Happy for No Reason
Frequently Asked Questions

What does the course include?

The course consists of 8 audio sets, a course manual, and Happiness Habits poster.

What is the single biggest benefit of this course?

Happy for No Reason helps you to easily and systematically raise your everyday level of happiness.

What does the course cover and how is it set up?

Marci Shimoff interviewed 100 unconditionally happy people and combined these interviews with cutting-edge research and knowledge from the world's leading experts in the fields of positive psychology and neurophysiology. From these interviews she created a simple model that helps you to integrate what she learned in a very practical and effective way.

The course combines listening sessions with written exercises, visualizations, and various practices that empower you to enhance your happiness in all areas of your life.

How does the course work?

The basis of this course is building what Marci calls your Home for Happiness. This seven-step process includes creating a strong foundation, which involves taking ownership of your happiness; four cornerstones that represent the mind, the heart, the body, and the soul; a roof that symbolizes a life inspired by purpose; and a garden that represents nourishing relationships.

Three happiness habits support each of these seven areas of your home. As you experiment with these, you will find yourself shifting toward an increasingly regular and powerful state of being happy for no reason. The natural result is greater success, wealth and health, and more fulfilling relationships.

What will the course do for me?

This course enables you to become very clear on which aspects of your life are not optimizing your experience of happiness. As you work with the various components of your Home for Happiness and the exercises that accompany them, you will find your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors becoming more aligned with what truly makes you happy from within.

How long is each audio session?

The audio lengths vary from 63 minutes to 70 minutes in total listening time.

How many Paraliminals are in the course?

There is one Paraliminal included with this course.

Is Holosync included in the Paraliminal?


Is the Paraliminal in this course different than the Happy for No Reason Paraliminal?

This is the same Paraliminal, but the sleep track is not included, which makes it more convenient for daytime use.

How long does it take to complete the course? How often should I do the course?

Total listening time for the course is just under 9 hours.

You will probably want to go through the course in its entirety when you first receive it. Once you have done that, you may find certain areas need additional attention. In between sessions you can use the Happy for No Reason Paraliminal, the Visualization Exercise, or the Centering Practice that Marci has included on the first audio set.

This is a life-transforming course. We anticipate many people will be using the techniques they learn regularly for the rest of their lives or whenever they want to make another adjustment to their happiness set-point.

How does the free coaching work for this course?

You may tap into free coaching when you purchase this course. Learn all about our free success coaching here: www.learningstrategies.com/coaching.asp