Your Next Generation Paraliminals bridge science and spirit to expand your potential

The ancient "Solfeggio Scale" activates your DNA when listening

As you listen to Sonic Access Four Seasons you will hear the six tones of the ancient Solfeggio Scale, which is a first for a Sonic Access program. In the early Christian period these frequencies were thought to have powerful healing affects on the physical body, mind, and soul.

These frequencies, which were based on an entirely different tuning method than today’s Western method, are believed to stimulate expanded creativity, problem-solving, and health and wellness, as reported by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Today, many holistic practitioners, energy healers, and sound therapists use the Solfeggio frequencies in chanting or with tuning forks and music bowls tuned specifically for this purpose. Because everything in the universe is energy, including our bodies and minds, the energy of these frequencies resonates right down to the cellular level. You’ll notice it the very first time you listen.

Modern "Holosync" frequencies build new neural pathways

Another important component of Sonic Access technology is the embedded Holosync frequencies created by Centerpointe Research. These frequencies resonate with the brain directly. They create states associated with rapid, easy learning, and access to higher intelligence. The Holosync frequencies help shift your brain waves from beta and alpha…to theta…and, at times, all the way to delta rhythms—the same brain states of deep relaxation that occur in profound meditative states. In the process Holosync frequencies also increase whole brain function, because new neural connections are created between the right and left brain hemispheres.

"The Heart Sutra" helps you understand the universe

Each season is presented on an audio set containing three audio sessions. The first session is the Paraliminal meditation and is exactly 28 minutes, which according to Spring Forest Qigong Master Chunyi Lin matches the amount of time it takes for energy to move through your body. The third song is created by Paul Hoffman and Paul Scheele and sung by musicians who also sing with Michael B. Beckwith’s Agape Spiritual Choir.

On each music-only track you will hear Chunyi Lin chanting Buddha’s Heart Sutra in Chinese to help you integrate the benefits of what you have learned into your body and mind.

Regarded as the summation of Buddha’s wisdom, the Heart Sutra perfectly expresses the insight attained by nonattachment, the "doctrine of emptiness." Chunyi Lin regularly chants the Heart Sutra in his personal meditation, because it is the most effective chant to understand the universe and achieve spiritual enlightenment. The ancient formula of sound provides a tremendous benefit that goes beyond your conscious mind’s ability to perceive it.

"Tubes of Light" helps purify your being

During the meditations you will experience a purification process similar to the powerful Tubes of Light visualization that Marie Diamond teaches in her programs including Diamond Feng Shui, Diamond Dowsing, and Diamond Quantum Colors. You’ll imagine a series of light energy colors that come around you. It’s as if you are standing within a tube of purifying light energy.

"Eidetics" helps fulfill your destiny

In the meditations Paul Scheele will use a remarkable technology called "eidetics" to help you connect into eidetic images that carry vivid imagery, vivid meaning, and vivid feeling. These images will help you reach a dormant genetic potential that desires to become visible and known.

The inner guidance offered from this deep source can bring you the exact next steps in the direction of your goal.

And, of course, The Power of Paraliminals

Sonic Access is a Paraliminal—the most popular program in the Learning Strategies library. However, we call the Sonic Access Paraliminals "Paraliminal meditations", because they are longer than the typical Paraliminal and they are set up so that you can go longer and deeper than ever before.

The unique Paraliminal technology was developed by Paul Scheele, who you’ll hear on your new audio sets. Paraliminal, as derived from the Greek "para" (beyond) and "liminal" (threshold), means "beyond the threshold of conscious awareness." Paraliminals help you get to the core of your genius mind.

State-of-the-art digital recording produces a soothing 3-D sound that allows music and voices to project spatially in your head. When you listen with stereo headphones, the Paraliminal meditations send multilevel communications to each hemisphere of the brain. You will hear a variety of messages coming into each ear in a soothing, effective, and pleasurable way, all to activate your whole mind in a way unlike any other audio technology.

And as with the regular Paraliminals…

There are no exercises to do.
Nothing to practice. No homework.

Just listen to the soothing, meditative sessions, and you’ll tap into all levels and layers of your being—right down to your DNA.

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