If you want to awaken your natural guidance system to happiness, success, and long life, then you must have...

the powerful "Mental Strategy" that separates those who thrive from those who dive

Dear Friend,

Plan on a quantum leap that will give you the definitive, competitive edge for:

  • record income in a weak economy
  • the strongest and most joyful relationship with loved ones (almost to the point of being envied by others)
  • unbounded creativity and problem solving to excel at your job or your passions
  • unsurpassed productivity leading to more money, more influence, or more time to do what brings you happiness, respect, and recognition by your friends, peers, or community
  • calm, security, and peace of mind

First, recognize that sociologists say we’ve moved from the Age of Information into the Age of Change. Instant and constant access to landslides of information will never end. It has snowballed to the point that information creates change at rates faster than at any point in our history. There is nothing we can do about it. It is in perpetual motion. So, capitalize on it!

You have a rare opportunity to do what few could do in the past: use change to generate power with eye-spinning speed. Power has always been wielded by those with the information, but information has been unleashed to everyone. It is time to put your turbines on the river of change.

Think of a goal you have right now. Think of something you absolutely want. What would you like beyond anything else? Follow the advice in this letter, and you will attain it faster and easier because you will embrace change.

But heed this warning: the more change you experience, both positive and negative, the greater the risk you will have an accident or get sick.

There is an eye-opening chart that shows 43 types of change such as death of a relative ... earning more money ... birth of a child ... change in diet ... catching a cold ... buying a house ... trouble at work ... parking ticket ... even taking a vacation! Each event is rated with a number. You can go through this chart and tally up how much change you’ve experienced in the past year.

If you score over 300, there is an 80% chance you will suffer an accident/or an illness within 12 months.

While those are high odds, you need to know that the other 20% who will not have an accident or illness share three singular traits. There are specific and identifiable reasons why some people keep themselves safe in spite of change. You need to know these if you are going to thrive in the new Age of Change.

With little or no effort, you can...
Let change AUTOMATICALLY propel you to new heights (while it hinders or stops nearly everyone else you know)

Combine the idea of protecting yourself against the adverse effects of change with the idea of using change to get more of what you want. For this discussion, we will call the combination "resiliency." Here’s the great news for you:

The ultimate solution for dealing with and capitalizing on change, uncertainty, and other problems is already inside you.

You were born with it. Now find out how to activate it.

You have built-in -- as does every human -- capabilities of resiliency. Turbines for the river.

Resiliency helps you recover quickly and thoroughly from change, and it helps you bounce back from any adversity. High-level resiliency helps you come out of the situation stronger and further ahead.

Apply resiliency to any area of your life and you have...

The proven formula for getting more done, of higher quality, in new ways, with less help, in less time, with less money, in a constantly changing world.

Let me share with you an extraordinary story...

Creative Breakthrough or Mental Breakdown?

Researcher, educator, and author Dr. Al Siebert is a survivor. He became interested in survivor resiliency after experiencing his own traumatic life-changing event. While finishing his doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Michigan, he realized all the focus of his training for entering the mental health profession had been on diagnosing and treating mental illnesses. He had not been given one lecture, much less a course, on mental health. That realization stimulated him to look at the profession from a different perspective.

Al was one of only three psychologists in the nation awarded a post-doctoral fellowship at the famous Menninger Foundation, which encouraged out-of-the-box thinking. Al was ecstatic.

In due time he explained to his instructors the theory he was developing about "how the perception of mental illness is mostly a stress reaction in the mind of the observer." But listen to this: "They declared that my ideas were symptoms of mental illness and canceled my fellowship. They didn’t stop there. They claimed that my thinking was psychotic and had me locked up in the local VA psychiatric hospital."

Now, you can imagine how this turn of events confused Al. The Menninger Foundation had an international reputation for being outstanding psychologists, but as Al says, "they couldn’t tell the difference between a creative breakthrough and a mental breakdown."

Al dug deep into his own inner resources, "What do you do when you lose your job because the people in power can’t tolerate your ideas? What do you do if you are at risk of being locked up in a mental hospital if you speak out about how to improve established practices? What do you do when people in authority spread false rumors about you? What do you do when the path you’ve been following leads off a cliff and there’s no one to catch you?"

How Al responded to great adversity gave him strategies to carve a special niche for himself. His discoveries about survivor resiliency made him an international authority and have helped countless numbers of people turn their worst nightmares into their finest hours.

Al’s first priority was to find ways to handle his new reality. He had to learn how to survive in a dangerous world. His trauma sent him on a brave path. He began studying survivors.

Al Siebert began interviewing Holocaust survivors, Bataan Death March survivors, ex-prisoners of war, cancer survivors, and thousands of others including survivors of the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon terrorist attacks. He lived with some of these people to understand their deepest motivations and uncovered their astonishing lifesaving mental strategies.

He has since become the world’s leading authority on resiliency. He has uncovered the five key levels of resiliency. Although each of us possesses them to one degree or another, the most resilient survivors live by them.

Almost superhuman

Twenty years later in the early 1990s, Dr. Al Siebert made waves in psychological circles with his brilliant best-selling book, The Survivor Personality. He revealed that some people have a combination of traits that make them almost superhuman. They are able to do much better than the average person at surviving and thriving. (Incidentally, we’ve used articles by Al in the PhotoReading seminars since 1986 because of his insights into making changes.)

In the 10 years since the book came out, Al has demonstrated that anyone can be highly resilient if he or she exercises the traits of the survivor personality. His breakthrough came in learning that all people -- you included -- have these traits built into their psyche.

And then Oprah Winfrey called

After Al Siebert developed his resiliency protocol, he took his message on the road. He was interviewed hundreds of times on radio and television from the huge shows such as Oprah to the small stations in Your Town USA. He has been featured in prestigious publications from Prevention Magazine to the Harvard Business Review. He works relentlessly with this consistent, encouraging message:

It does not matter... if your car suddenly breaks down on the highway... if your kid has problems in school... if you lose your job... if insurance costs rise higher than your paycheck... if a burglar ransacks your home... if you can’t get something working right on your computer... if your competition comes out with a better product... if you lose your bid for public office... if your house floods... if dinner burns... if you can’t find your car keys for the zillionth time... You can deal with the adversity with less stress, complete and confident composure, and the certain knowledge that everything will be all right.

Government agencies up and down the east coast called on him immediately after 911 because of his keen intellect and practical insights. Though he lives in Portland, Oregon, he maintains a busy schedule training public employees in Washington, D.C.

Al Siebert and Paul Scheele collaborated to shield you from the negative effects of change.

For over two years Al worked meticulously with Paul Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies, to further improve his discoveries. They introduced subtleties and distinctions in our personal learning course called Resiliency so that YOU can increase your inner strengths of character, so you can survive anything from the mundane annoyances of everyday life to unexpected catastrophes intact, sure-footed, fast.

As a result, you can develop the following crucial 10 skills exhibited by highly resilient survivors. You learn to activate them through a series of captivating processes and four new Paraliminal sessions. They become automatically available to you day in and day out so you can...

  1. Sustain your health and well-being in circumstances that make others sick.
  2. Bounce back, with minimal or no pain and suffering, when your life is knocked off track.
  3. Cope with unfair developments in an effective way.
  4. Break free from childhood prohibitions that can prevent you from coping well with unwanted events.
  5. Avoid reacting to adversity like a wounded victim.
  6. Increase your self-confidence for handling non-stop, disruptive change.
  7. Protect your energy when working with negative or dysfunctional people.
  8. Work effectively without direction from others.
  9. Thrive in times of extreme change that overwhelm others.
  10. Convert each misfortune into a benefit.

When you adopt Resiliency’s seven fundamental principles, you receive these benefits:

  • You’ll bounce back from anything adverse to be better and stronger than you ever were.
  • You’ll be able to handle negative situations significantly better than you do now.
  • You’ll take control from external factors, such as the economy and other people, to claim it for yourself.

You will lose any need to blame someone else for a problem. You won’t ever feel the victim of any circumstance. You’ll begin to understand why some survivors say they are glad for their experiences! You’ll begin to see the silver lining in all the problems you face. You’ll turn business problems into profit and personal problems into growth.

Left brain problem solving to quickly, rationally, and logically conquer challenges while getting hindering emotions out of the way

Did you know that most people who respond to difficulties with "problem-focused" coping are much more resilient than people who engage in "emotion-focused" coping? Becoming emotionally upset narrows your range of thoughts and limits what you can do. Feelings such as anxiety, anger, fear, vulnerability, and helplessness do more harm than you might think.

Al will give you the nine steps for rational problem solving so that you not only solve problems better than most people but also you develop unbeatable self-confidence and increased resiliency.

Right brain problem solving to turn up your creative genius

Creative problem solving is essential in a changing environment. The ability to invent a clever solution comes from wanting to find a good solution, thinking independently, and stepping outside the boundaries of old perceptions and out-moded ways of thinking.

Creative solutions CANNOT be found by logical, analytical problem solving. In the course you explore the guidelines for right brain problem solving. You discover how to overcome barriers to creativity. And, you learn the real secrets to causing practical solutions to cascade from your mind. Even the most unsolvable problems become solvable.

Supreme and unstoppable self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-concept!

Cowering when threatened and crumbling under pressure are weaknesses that only make things worse.

Self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-concept determine how you act under pressure, feel about yourself, and think about yourself. As you strengthen these attributes, you become emotionally more resilient and more capable of living your dreams in spite of problems.

Ultra Mental and Emotional Flexibility to outdistance competition, problems, and anything else holding you back

Mental and emotional flexibility will absolutely, positively give you an edge -- whether you are in the classroom, the office, or a new car showroom. Thriving is not just about overcoming problems. It is about dealing with any circumstance. This is just one example of how what you learn in the Resiliency course will benefit you many times in many areas of your life. This is especially important if anyone has ever called you "stubborn," because that is a sure sign you can benefit from more flexibility.

Billion Dollar Strategies for dealing effectively with people who drain your energy

You know who these people are. Al discovered that the super survivors have telling ways to deal with energy-drainers. You can profit from carefully choosing associates for their positive influence.

Turn Misfortune into Good Fortune so that you prosper from things that might hinder others

The crowning glory of this course is the highest-level resiliency skill you can take on --  to convert misfortune into a lucky event that changes your life. You not only bounce back but make your life better than before. This is Serendipity!

Going through the course will automatically unleash a natural propensity for serendipity. You can accelerate the process by following eight steps of the highly resilient survivors and listening to the Paraliminal sessions. As a result, problems and change, no matter how small or how large, can lead to the emergence of strengths you did not know you had. You’ll discover the secrets for turning any challenge into one of the best things that has ever happened to you.

I’m sure you can think of politicians, entertainers, or athletes who were caught in scandals yet emerged more loved and respected than before. That’s a natural, inborn skill that YOU can nurture and grow.

"Paraliminal sessions" energize the entire process to make nurturing your own resilient powers easy, fun, rewarding, fast, and effortless

Paul Scheele and Al Siebert have created four special Paraliminal sessions, designed to stimulate the proven power of your inner mind, to help you integrate the processes and strategies of your new Resiliency course. Just relax and listen to these unique soundtracks. Your mind will be guided to respond in new and enhanced ways. You will notice refreshing improvements in how you handle problems from day one and your life will get better and easier with time, thanks to this uniquely powerful technology.

Resiliency will not only help you with day-to-day change but will prepare you for potential catastrophes. (We may not want to think about them, but sometimes they happen anyway.) We will help you be cautious about dangerous circumstances without being fearful, to be vigilant without worrying.

We promise that your entire outlook on life -- with all of its uncertainties and vagrancies -- will be completely, thoroughly, and noticeably transformed. If it isn’t, return the course within 30 days for an unconditional refund of the purchase price.

Should you ever have questions, you can call a trained success coach, or visit our online Discussion Forum free. You can count on our support.

When you finish the course, you will still hear today’s ever-present admonition: "Get more done, improve quality, find new ways, use less help, do it quicker, spend less money, and look out, because it will all change tomorrow." Now, you can respond better. With Resiliency, you can respond to pressures and change with confidence and ease.

With Resiliency you get the simple mental secrets to turn all change, from divorce, bankruptcy, robbery, a car accident, unexpected illness, job loss, duplicity, or loss of a loved one into events you can handle with less stress and emotional strain... You will even gain the skills to turn difficult events to your advantage. They can be stepping-stones in your personal growth to happiness, success, and long life.

You will rise above common annoyances from coworkers, washing machines that flood the laundry room, broken windows, disappointments, noisy neighbors, and tailgaters.

And, remember, studies conclusively show that change makes people sick and prone to accidents. Listen to Resiliency and you will become immune to the harmful effects of change.

As others will definitely notice, you will be happier, healthier, and wiser about your life.

Order Resiliency today on our secure website or call 866-292-1861. It may save your sanity, your job, maybe your life, and absolutely it will free you from overwhelming stress and make life far more pleasant than you’ve ever experienced before. Reward yourself with a rewarding life.

For your personal best,

Pete Bissonette

P.S. Capitalize on change to enjoy happiness, success, and long life with Resiliency. You will learn specific strategies to quickly and easily recover from any problem or setback – no matter how small or how large – in such a way that you will come out far ahead. No longer will change make you sick and accident-prone. With the eight audio sessions and comprehensive course manual (and that chart I mentioned at the beginning of this letter), you’ll receive four Paraliminal sessions to help make the process as automatic and thorough as possible.

P.P.S. Resiliency is a force to reckon with, and I challenge you to take it on for yourself. This course will help you adopt this mental moxie, quicker and easier than through any other process. And, given the world today, you need it. Call us now at 866-292-1861 or order right here on our secure site.

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