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New Healing Series by Dawn Crystal: "Ask, Believe, Receive"

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Let’s not lose sight of an important tenet of life: the Law of Attraction.

If you want to live the best life possible given the circumstances, you need to create it.

If you put out fear, frustration, or commotion, you will get fear, frustration, or commotion back.

Even if circumstances, the media, or friends are what trigger those denser emotions, you don’t want those emotions an ongoing part of your life.

We’re going to help you clear and heal them—and any belief that gets in the way of the positive use of the Law of Attraction, so you can stay strong and create a life that works for you.

For several years now, we’ve been hosting evening sessions with healer and mentor Dawn Crystal. We are about to begin Series 6 of Sound Healing | Silent Clearing, and she will be focusing on healing the Law of Attraction to ensure you are in tip-top shape to attract what you want.

Dawn has a unique gift, being able to move energy in people from a distance. She’s learned how to use this gift to help clear energetic blocks from your energy field. This helps heal the body, balance the emotions, and live more gracefully on our planet. And when you put intention into the clearings and healings, you are better able to use the Law of Attraction to get what you want. Let’s explore that…

Energetic, mental, and emotional blocks

Most people have always had energetic, mental, and emotional blocks to “Ask, Believe, Receive.” Those blocks have actively kept the Law of Attraction from bringing in the best.

Here’s what I mean. Take “Ask.” How many things might block you from asking for what you want? Here are a few possibilities when setting your intention:

  • The “ask” is way too big from what you’ve asked for before.
  • You are not clear on what you want.
  • You don’t feel worthy.
  • Why should you ask, when you don’t really believe you can get it?
  • What would so-and-so say if they knew?
  • You’re not sure your ask is right.
  • You haven’t received what you’ve asked for before.
  • You feel self-centered for asking.

All of those need to be cleared from your mind, emotions, body, and energy field, otherwise you will probably struggle.

What about “Believe?” What blocks you?

  • You don’t know the action you will need to take.
  • You don’t see a clear path for achievement.
  • How can you believe in something so big?
  • What if you don’t believe enough?
  • Others cut you down.
  • You’ve never done anything like that before.
  • What makes you think you deserve it?
  • You’ll never be able to get your vibrational match high enough.

Or what keeps you from “Receive?”

  • You’ve never had it before.
  • Why should you receive it instead of someone else?
  • Others might get jealous of you.
  • People might ask you for a piece of it.
  • You might lose friends over it.
  • How would you top it going forward?

Is it making sense for you? You see, there are any number of things that can stop the Law of Attraction from attracting what you want. These blocks may not even seem rational, but they are there, and you need to clear them out.

Clearing out blocks will create a vacuum,
which will pull in exactly what you want

That’s a way to supercharge the Law of Attraction.

The more you do it, the easier it will be to “clear on the go” in your everyday life.

You will become less likely to be drawn into the drama of the moment or fears in the air. You’ll notice them, but you won’t be sucked into them.

But, how?

That’s what Dawn Crystal and the new Series 6 of Sound Healing | Silent Clearing is for.

We will get together on the phone or online every Tuesday evening for 15 sessions.

Begin with an important goal or intention that you want to attract/achieve. You’ll clear for that goal during the first three sessions.

Session 1 will be for clearing and healing blocks for Asking.

Session 2 will be for clearing and healing blocks for Believing.

Session 3 will be for clearing and healing blocks for Receiving.

After three weeks the energetic blocks for that goal should be cleared.

Then we’ll do another series of three weeks. Either begin with a new goal or keep clearing and energizing your previous goal.

Session 4 will be for clearing and healing blocks for Asking.

Session 5 will be for clearing and healing blocks for Believing.

Session 6 will be for clearing and healing blocks for Receiving.

We’ll repeat the cycle five times over the course of several months. This will help wire in the process so you can carry it forward for a lifetime.

You want the Law of Attraction to become a powerful and positive force in your life. Going through these clearings and healings over the course of five months will go a long way in making it possible.

Plus, you probably have more than one goal. You have more than one intention to manifest. I know I do! This way you will be able to work on five important goals. Of course, if you have a huge goal, you could stay focused on that through all of the sessions. It is all up to you.

Here’s Dawn from her home island of Maui.

What will happen on each session

  • You’ll join Dawn on the phone or on the internet. Before the session, think of five things you want to clear related to your goal and any blocks you might have. You can download a workbook to make it easier to prepare.
  • Each session will be 30 or so minutes. They are like a meditation, but different. All you have to do is sit and listen while Dawn moves and clears energy.
  • Dawn will help open your primary energy centers and chakras to make the clearings more effective.
  • Select one thing on your list to clear. Dawn will guide you through the clearing. She’ll then heal the space where the block lived.
  • You’ll go through the clearing and healing up to four more times for other items on your list.  (If you have more items on your list, you’ll have the recording to revisit on your own. You can do more items on your second time through.)
  • Dawn will do a final integration piece, so you can easily go on with your evening and bring the clearing and healing into your life.

How to Enroll

Your next step is to enroll right now for eight payments of $45. That’s $24 a session for Sound Healing | Silent Clearing. Your enrollment comes with a 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee, so if you find it is not for you, we’ll happily refund what you’ve paid.

The day before each session you will receive an email with the listening instructions. Again, you can listen on the phone, over the internet, or through a recording.

You’ll find handouts in your online digital Library.

Write back with any questions. The first session is Tuesday, May 19, at 8:30 p.m. US Central Time.

Dawn Crystal's Sound Healing Silent Clearing Series 6 (Digital)
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Dates of Live Sessions
(All sessions will be recorded
for your convenience)

All clearing and healing sessions begin at 9:00 p.m. Central Time. Sessions are on Tuesday.

#1    Ask    May 19 (Join us 30 minutes early for an introduction.)
#2    Believe    May 26
#3    Receive    June 2
#4    Ask    June 9 (Join us 30 minutes early for individual clearings.)
#5    Believe    June 16
#6    Receive    June 23
#7    Ask    June 30
#8    Believe    July 7
#9    Receive    July 14
#10    Ask    July 21 (Join us 30 minutes early for individual clearings.)
#11    Believe    July 28
#12    Receive    August 4
#13    Ask    August 11 (Join us 30 minutes early for individual clearings.)
#14    Believe    August 18
#15    Receive    August 25

Why every week?

This is Series 6 of Sound Healing | Silent Clearing. All of the previous sessions were every other Tuesday. Dawn felt that was the best.

Because of the energy of the world today, she felt weekly sessions are called for. By doing the sessions weekly, you are better equipped to stay in the higher frequencies no matter the news of the day. This will help you live the best life possible AND create the life you want.

What kind of goals
will this work on?

Dawn’s work is especially good on health goals such as losing weight, reducing pain, and recovering from illness.

It is also effective on any kind of financial, career, or success related goals.

You can plug in relationship intentions as well as spiritual growth. Everything is possible.

What others say

Here is a photo of Dawn with Jack Canfield at his home in Santa Barbara. Dawn had removed a stubborn pain that he had in a matter of seconds. Jack then interviewed Dawn on camera. You can watch it here.

And here are a handful of comments for you from past participants:

Relationships continue to improve. I can give and receive more love. And I'm not isolated anymore. Conflict or tension dissipates quickly and easily. And I have forgiven people I thought impossible to forgive. I still hit pockets of old emotions, but I try to allow and not run away. I used to feel hopeless because I knew I would sabotage anything good I might attract, but no more. Best of all, the old, haunting images from my past that played over and over all the time are gone.”

“I have received incredible healing from Dawn! Of particular note recently is that my entire upper right shoulder and entire right arm had given me intense pain for years, and Dawn has healed these areas completely! It is a miracle and I am so grateful to Dawn! :-)”

“I have dissolved a cloud of negativity that undermined any attempt at moving forward with utmost confidence.”

“I have been experiencing so much love from my co-workers and people in general. I don't know if it was always there and I didn't accept it or if I'm attracting it. Maybe both. It's lovely and a relief. And I'm safe to express the love I have for people, too.”

“My relationship with my husband has improved remarkably. Now we are talking about money, how best to use it, rather than stewing quietly. I am writing with the old confidence I used to have, and have sent out agent queries for my two books of short stories. Yesterday I received word one of my stories was a finalist in a well-regarded literary magazine contest. Thanks Dawn!”

“I used to have SO many thyroid issues—alternating between being too fast and too slow, nodule growths on my thyroid, the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's—and my doctor just told me my thyroid has completely normalized!!! Thank you SO MUCH, Dawn! I have been dealing with these thyroid problems on a severe level since 2013”

“I have noticed two main things. First, I've been getting clarity around some health issues I've been having for a long time. This is really freeing as I've been able to better understand what's been going on so I can find the right solutions. Second, I recently began a massive clearing out of my living and work spaces! Organizing the stuff that I need and passing on or throwing out the stuff that I no longer need to keep—feels great.”

“One of my issues was getting up in the morning. After Dawn's clearing there has been a tremendous improvement! It may take 5 - 10 minutes but that is a HUGE shift.”

“My life has been a blur of confusion and anxiety until I listened in to your first session. I am really amazed at how the heaviness and fear will lift away, even when I'm listening to a recording.”

“A lot of unraveling of automatic behavior.”

My intuition is stronger and when my mind tries to second guess it, I am better able to quiet the chatter and act on my intuition.”

“It is the first time in my life I have EXPERIENCED my spirit.”

I am happier even though my current situation is light years from where I want to be. I find myself happy and smiling - I ask myself 'Why are you so happy?'”

“I've wanted to clear health issues, wellness issues, and abundance. I've recently felt motivated to explore different herbs to help support my challenges from a source I'd never explored before.”

“The life-long dread and anxiety I have always felt before traveling, especially out of the country, is gone.”

“Lots of uncomfortable emotions are gone including stuck feelings such as fear and shame!”

Shoulder pain almost entirely gone, and focus has improved.”

“I have gone from being extremely anxiety-ridden on a constant basis to completely calm—this has been a lifelong problem and is an absolutely amazing outcome! :-)”

We have a special recording for you to hear excerpted from past sessions with the individual clearings.

As you listen, you’ll feel the power of Dawn’s sessions and the impact they have on participants.

I hope you will join us. It begins May 19.

Remember, your enrollment comes with a 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee, so yes, enroll now. You’ll love it.

Dawn Crystal's Sound Healing Silent Clearing Series 6 (Digital)
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Sound Healing Series 6