Sonic Access
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find prices and order?

Look at the main banner above. There are "links" under "Product/Events" for the products we offer. Click on one of the links to go to a page with the pricing and order button.

To check the contents of your shopping basket, click on View Cart up above.

Free coaching

You may tap into free coaching when you purchase Sonic Access. Learn all about our free success coaching here:

What does the course include?

The course includes a 48-page PDF manual and five audio sets (the first audio set is an introductory session and four audio sets are Paraliminal meditations titled Success, Health, Relationships, and Spiritual Growth).

What are on the audio sets?

Audio Set 1: Paul Scheele's Introduction: Paul explains the technology behind the Sonic Access and prepares you for effective listening sessions.

Audio Sets 2-5: (Success, Health, Relationships, Spiritual Growth): The first track is a guided Paraliminal with Paul Scheele (about 1/2 hour). The second track has 28 minutes of cutting-edge Holosync audio tones blended with beautiful music, nature sounds, and Chunyi Lin's Heart Sutra chant. The track completes with a 3-minute song to lift your spirit and send you soaring!

How long is each audio set?

Each audio set is about an hour.The last half hour - the music only track - is optional.

What will the course do for me?

Sonic Access will help you tap into your body’s complex energy field to help you accomplish whatever you want.

Do I have to listen to an entire meditation audio set in one listening?

No. audio sets 2-5 are about an hour in length. You could listen to only the Paraliminal Track 1 (about 1/2 hour) to receive great benefit. Track 2 is optional, but listening to it will give you the full benefit.

How should I do the course? For how long? How much each day?

Begin with the first audio set, which explains how everything works then move on to the special Success, Relationships, Health, and Spiritual Growth meditations. How many times you listen depends on your goals - it's all explained with your course.

How are these audios different from your other Paraliminals?

Sonic Access is the NEXT GENERATION of our highly effective Paraliminals. They are designed to take you to an even deeper state of relaxation and learning that is normally not required to make changes. Sonic Access takes a different approach to personal transformation that includes Paraliminal, Holosync, Diamond Feng Shui, and Spring Forest Qigong. It is a phenomenal program.

Why would I want to purchase this course? I already have so many of your other courses and all your Paraliminals.

All of our programs are designed to help you reach your highest potential. Some, like Million Dollar Vocabulary, are more narrowly focused on one area of self-improvement, while others, such as Abundance for Life, help you tap into wealth and abundance in every area of your life. The Paraliminals are ideal for targeting specific issues and challenges you are working on in your life. Sonic Access helps all personal development programs work better, because it helps direct your inner mind to get the results you want. Besides, learning is lifelong, and you always want to be feeding positive material into your mind.