Allow the four seasons to automatically transform you

Sonic Access Four Seasons gives you four extended Paraliminal meditation sessions, one for each season of the year. It helps you tap into the unique frequencies and qualities of the seasons so that you can apply them to your life, your career, your projects, your relationships, your everything.

Winter helps with your Spiritual Growth

As you listen to this Sonic Access session, you open yourself to the benevolent intelligence that graces your being. Winter’s energy offers you a profound opportunity to go deep within to gain insight, support, and wisdom to manifest your highest good. Ready yourself for new ideas and projects to come into being. Establish a safe, clear, deep connection to your true life purpose.

  • Deepen your growth in wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Open your inner ears to the great song of creation.
  • Dwell in the great stillness of mind that winter invites.
  • Connect with the vivid imagery and feeling of your genetic potential.
  • Expand your ability to receive infinite resources.
  • Establish a safe and clear connection to your purpose.

Spring helps with your Health & Well-being

Capture Spring’s energy to release the natural healing abilities of your body, mind, and soul each time you do this meditation. Enhance the health and well-being of the world and of any project you are contemplating. Renew and invigorate every cell of your body. Balance your energy, and clear the way for new possibilities.

  • Experience the exuberance and fertility of Spring’s energy.
  • Purify your body and mind.
  • Tap Spring’s healing energy.
  • Get the left and right hemispheres of your brain working together.
  • Automatically activate the flow of your stored memories for your benefit.
  • Stimulate endorphins to elevate your mood.
  • Stabilize your body and brain to enter into the ideal learning state.
  • Increase your concentration and focus.

Summer helps with your Success

Tap into the vitality and intensity of Summer to revitalize your creative spirit with this meditation. Attract the best energy to propel your success and realize the abundance that is your birthright. Direct all your passion and creativity toward every goal and dream you dare to accomplish. Live far beyond the limits of previous beliefs about what is possible for you.

  • Optimize the flow of energy to your goals.
  • Achieve every goal you dare set.
  • Tap into the continuous flow of nature’s creative energy.
  • Live beyond the limits of beliefs about what is possible for you.
  • Intuitively know the exact steps to take.
  • Direct all your passion to bring any project to success.
  • Resonate with high vibrational energy for succcess.

Autumn helps with your Relationships

Draw on Autumn’s energy to harvest the blessings and gifts from all your relationships. Strengthen your associations within any project, job, or venture. Free yourself from energy that no longer serves you. Balance the intensity needed to achieve results with the time to enjoy your loved ones. Build relationships in work and play that create well-being for yourself and our world.

  • Gather the blessings that come with your relationships.
  • Strengthen your relationships with coworkers and teammates.
  • Balance the intensity needed to bring in your results with time to enjoy loved ones.
  • Be open to receive the abundance of your birthright.
  • Receive gifts and treasures.
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