Memory Optimizer by Vera F. Birkenbihl with Paul R. Scheele

The big question:
Why does your memory fail you?

Even the super-smart claim a lousy memory!

How about you? Have you ever blamed your memory? Ever curse it?

That’s about to end. We have captured new brain research showing how easily you can improve your memory. It is yours with the Memory Optimizer.

The only major Memory Improvement program that improves your memory by simply listening to it.

And, if you do the simple mental exercises, your memory improves even more!

WARNING: The Memory Optimizer is not solely based on memorization using "associations" or "pegs" like most courses. While they can work they are often tedious. Memory Optimizer is different. You need far more than memorization. You need to use your memory more effectively.

You need to...

    Remember to do something
    Send a birthday card; feed the dog; change the oil in the car. Personally, I have never forgotten to feed the dog, but I have fed Josie twice because I did not remember whether I fed her the first time! (But, no more!)

    Remember something from the past
    What a customer said two years ago; the age of your washing machine so you can decide whether to fix or replace it; what your financial advisor said about investing.

    Remember facts
    Dates, telephone numbers, PIN numbers, foreign expressions, and those awful Internet passwords.

    Remember sequences
    Lists, instructions, speeches, jokes, sheet music, directions…

    Remember names, faces, and other personal information
    Birthdays, anniversaries, immunizations, past gifts, personal preferences, names of spouses…

    School concepts, computer sequences, work facts and figures, travel information, languages, and those endless projects around the house.

    So, take a few minutes to tour the Memory Optimizer.

When you understand how your memory works, and when you use simple brain-friendly techniques, you can vastly improve your memory to the point you will never doubt your memory again. Never. Ever.

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