Instantly transform your energy patterns to manifest your deepest desires using the sound frequency technology of... Sonic Access

Dear Friend,

Your ears conduct the most amazing symphony ever to perform -- your body!

Like a conductor directing the musicians, rhythms, and tempo of a symphony, your ears govern every sound you hear as they resonate with every muscle, every organ, and every cell of your body.

This dramatically impacts your physical, emotional, and mental well-being -- whether you know it or not.

Some sounds and rhythms can send your cells into a state of disharmony just like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Other sounds -- such as the laughter of a child or the swell of an ocean wave breaking on the beach -- can send you soaring into a state of euphoric bliss.

While you cannot control every sound in your environment, you can absolutely access sound's amazing power to transform every area of your life. And it's easier than you think…

With Paul Scheele's Sonic Access that I think you should get post haste. Let me explain:

How to access genuine and long-lasting change

For over a year Paul Scheele has been working with scientists, sound engineers, composers, musicians, and the most well-respected and powerful energy workers of the world so you can access your internal power generator and unleash your highest potential.

With it you'll find it easier than ever to create the life of your choosing. A life far more bountiful than you ever thought possible in the past. You'll name your dreams -- then claim them!

You might be happy with getting a new job…or losing those extra pounds…gaining a new level of confidence…better sex…greater wisdom…and that's good. Sonic Access will help you. No doubt about it, but... prepared for awesome, mind-blowing changes to make the impossible possible! Be prepared for something beyond the ordinary as you truly connect with your highest self.

Go deeper and reach higher with the next generation of Paraliminals

The highly effective and widely popular Paraliminals are used by hundreds of thousands of people to unleash change in their lives. Paraliminals use neuro-linguistic programming, whole mind learning, and preconscious processing with state-of-the-art Holosync audio technology to help you automatically enter an ideal brain state for relaxation and learning.

The four Sonic Access Paraliminal Meditations -- Success, Health, Relationships, and Spiritual Growth -- are designed to take you to an even deeper state. The embedded frequencies and other high-tech processes will help shift your brain waves. You'll go deeper so you can reach even higher! Sonic Access will engage all levels of your consciousness. You'll get:

  • The most ingenious way to connect your goals with universal energy.
  • How to access your whole mind and use every level of your consciousness.
  • The spark for massive creativity, passion, and clarity.
  • A direct line to your higher intelligence.

You will not only enjoy more abundance, you will manifest it by using the powerful sound frequencies and aesthetically pleasing music. It's music not only for your ears but -- literally -- for your heart, mind, and soul as well, as you'll soon see...

Manifest all your desires with the power of sound

Sonic Access offers you an amazing portal to greater success, richer relationships, balanced health, and spiritual growth. The four Paraliminal Meditations bring together the words, music, tones, and sound energy vibrations to help stabilize your intentions, support you energetically, build your internal connections, and attract to you all the resources you need to move your thoughts into positive actions and results.

In the first meditation, Sonic Access for Success, you'll journey deep within to accelerate the realization of abundance in your life -- in whatever way you choose. You can:

  • Access the genius mind that lies beyond the 10 percent capacity of your conscious mind to manifest dreams beyond your wildest imagination.
  • Break through self-limiting beliefs to double, triple, or quadruple your income.
  • Reclaim your self-confidence and gain the admiration of your peers.
  • Create the ideal career and the lifestyle you want.
  • Think big…attract the home of your dreams, travel round the world,
  • ______________________________________ (you fill in the blank).

"The Sonic Access Paraliminal Meditation was great! I really like it. The words are beautiful and uplifting. I felt beyond and deeper than an hour of other meditations. Afterward, I felt a wonderful energy around me, and every cell felt happy and joyful. This lasted for many hours and into the next day…. I like the idea of bringing together Spring Forest Qigong, Diamond Feng Shui, and the ancient tones in Sonic Access." -- Jo Ann Trimbur

Listen to Sonic Access for Health to empower your body's natural healing ability through the ancient power of sound. This meditation will help you:

  • Direct healing energy to any level of your body, from the surface of your skin to the genetic and atomic levels of your very existence.
  • Align your body's energy centers to their optimal state for increased strength, circulation, flexibility, and stamina.
  • Use your intention with unique sound frequencies to help your body heal.
  • Calm your nervous system, adjust your metabolism, and reduce daily stress and pain.
  • Reestablish the wholeness and perfection of your body.

"After I listened to the Sonic Access for Health audio set, I shopped for groceries and I didn't buy anything off my diet at all. Sometimes I have a treat or two, but when I shopped I had no urge to 'rebel.' I also noticed that the small amount of soreness in my knees from running -- not even enough to treat but enough to occasionally notice -- disappeared…. I expect my life to become much easier with the throttle on a higher setting." -- Judith White

The Sonic Access for Relationships meditation puts you in the flow of energy to create the relationships you desire. Use this Paraliminal Meditation to:

  • Dissolve emotional and spiritual blocks to free yourself from fear, anger, and resentment.
  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and others.
  • Use the Law of Attraction to find your soul mate.
  • Unleash biochemical messengers to enhance your emotional and psychological outlook on life.
  • Increase your overall happiness.
  • Bring your intimate personal relationships as well as your professional relationships to their ultimate level.

Gain access to the universal quantum field with Sonic Access for Spiritual Growth. This meditation can help you:

  • Perceive the world beyond your five senses.
  • Access the quantum field and connect to the essence of creation.
  • Increase the strength of your connection to your higher consciousness.
  • Intuitively know the next best step to fulfill your destiny.
  • Enjoy meaningful coincidences and serendipity.
  • Remove the chaos from your life and step into a world of serenity.

"The Spiritual Growth Meditation is wonderful! It really does bring you into a better connection with your broader self (other-than-conscious mind, higher self, all that is -- whatever you want to call it). Before I received the Sonic Access for Spiritual Growth audio set I had imagined myself pretty well connected and well on my path of spiritual enlightenment/development. Yes, it blew my socks off. It was the right one for me. Thank you." -- Sandy Hicks

Sonic Access empowers you from the inside out

The Sonic Access course includes five audio sessions: the four Paraliminal Meditations and an introductory program. In How to use Sonic Access, you'll learn how sound has been used as a healing force throughout time, in every civilization and every culture. You'll learn how you can access the same remarkable healing frequencies to bring your body and mind into a state of harmony and health and to create absolutely everything you need and desire.

We'll show you how to combine the benefits of sound energy and earth energy with your own personal intentions to realize your dreams. You'll access the earth energy principles revealed in Diamond Feng Shui and connect your body and mind with the energy flowing in the quantum field.

Marie Diamond, creator of the Learning Strategies course Diamond Feng Shui, is an internationally recognized Feng Shui Master, personal coach, and business consultant. Her revolutionary system is designed to help you bring layer after layer of good Feng Shui into every aspect of your life, and many of her foundational principles are included here in your  course.

In your Sonic Access course manual and introductory audio session, you'll learn:

  • gender and birthdate.
  • How sound affects your thinking, perception, and memory -- as well as every organ in your body.
  • How selected frequencies activate the energetic levels of your energy or chakra centers.
  • How precise musical tones and rhythms help automatically slow your breathing and heart rate and bring your brain waves into an ideal state.
  • How to clarify your intentions to achieve your greatest success and well-being. How Holosync audio frequencies provided by Centerpointe Research Institute resonate with the brain to help you access your higher intelligence.
  • How to listen to your meditations to get the most benefit from the sound frequencies embedded within.

"I received the Sonic Access audios. I loved them!!! What an excellent concept. I think it really pulls together all of the practices. It was good to have the instructional audio session. I listened to it several times and got new information each time. Sonic Access is powerful. This is great new material!!!" -- Nina Johnson

Enter the "emptiness" with Master Chunyi Lin

On all of the Paraliminal Meditations, Spring Forest Qigong Master Chunyi Lin helps you integrate the benefits of Sonic Access into your body and mind.

Chunyi is an internationally certified Qigong Master, teacher, and healer and the developer of Spring Forest Qigong. Over 100,000 people have studied and used his form of Qigong to harness the power of universal energy to help heal themselves and others.

On the Sonic Access meditations, Chunyi chants the ancient formula of sounds found in Buddha's Heart Sutra. Regarded as the summation of Buddha's wisdom, the Heart Sutra perfectly expresses the insight attained by nonattachment, the "doctrine of emptiness." The ancient formula of sounds provides a tremendous benefit that goes beyond your conscious mind's ability to perceive it.

Of the many Buddhist chants, Chunyi has selected the Heart Sutra to help you enter the universal emptiness and discover a state of pure bliss.

It works with virtually no effort on your part

Sonic Access is as easy as it is effective. All you have to do is relax, close your eyes, and listen. There are no complicated exercises or assignments.

You'll be asked to think of a goal for each session to get even more benefit. Then you'll just sit back and listen to a Sonic Access meditation -- for Success, Health, Relationships, and Spiritual Growth.

Paul Scheele will guide you inward, where you'll connect with the essence of creation. You will encounter the deep longing of your destiny and see how it can express itself in your life. You'll actually feel the sonic experience in your mind and body. There's never been anything like it.

The bonus you've been asking for!

Sonic Access features transformational music of composer Paul Hoffman, left, and the Paraliminal technology of Paul Scheele.

Many of our clients who love the Paraliminals have asked for a recording of the music without the words. This makes both great background and meditation music. You get this with Sonic Access.

Each Sonic Access audio set includes a bonus 28-minute music track especially designed for you to use anywhere. You may listen to it immediately following the meditation or at any time by itself. According to Chunyi Lin, it takes 28 minutes for the universal energy, or Qi, to make a complete cycle through the physical body, which is why each is 28 minutes long.

Crafted by master composer Paul Hoffman and a team of talented musicians and singers, these tracks will enhance the inner work of your meditations and trigger phenomenal change. The cutting-edge Holosync audio tones fortify the tracks, which blend beautiful music with the sounds of nature, tones, and Chunyi's chanting. The music will truly lift your spirit and send you soaring.

How the bleep does this work?

While the science behind Sonic Access seems complex, Paul Scheele distilled it into a technology that you can easily use. You don't have to understand how the whole field of quantum physics works or the intricacies of your body and mind to obtain the results we promise.

All you have to do to instantly transform your energy patterns and manifest your deepest desires is set your intentions and then sit back, relax, and listen to the powerful Sonic Access sessions.

This program will complement any other program you are using now. It works beautifully with everything we publish, and it will help you reach your goals and objectives quicker and easier. And that's why we created it.

Now's the time to take action

Free yourself from limiting beliefs, and continue creating the life you always wanted. So what are you waiting for?

Name your dreams -- then claim them!

Order Sonic Access today risk-free to access your higher power at absolutely any and every moment of your life.

For your personal best,
Pete bissonette
Pete Bissonette

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P.S. Even after just one listening, you'll feel the power of Sonic Access -- the next generation of the amazing Paraliminals. You'll immediately begin your transformation toward greater success, richer relationships, balanced health, and spiritual growth!

Sonic Access truly is the most mind-blowing personal transformation program we've ever published. In one extraordinary program, we've brought together Paul Scheele's unique Paraliminal technology, the cutting-edge audio frequencies of Holosync, the energy principles of Diamond Feng Shui, and the healing sounds of Spring Forest Qigong, all wrapped up in the most beautiful and transformative music you will ever experience.

We're so excited about Sonic Access that we'd like you to experience this unique technology as soon as you possibly can. As always, if you're not 100 percent satisfied, send it back for a full product refund within 30 days -- absolutely guaranteed.