From these priceless recordings Paul sculpted a series of audio sets that are so moving, so life-affirming, so personally empowering that I guarantee they will become your favorite.

The audio sessions in this series are different from Paul Scheele’s Paraliminals yet can be used with them at any time. He’s done a great job at creating audio sets that complement all of our offerings. The Personal Celebration audio sets are called BEING, DOING, HAVING, and GETTING, and they can have an enchanting impact on all areas of your life.

The results you get in life are determined by
your thoughts of who you are

Audio Set 1: BEING

Listen to this recording, and you will automatically think about yourself in ways optimal for your development. It takes you beyond positive thinking. It adds a new dimension in how you think of yourself.

If you want to be powerful, you will think in such a way that you will be powerful. Naturally, and automatically. This process will hold true for almost any attribute you desire, such as being deserving, kind, considerate, loving, intuitive, resourceful, successful...

Regardless of the past, you now have an opportunity to walk into a future the way you want it to be. A destiny of your own creation is available now.

If you spend too much time lying on the couch in front of
the TV, you may take root just like an Idaho potato


You will clarify and amplify your thoughts on what you desire to do in life, and you will find it easier to move in the direction you want.

DOING can help overcome passive, robotic, or addictive behaviors that create dead ends. It can help break unhealthy patterns that jeopardize your well-being.

If your actions are not consistently getting you what you want, then change your actions. Paul and the others on this recording will help in many innovative ways. With them you can celebrate your life and take control of what you do. It will help you do things to achieve your goals. Your future will be brighter.

If a pink flamingo doesn’t serve you,
why have it in your yard?


That lesson applies to everything–skills, knowledge, possessions... If what you have does not serve a purpose in your life, or if it is not a reflection of the real you, why have it? Get rid of it. Clean your closets–real and mental.

For true serenity, you have to make sure everything you have complements your purpose. If you are dissatisfied now, you will be dissatisfied in the future unless you have something different. The good news is that you can still have a deep inner peace and contentment while you get what you really want!

Do you see how the Personal Celebration Series can help create miracles in your life?

Let's look at the fourth recording: Click Here.

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