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Paraliminal Walkabouts

The purpose of the Walkabout is twofold. Number one is to create a new way to achieve an ideal state for learning, for achieving your desires, and giving you a way to take full advantage of this ideal state for learning.

Going hand in hand with getting into this state, which we call the "Walkabout Zone," is improving the overall healthy functioning of the entire body by synchronizing your breathing, brain function, and use of your body.

Walkabouts will help you achieve the greatest efficiency and ease of movement throughout your body while walking in a specific, exceedingly fluid way. Very simply, as you put this program into practice, you will be establishing new patterns in your brain by learning how to breathe and walk properly with greater ease, and new patterns in your body and mind that you learn with the Paraliminal session—and they both happen simultaneously.

Paraliminal Power Breakthrough!

Paraliminal Walkabouts

Beginning on the first audio set you will increase your awareness of how you breathe so you learn to breathe in a way that supports optimal functioning of your body. You want your body supporting your life, not causing resistance.

Then in the next recording you'll practice observing how you walk and begin to rhythmically unify your walking and breathing. Then you'll bring your breathing and your walking into a smooth, synchronized rhythm that promotes super learning and super living.

Then after about a week of getting comfortable with the Walkabout Zone, you'll be ready to use your Walkabouts….

Paraliminal Walkabouts - Abundance


All wealth in your life is created in the mind first, and is brought into physical manifestation through your purposeful will and intentional action. Build a mindset of abundance – an ever expanding awareness that accepts the flow of rich resources into your life, and channels it in the creation of your highest good.

Paraliminal Walkabouts - Health Boost

Health Boost

Like fine tuning a perfect musical instrument, you can sense any aspect of your body in which the energy flow can be tuned to resonate more perfectly. As you bring awareness to each area you naturally direct healing and balancing energies to flow there. Your entire being once again remembers the glow of health and vitality.

Paraliminal Walkabouts - Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

Every great creation you produce begins in the imagination. You are by nature an imaginative person. And with the power of your imagination, you can visualize and dream about things that will become real for you. Putting your imagination first lets you proceed with the faith and hope to achieve success.

Paraliminal Walkabouts - Quiet Mind

Quiet Mind

The practice of quieting your mind allows for a truly aware life that is more fully awake and moving in the world with choice, in the fullest expression of your potential. Look deep within yourself and discover the ways to align your outward actions with your innermost desires.

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