature babies, in research conducted by one of the countryÍs foremost music therapists, Jayne M. Standley of Florida State University.
  • Brazilian researchers found that listening to music helped patients with glaucoma perform more reliably on peripheral vision sight tests.
  • Mozart's music was found to reduce the electrical activity associated with seizures in people with epilepsy.
  • A leading New York oncologist uses Tibetan singing bowls and Hindu Sanskrit chanting to help critically ill cancer patients fight their diseases. In his book, "The Healing Power of Sound," Dr. Mitchell Gaynor discusses the remarkable results gained by integrating music, vocalization, and meditation in patient care.

The Learning Strategies Sonic Access synthesizes the same energetic patterns of music, sound, and voice that are found to stimulate the cerebral cortex of our brain, calm the nervous system, and affect metabolism. The "universal" language of music has even been shown to cause our brains to secrete the same chemical responsible for the feeling we know as "love."

Sound impacts your body's genetic code

Our understanding of how our body functions is continually changing and growing. In fact, today scientists and quantum physicists are changing the very notion of the genetic code itself. Research in Russia by Dr. Peter Gariaev and others suggests that DNA not only holds the secret to our genetic code, but it serves as a "quantum mechanical biowave computer."

As you may know, scientists recently unraveled the human "genome," the 2 percent of DNA that determines all of our body's genetic functions. The remaining 98 percent of DNA has often been referred to as "pseudogenes" or "junk" DNA, serving no known purpose.

However, according to the paradigm-shifting theory of "Wave Genetics," the remaining 98 percent of DNA serves as "supercode," operating at a "wave level" that provides the instructions for how we operate as living organisms. I know this sounds complicated, but bear with me.

Dr. Gariaev's research suggests that DNA are actually resonate structures that possess the same linguistic patterns of language and exhibit electromagnetic behavior that responds to light and radio waves or "vibrational frequencies." As incredible as it may sound, healing wave information sent to diseased rats led to the regeneration of their endocrine glands!

The audio template of Sonic Access delivers powerful vibrational frequencies to your body and mind to align with the resonate structures of your energetic system. These sounds stimulate sympathetic vibration in the molecules, cells, glands, and organs inside the body, which all have their own vibrational frequency.

This phenomenon in physics is called "sympathetic resonance." Just as a string of a violin will begin to resonate when the same string is plucked on another violin nearby, the sound frequencies in Sonic Access will align the energetic patterns of your body and mind so you automatically begin to respond and create the change you desire in every aspect of your life.

This sophisticated neuro-audio technology that Paul Scheele has made so incredibly easy for you to use will help you:

  • Tap into your body's complex energy field.
  • Create new neural connections between your right and left brain hemispheres to significantly improve your learning capabilities.
  • Readily access universal, or Qi, energy to enhance your meditative experience and heal your body.

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