You can easily and systematically raise your everyday level of happiness with the Happy for No Reason personal learning course

This means that no matter what happens in your life -- no matter what stress plows into you -- no matter how dire the circumstances might turn -- you can AUTOMATICALLY return to a higher level of happiness than you have today.

In 8 audio sessions on CD or as Digital and through 96 pages of the guidebook, you will learn practical, down-to-earth strategies based on the new science of happiness that will help you experience happiness "from the inside out."

To make your happiness journey easier for you, we've included a copy of the extraordinarily popular Happy for No Reason Paraliminal that Marci created with Paul Scheele. We know that you may have it already, but we wanted to include a copy in the course as a bonus so that it is handy.

You don’t have to have happy genes, win the lottery, lose 20 pounds, or become a saint. By the time you finish listening to the Happy for No Reason course you will be experiencing more happiness. Follow the steps, which help you adopt habits that most happy people have, and you will live in an authentic state of sustained happiness for the rest of your life.

You can get your course as CDs or Digital

If you choose the digital option, you can burn the MP3s onto your own CDs, transfer them to your iPod or other MP3 player, or simply keep them on your computer! You will also receive the course booklet in the form of a pdf file. Remember, these files are for your private use only.

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Happy for No Reason Course (CD and Digital)
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