Boundless Renewal by Bernie Saunders with Paul R. Scheele

Boundless Renewal:
Embrace Reflection to Rejuvenate,
Attract, and Achieve

Don’t let the speed of life get the best of you. Rescue yourself from feeling overwhelmed, burned out, disengaged, or out of control with Bernie Saunders and Paul Scheele’s Boundless Renewal.

Use these breakthrough insights and strategies to bring greater emotional, intellectual, and spiritual balance to your life.

Boundless Renewal Course (Digital)
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Contents of the Boundless Renewal Manual

How to Deal with Feelings: Recognize Your Emotional State Develop High "Intrapersonal Intelligence"

  • Four Traits
  • Seven External Dynamics
  • Eleven Internal Dynamics Your Reflective Question
  • Develop Your Reflective Question
  • "Soul of Flowers" Photographs: Your Reflective Guide Bring Alive Renewal and Rejuvenation
  • Understand Your Natural Temperament
  • Clarify Your Purpose
  • Commit to Action Affirmative Directions: Create a Positive Internal Environment
  • Identify Your Negative Beliefs
  • Create Your Affirmative Directions
  • Bring Alive Your Affirmative Directions