Personal Celebration by Paul R. Scheele

Personal Celebration Frequently Asked Questions

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Listen any time

Unlike Paraliminal recordings you can enjoy the Personal Celebration Series while driving, walking, exercising, working around the house, or relaxing.

The voices are friends

The voices on each Personal Celebration session are friends of Learning Strategies Corporation who attended a specially created workshop by Paul Scheele.

Personal Celebration are different from Paraliminal sessions

Our famous Paraliminal technology is not used on the Personal Celebration recordings, which are in a genre of their own. While Paraliminal CDs are ideal for building "success" in your life, the Personal Celebration recordings help find "satisfaction" and "purpose" in your life. They work in concert with each other.

Now on compact discs

The original Personal Celebration Series had the four programs of BEING, DOING, GETTING, and HAVING on four separate audio tapes. The new series have BEING and DOING on one CD and GETTING and HAVING on the second CD.

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