Resiliency: The Power To Bounce Back

Not only will you learn the mental strategy to recover and surge ahead from disruptive changes and set-backs, but... You will get the proven formula to getting more done, of higher quality, in new ways, with less help, in less time, with less money, in a constantly changing world.

Al Siebert and Paul Scheele help you thrive in the face of change and uncertainty. Resiliency includes eight audio sessions with four Paraliminal sessions and a comprehensive 66-page digital PDF course manual.

Resiliency Course (CD and Digital)
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Resiliency Course (Digital)
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Resiliency Course (CD)
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Contents of Resiliency course manual

  • Becoming More Resilient - Introduction and Quiz
  • Becoming More Resilient - The Myth of Stress
  • Level-One Resiliency - Taking Control
  • Level-One Resiliency - Building a Strong Foundation
  • Level-Two Resiliency - Left Brain Problem Solving
  • Level-Two Resiliency - Right Brain Problem Solving
  • Level-Three Resiliency - Developing Strong Inner "Selfs"
  • Level-Four Resiliency - Three Essential Attributes
  • Level-Four Resiliency - Learning in the School of Life
  • Level-Four Resiliency - Synergy and Empathy
  • Level-Five Resiliency - Developing Your Serendipity Skill
  • "How Resilient Are You?"


  • How to increase your chances by 300% of finding a new job quickly if you get fired
  • What is the first thing you should say to diffuse someone who just said something negative
  • The first mental thing you must do when faced with a challenge
  • How to be happy even when bad stuff goes on in your life
  • What one decision you need to make to decrease emotional stress instantly and immediately
  • Two questions you can ask everyone you care about that will automatically, just from merely asking them the questions – help them feel better and cope better with problems and change
  • What you should do when no rational solution to a problem is in sight.