The Personal Power Series

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The Personal Power Series

These 12 books teach that every individual is the Master of his Fate, the Captain of his Soul. They hold that you have at your disposal certain Natural Forces which, when recognized, realized, and properly applied and directed, are sufficient to carry you forward on the Path of Attainment until you reach the summit of the Mountain of Achievement.

Personal Power eBook Series (Digital)
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Individual eBooks of the Personal Power Series

I - Personal Power

Personal Power is the first eBook of the Personal Power series, written to help you manifest the life of your dreams.

II - Creative Power

This eBook deals with your creative, constructive forces. It explains in detail the first element of "The Master Formula of Attainment": Definite Ideals, or how to "know exactly what you want."

III - Desire Power

This eBook tells you how to arouse and maintain an Insistent Desire for that which you want and need, and which is requisite for your successand happiness.

IV - Faith Power

The ancient sages have said, "Faith is the White Magic of Power." Those who understand its nature, and its laws of application, have in their hands a wondrous weapon of strength, power, and force.

V - Will Power

This eBook holds that you have a bountiful supply of Will Power laying latent and dormant within you, which may be developed and trained to a marvelous degree by the proper scientific methods.

VI - Subconscious Power

This eBook deals with the Secret Forces of that great region of your soul or mental nature which lies outsides of the plane of ordinary consciousness.

VII - Spiritual Power

This eBook holds to the truth that "The universe is but the outer wrapper behind which is hidden a spiritual creative activity-a striving, feeling, sensing, like that which we experience in ourselves."

VIII - Thought Power

This eBook shows why and how Thought radiates from the mind of the thinker, travels over space, and produces effects upon other minds at a greater or less distance from the source.

IX - Perceptive Power

"As we observe more accurately, we perceive more clearly, think more truly, remember more correctly, imagine more effectively, and judge more soundly."

X - Reasoning Power

This eBook instructs you in the Art and Science of Practical Logical Thought. It teaches you how to think logically, effectively, and certainly.

XI - Character Power

This eBook teaches you how to make yourself over by means of cultivating, developing, and strengthening the Positive Character Qualities, and through restraining, inhibiting, and getting rid of Negative Character Qualities.

XII - Regenerative Power (Sex Power)

Sex Power can be employed to give new life to its owner, just as it may be employed to transmit life to a new being.