A breakthrough course by Marie Diamond shows you...

How you can use "dowsing" to take anything you're doing to radically higher levels

... making money, exercising, playing, working, sleeping, meditating, even PhotoReading... you name it!

Dear Friend,

I used to think dowsing was just for finding water, until our Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond gave me a spectacular demonstration that changed my mind.

You see, many people assume that the problems they have in their lives are caused by something they're doing. Marie showed me this might not be the case at all.

If you have issues or struggles that just won't go away, it might not be your fault but actually your home or office that is attracting them.

These issues could be the result of "geopathic stress," "interference lines," or "negative energy vortexes." I'll talk about these later -- right now you merely need to know that you can easily learn how to use dowsing to find and resolve these problem areas.

Marie showed us jaw-dropping demonstrations

In the summer of 2005 Marie Diamond, Paul Scheele, and I met up for a week in Aspen, Colorado. Marie brought brass L-shaped dowsing rods and began demonstrating how to use them within seconds of meeting up with her.

First, she used the dowsing rods (divining rods) to show us energy lines that thread the Earth and in one way or another affect all living things. I was surprised at how the dowsing rods opened when Marie approached these stress lines.

Sleeping on these energy lines can create nightmares, sleeplessness, and even illness. If an energy line goes through your garden, it can even retard the growth of plants or make them susceptible to disease and drought.

Remember, Marie Diamond knows how energy works not only because she is a Feng Shui Master and has worked with Dowsing Masters the world over for years, but because she sees energy.

You see, she has a rare gift: She can actually see energy flow, much like how you and I can see water flow in a river. This ability makes what she says infinitely credible and valuable.

Marie then showed us positive and negative energy vortexes. She told the story of one of her clients who owned a failing retail store. Marie used the dowsing rods to uncover a negative vortex right on the cash register. Marie neutralized it, and immediately the business began to thrive. She said, "It was as if the vortex repelled customers."

Diamond Dowsing and The Secret

We were in Aspen that summer for a meeting of the Transformational Leadership Council. Another phenomenon was born there, too. Rhonda Byrne showed up with a film crew and a wild idea about a movie called The Secret. As a matter of fact, much of The Secret was filmed right there during the meeting. That's how Marie Diamond got into the film herself.

Much of our Transformational Leadership Council meetings involve members presenting mini-workshops so we can learn each other's specialties. The first day's events in Aspen were awkward and uncharacteristically boring.

That evening Marie whipped out her dowsing rods and walked over the exact spot where the presenters had stood -- and the rods began spinning wildly in a counterclockwise direction. This indicated a negative energy vortex.

When Marie neutralized the energy, the rods quit spinning. For the remaining few days the presentations were more engaging than ever! (I wonder how much of the great energy in The Secret came from Marie's dowsing.)

I found an "Energy Vortex" in my own home!

I've mentioned in the past that I built an earth-sheltered home back in 2001. I chose the building site on the 12-acre plot by walking around the property and deciding which spot felt best. We staked out the exact location of the house. I changed my mind and wanted it to be about twenty feet farther south, but the surveyor gave me a critical reason why I should not build there. Then I wanted it twenty feet farther west, and more reasons presented themselves to keep the house right where it had originally been staked.

Fast forward to today. I spend most mornings working from my home so I can focus on writing without all the distractions of the office. There are many places in my home where I can write, but I always find myself gravitating to the middle of my dining room table. That's where I'm writing this letter right now!

When I returned home after Aspen with my own set of dowsing rods (yes, I learned it on the spot -- you do not need a special "gift" or a lot of practice, because dowsing is easy to learn), I discovered that I had a positive energy vortex right in the center of my dining room table. No wonder I always gravitate to that spot. It feels best. The energy is attracting me to it.

I also found it interesting how the exact location of the house stayed put, even though I had wanted to move it one way or another. Had I moved it south, the positive energy vortex would have ended up in the pantry. If west, it would have been in the fireplace. That's the Law of Attraction. That's how the universe works for your higher good -- it ended up right in the center of my dining room table!

Here's the best news: Marie said that working on a positive energy vortex actually energizes my work!
Do you feel it?

She also said that the location of the vortex in my house explained why, coincidentally, I also had one on my bed in Aspen. "People who spend a significant portion of their time in a positive energy vortex actually attract more of them."

If a positive energy vortex energizes my work, what would a negative vortex do? Well, I have one (or had one) in my house, too, buried back in the utility room. (Isn't it interesting how it ended up in the least-used room in my house?) I'm not going to tell you about the problems it caused, because you probably wouldn't believe it. Suffice it to say, I wasn't able to "cure" it until I attended the three-day Diamond Dowsing workshop that Marie led for about 100 of our clients in the spring of 2007.

Everyone has a natural ability to dowse

I could go on with many more stories, but you should hear it right from Marie Diamond herself. When she presented the Diamond Dowsing workshop, we brought in a film crew to capture everything for you.

From those hours and hours of film, we created a very practical -- yet quite inspiring -- three-DVD set so that you can learn dowsing at home. You do not need to travel anywhere. You do not need to study for years with a master.

You can learn to dowse in your living room in a few short hours. As a matter of fact, within thirty minutes of starting the first DVD you will be dowsing on your own!

It took Marie years of study with dowsing masters to figure this out. She created this course to give you the tools and knowledge you need to become a dowser yourself.

The Diamond Dowsing Course

Your Diamond Dowsing course will help you detect and neutralize stressed energy and amplify positive energy in your environment so you can transform your life -- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Diamond Dowsing is different from Diamond Feng Shui, which helps you work with the energy of the nine compass directions, the five elements, and the 24 Diamond aspects in your life. Diamond Dowsing allows you to work with the Earth's physical energy systems that either emanate from its center or exist as numerous grids or patterns around the planet.

The Earth's natural vibrations support our immune and energy systems, our bodies, and our minds. When these natural vibrations are disturbed, their energy turns negative. Additionally, studies show that electromagnetic fields from human-made power lines, electrical appliances, cell phones, and cell-phone towers put humans at physical risk.

These stressed energy fields can impact our bodies and immune systems, challenge our physical, emotional, and spiritual well being, and reduce our success in relationships, with families, and in our work life.

In this remarkably fascinating course you will learn:

  • The causes of energy disturbances in your own environment.
  • How to use dowsing rods to detect energy disturbances, including geopathic stress and various energy lines, zones, and vortexes.
  • How to cure energy disturbances and enhance positive energy fields.
  • How to determine the level of energy in any room, home, or building (and even of foods and products), and how to increase that energy level.
  • ow to access a higher energy field to clear and protect your personal energy and enhance your dowsing abilities.
  • How to create a vibrant environment by releasing stuck energy.

You will receive your own personal set of Diamond Dowsing Rods

With your course you will receive the same type of dowsing rods that Marie gave me.

These specially designed Diamond Dowsing rods were created from brass in the ideal dimensions to make your dowsing easier and more effective. The L-shaped design is measured according to the Egyptian "cubit," a length that reacts quickly to energy.

Your set of rods will be energetically enhanced by Marie. Plus, on the DVD she will show you how to prepare your rods for use. I learned how to use mine very quickly, in about five to ten minutes. Most people in the Diamond Dowsing workshop learned just as quickly as I did.

The Diamond Dowsing Paraliminal will help prepare your mind

Along with the three video sets and your very own set of Diamond Dowsing rods, you will receive a special audio set with a Paraliminal program exclusively designed by Paul Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies, to prepare your mind for dowsing.

This Paraliminal was carefully scripted and meticulously produced to stimulate your mind for learning on very deep levels. Simply close your eyes, press play, and relax. You will hear Paul Scheele's voice in one ear speaking to one part of your brain, while Marie Diamond's voice in the other ear speaks to a different part of the brain. You'll find it very unusual, very pleasurable, and very effective for getting the most from Diamond Dowsing.

The Tubes of Light meditation will strengthen your energy

As I've said a couple of times now, everyone can dowse. There's no doubt about that. To become more effective and more sensitive to the energy, you can use Marie's popular Tubes of Light meditation; a beautiful recording, created especially for Diamond Dowsing is included with the course. You can also use this meditation to develop your telepathic abilities, which you can use for distance dowsing.

If you have Marie's Diamond Feng Shui course, you'll know how powerful the meditation can be. And, no, you do not need to know Feng Shui in order to get great results from dowsing. (But Diamond Dowsing will give you greater results with your Feng Shui!)

Use the Release meditation to remove "Energy Forms"

Energy Forms are the residual energy of a person who has died, or emotional or mental energies created out of events or circumstances. They can be created by individuals or by a group of people who are experiencing the same events or circumstances. The more intense the circumstances, and the more people that are involved, the stronger the Energy Form will be.

As an example, Mental Energy forms result from intense repetition of thoughts or actions including excessive worry, drinking, or anger. A workaholic might create a mental energy form, causing the next occupant of his or her office to express similar patterns of workaholism.

You can use the exclusive Release meditation, included with the course, to clear all types of energy forms by following the simple steps Marie demonstrates.

Your course is complete, comprehensive, and easy to follow

The three video sets, audio sets, and comprehensive manual take you step-by-step into learning and using Diamond Dowsing. You'll be dowsing on your own within thirty minutes of starting the first video session. It's so easy most anyone can do it.

And of course, if you should have a problem or a question, don't hesitate to call one of our specially trained Diamond Dowsing success coaches -- free!

This might be the funnest course you've ever used!

The first time you use your rods and they "open up" or "spin," it will blow your mind. Then as you play with the rods for everything from asking yes/no questions to reading the aura of another person (even asking the sex of a pregnant woman's baby), from finding the different forms of energy interference to determining foods that are best for you... you will get better and better.

I've been using Diamond Dowsing for almost three years now, and the experience never ceases to amaze me.

My rods are always within reach, and I'm always eager to demonstrate them to visitors. I even love teaching others how to use them, and the rods never fail. They are a great party "trick!"

So, not only will you learn something that will be quite useful and beneficial, you'll also have a new toy that can entertain you for years to come!

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

Actually, all you'll need is thirty minutes. Within thirty minutes of watching the first video session your rods will be working for you. You'll immediately know that you can connect with them and use them. Marie Diamond has created a system that is easy, entertaining, and effective.

Order right now to get your own course, complete with three video sets, one audio set with meditations and the Paraliminal, a comprehensive course manual, your very own dowsing rods, and thirty sticks to cure any energetic problem.

And, if you ever have problems, just call one of our success coaches during business hours for free assistance. We're standing ready to help you, so get your course today!

Within minutes you'll be using your dowsing rods just like the students demonstrate in the video. So... enjoy!!

For your personal best,

Pete Bissonette
President & Dowser

P.S. I haven't seen a better or more professional course on dowsing anywhere. With Marie Diamond's guidance you'll be using your rods -- which come with the course -- within thirty minutes of putting in the first video session. You'll be able to detect and cure energy in your environment created by disturbances to the Earth's natural, harmonious energy flow. No longer will these disturbances cause stress in your body or your home. You'll actually be able to direct the energy and use it to support great success, better health, loving relationships, and your own personal growth. Order your Diamond Dowsing course today.

P.P.S. Make sure to take a look at the enclosed brochure for more details on what you get and will learn with Diamond Dowsing. And check out what others, like you,
think about the course -- but you have to try it for yourself to believe it.

Diamond Dowsing Course (CD/DVD and Digital)
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Diamond Dowsing Course (CD/DVD)
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Diamond Dowsing Course (Digital)
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Notice: The Diamond Dowsing personal learning course is intended for your education of universal energy principles. This self-study course is not intended as a replacement for any treatment or therapy by a physician or other licensed health care provider.