It is as close to real magic
as you can get

You will probably never find anything that generates results better and quicker than the Power of Imagination.

Paul and I have staked our business on it.

It maybe dormant in you, but it is there, ready to be awakened and used.

Imagination has created trillions of dollars of wealth, fed billions of families, freed countless from oppressive power, and is your unqualified way to achieving your heart’s desire.

Going back to the beginning of time, Man proved himself to be the "fittest" to survive and the true victor in the struggle for existence--through the Power of Imagination.

Atkinson and Beale wrote:

"Man lacked the strong teeth and claws of the carnivorous animals--but he created artificial claws and teeth, imitating those which Nature had so freely bestowed upon the lower animals, by making from the hard flint the spears, axes and knives, specimens of which we now find buried in the earth.

"By creating strong clubs from the limbs and branches of trees, he equaled and even surpassed the striking-weapons of the great beasts.

"By creating bow-and-arrows, he managed to overcome the handicaps of space, and was able to touch his enemies while himself beyond their reach.

"He took a hint from the caves and dens of the beasts, and improved upon them for his own occupancy.

He 'imagined' the plan of rolling great rocks before the entrances of his caves and dens; and he afterward 'imagined' the protecting doors of wood, and windows - and later, chimneys."

And on and on, all the way through Man imagining the computer you have in front of you.

My dog Josie often sits staring at the fridge door. I tell her, "You know, Josie, just imagine jumping up, hooking your paw in the handle, and swinging open the door. You can do it girl!"

Well, actually, no she can’t. She has no imagination. She can only look at the door. But you have an imagination, and with it you can open doors.

You can overcome natural obstacles and handicaps. You can convert natural things to your own use, comfort, and happiness.

All because Man has evolved into the imagining animal - the creating creature.

That power is yours to overcome any obstacle and build anything you need.

Do you use your own Imagination? Or, is it like a tool buried in the basement? Or, an old book hidden in the attic?

Most people settle for their lives as they come, like my dog Josie. Others use their Imagination to strike out and achieve their desires. It is the way to freedom.

When the spark of Imagination begins to work in your mind, your life changes. Instantly, immediately, and forever.

Use your Imagination as thinking for a purpose, toward an end. Direct it toward a definite aim and firmly hold it there until the right image is created. The image then transmutes into material form.

In four words:

"Think and grow rich."

Use Imagination to construct, contrive, invent, design, plan, project, and build in your mind what will be built in the physical form.

Be a Dreamer whose dreams come true.

Be the creator of Ideals that become Real.

Use Imagination to attain heights that would have seemed far beyond yourself to someone observing you today.

How to use your Imagination is clearly outlined in the ebook called "Creative Power," which is part of the 12-book Personal Power Series.

Paul and I so very much want you to have this book. Absorb from it everything you can so that you can truly create a world in which you maximize your potential and achieve everything you could possibly want.

No other book has been more influential on us or our business than those of the Personal Power Series.

Order "Creative Power" today, and we will deliver it to you via email within a couple of days. If you are not completely satisfied with both the book and your reaction to it, call or send us an email, and we will give you a prompt refund. We’ll even let you keep the book, because some day we know you will wake up to the Power of Imagination.

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