Walkabout Course
Frequently Asked Questions

What is this course about?

Walkabouts utilize the technology found in Paraliminals, but incorporate purposeful movement into the experience. Paraliminals increase your personal power by activating the genius of your "whole mind" with a precise blend of music, words, & Holosync technology. When listening to a Paraliminal, the conscious mind cannot stay engaged with the two distinct messages that are being listened to at the same time and the other than conscious mind comes to the forefront. To get the full effect, we recommend using stereo headphones.

How are Paraliminal Walkabouts different than regular Paraliminals?

Each Walkabout begins with an introduction by Paul Scheele to set the purpose for the listening session, as do our "regular" Paraliminals. However, Paul then skillfully guides you to enter the "walkabout zone" as specially created music plays in the background.

This "zone" is a state of physical and mental awareness that was developed from the work of David Rubinstein, creator of Kinetic Sequencing. His use of the "controlled pause" during breathing enables the body to use oxygen more efficiently and precisely than most people normally experience. As you learn to synchronize your breathing and walking by using the Walkabouts, you generate a state of greater physical and mental awareness and clarity. This allows your mind and body to work together in incredibly fluid and creative ways.

When you have established a relaxed walking pace, music fades and Paul's voice transforms into multiple voices. The left voice weaves metaphors for the creative right brain, while the right voice leads you through change processes for the analytical left brain. The multiple voices are soothing and relaxing. Do not try to separate the voices - just enjoy their flow and rhythm. When finished, Paul's voices become one, music returns, and he guides you back to full alertness. Special "Holosync" audio tones are embedded in the recordings so that you automatically enter the ideal state for relaxation and learning, making the Paraliminal experience even more effective.

If I own some or all of the "regular" Paraliminals why should I buy these?

Many of our customers have asked for Paraliminals that could be used while moving or exercising. While regular Paraliminals are done in a quiet, still environment, Walkabouts allow easy adaptation to physical movement while listening to the session. Involving your body's physiology can contribute to incredibly deep and profound experiences when combined with the technology found in all of our Paraliminals.

How long are the Walkabouts?

The introductory "How to Use" audio is 75 minutes and the "Walkabout Zone Practice Session" is 39 minutes. It is recommended that you do this second session at least three times when you first receive your course, so that you gain facility in entering the Walkabout Zone. Paul advises that you revisit it on a monthly basis after that. Walking in the state generated by this session allows you to gain greater clarity in your thinking and an overall sense of ease, flow and creativity.

The actual Walkabouts range between 27 and 29 minutes. If you wish to walk for a longer period of time, you can extend your session by repeating the third track (which is about ten minutes long) for as many times as you wish.

What is the most effective way to use the Walkabouts?

General guidelines for listening to your Walkabouts are given in the manual that comes with your course. Many people like to use the sessions daily as they initiate progress toward a specific goal and then on an "as needed" basis to keep themselves motivated and engaged. Pay attention to your results and adjust your listening sessions accordingly.

You can listen to multiple sessions each day. Give yourself at least a 20-minute break between sessions.

To get the full effect, we recommend using stereo headphones.

How quickly will I see results?

You will begin noticing subtle shifts as soon as you begin the course. As you apply what you learn, and depending on what is going on in your life, you'll see increasingly more tangible results. For best results, we recommend you put time in your schedule right now to regularly do your Walkabouts. Treat these as important appointments and do not change them because something else has comeup.

What is Holosync Audio Technology?

Holosync audio tones, which you might hear as a hum, have been embedded in the recordings of the individual Paraliminals to increase your ability to benefit and learn from these Paraliminal sessions.

Centerpointe Research Institute's Holosync audio technology, when listened to with stereo headphones, creates the electrical brain wave patterns of many desirable states. These states include deep meditation, increased creativity, focus and concentration, and accelerated learning ability.

Using Holosync creates new neural pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres, balancing the brain, enhancing mental/emotional health, improving mental functioning and self-awareness, and healing unresolved emotional problems.

Holosync on the Paraliminals are Alpha and Theta level entrainments that do not directly correspond to "levels" of the Centerpointe Research Institute program.

Paraliminals that are part of other personal learning courses are not embedded with Holosync.

For more information on how you can use Holosync to accelerate mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, visit www.Centerpointe.com.

Holosync is a trademark of Centerpointe Research Institute and the technology is licensed by Learning Strategies Corporation.

Can you convert the Walkabout soundtracks with Holosync into mp3 files or other files used by computers or mp3 players such as the iPod?

Yes. Absolutely. The Paraliminal portion will not be affected by such compression. The head engineer at Centerpointe Research Institute says that only the deeper levels of Holosync use a frequency that is cut off by compression.

Can children listen to Walkabouts?

Paraliminal learning sessions are designed for people ages 13 and above.

Will my hearing problems affect my results?

Listeners who have problems with hearing can still receive benefit from Walkabout learning sessions, even if you have hearing in only one ear.

What are the exact contents of the course?

Course contents are listed here:

What if I have a question?

You may tap into free coaching when you purchase Paraliminal Walkabout. Learn all about our free success coaching here: www.learningstrategies.com/coaching.asp

Is there a money-back satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. Learn the details here: www.learningstrategies.com/Guarantee.asp.