Personal Celebration by Paul R. Scheele

I spend a lot of time with our customers on the telephone. The most popular question is whether I listen to Learning Strategies Corporation CDs. By reading my other letters on our website, you know I use all of our products, except for CDs such as Smoke-Free and Ideal Weight, which I simply don’t need. I am convinced we publish the best product on the planet. I also listen to the Personal Celebration Series, and so does Paul Scheele.

The Paraliminal CDs ensure success in my life, and the Personal Celebration CDs ensure satisfaction with my life...they are my Sunday afternoon CDs. Some Sundays I reach for a specific title, maybe the GETTING CD, because of something that is happening in my life. More often, however, I listen to whichever is easy to reach. I get such a sense of harmony, goodwill, and contentment from these recordings. I am sure these CDs stimulate my brain to release endorphins, because I feel so good after listening.

While writing this letter I spoke with a customer. He told me how he listens to the Personal Celebration recordings during his morning ride on his exercycle. You can listen to these CDs almost anywhere. I enjoy listening while on walks through the woods behind my house. When you get your CDs, be sure to write me and tell me of your experiences. Your first experience, however, must be to order the CDs now. They will do you no good while they are on our shelves. Order on our secure website or by calling 866-292-1861.

For your personal best,
Pete bissonette
Pete Bissonette

The Personal Celebration Series makes for a beautiful gift for anyone who wants to improve their lives. Give the complete set, or break up the set and give out the CDs individually.

I wonder which CD I will listen to tonight? How about you?

Let’s finish by reading an "insightful" newspaper article below.

How to have your life be a personal celebration

by Joel LaVigne
reprinted with permission from "Wellness"

Paul Scheele, author of over twenty book and tape programs and cofounder of Learning Strategies Corporation in Minnetonka, has insights to turn your life into a true personal celebration. These valuable insights are related to BEING, DOING, HAVING, and GETTING.


Insight #1: Many of the results you get in your life are determined by your thoughts of who you are. All of your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors flow from your self-concept.

"For example, do you think you are powerful? asks Scheele. "Or, you may want to know in your heart and mind that you are deserving. The fullness of who you are is affirmed when you reinforce these attributes and qualities."


Insight #2: Apply your talents and energies in order to reap the greatest return. Do the important activities that make your life really work. Do what fills your life with value.

"Some times you can "do" to get things and have the experiences you want in life," says Scheele. "Some times you "do" to keep or maintain. Some times you "do" in order to learn and know. Some times you "do" for the pure pleasure of it like reading or taking a walk in the woods. And some times you "do" because it is an expression of who you are. For example, you act kindly because you are a kind person."

The key is to make sure that what you do really fits with who you are and your purpose. Ask yourself, ‘Are my actions today worthwhile? Are they in alignment with my life’s priorities and consistent with the direction I want?' Staying on purpose each day is the most powerful way known to create the life you desire.


Insight #3: With the proper use of your energies you bring pleasure into your life and help manifest yourself fully in the world.

"Support yourself in having what you really want," says Scheele. "There is a unique privilege and responsibility to having the important things in life. In order to have, keep, and maintain the quality of your life, you need to use your skills and take action. Stepping up to this responsibility can be life giving and fulfilling. You learned long ago that only you can take care of, is you. As you became aware of your significance you could nurture other things as well. Perhaps you’ve discovered that it is through your connection to the world around you that the joy of the world is given back to you multiplied."


Insight #4: Consistently getting what you want is more a matter of knowing your goal and purpose, being aware and committing yourself to getting the best for you.

"Getting what you want is not a matter of luck or being a deserving person," says Scheele. "Only with purpose and commitment can you use your mind and physical energies properly to manifest your desire in powerful ways."

Paul wove these insights into an experiential audio tape series called Personal Celebration that includes four empowering tapes called BEING, DOING, HAVING, and GETTING. Nearly fifty of his friends and clients came with him to the studio. Using remarkable three dimension recordings, these people support your being, doing, having, and getting in life. Scheele says, "As a listener, you need only to close your eyes, relax, and be guided on adventures that will support you in ways you may have only dreamed."

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