Move from feeling stuck
to achieving success

"Yes, you have genius within you," says author Paul Scheele. "Natural Brilliance helps you find it, release it, and use it."

"To enjoy unbridled successes, we need to free our creative ability to learn and grow. Paul Scheele show us how in his brilliant new book, Natural Brilliance." Paul McKenna, host of the international television hit, The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna

"Paul Scheele shares a step-by-step formula for releasing our true Natural Brilliance that will shine into all aspects of our life." Leo Hauser, author, motivational speaker, and former President of the American Society for Training & Development

Natural Brilliance Book, 2nd Edition
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Paul Scheele’s brilliance shows on every page of this book. You will thoroughly understand how to bring the "model of success" to the forefront of your life. In all honesty, though, you will more easily and effectively adopt the strategies when you use the Natural Brilliance Personal Learning Course. If you can afford the course, do it.

Contents of the Natural Brilliance Book

Part 1: Orient to Your Natural Brilliance
Chapter 1: Reclaim Your Natural Brilliance

Look Both Ways: Run Over by a One-Trial Learning
Release Genius and Overcome Oscillations
Change the Way You Change: No More Stuck States
Discover the Four-Step Natural Brilliance Model
Benefit from Natural Brilliance and Go Beyond

Chapter 2: Understand Your Stuck States
Analyze Stuck States and Take the First Step Out
Diagnose Your Stuck State
Confront Your Stop Signs
Balance with Your Counterbalance
Notice Stuck States When They Happen
Learn from Others Getting Stuck
Recognize Benefits and Dangers at Your Stop Sign
Behold Opportunities beyond Your Stop Sign

Part 2: Gain the Skills of Natural Brilliance
Chapter 3: Explore Five Principles at the Heart of the Natural Brilliance Model
Principle 1: Tolerate Ambiguity to Realize Your Full Potential
Principle 2: Make Small Adjustments Slowly to Accomplish Your Goal
Principle 3: Achieve a State of Being by Being Not Doing
Principle 4: Maintain an Outcome Orientation and Increase Choices
Principle 5: Change in Generative Ways for the Best Results
Take a Brilliant Approach to Life and Enjoy the Benefits

Chapter 4: Release
Discover Tension
Release: From Tension to Relaxation
Develop Skills

Chapter 5: Notice
Step Out of Your Tunnel
Notice More to Survive and Thrive
Take the First Step toward Balance
Increase Your Sensory Acuity

Chapter 6: Respond
Head in the Right Direction: It’s Not What You Don’t Want
Find Balance in Oscillation: Juggle
Confront Your Fears - The Power Appears
Fire Up the Heat of Passionate Desire
Respond with Natural Brilliance

Chapter 7: Witness
Take a Consultant’s Perspective
Shift Your Perceptual Position
Benefit from Witness
Integrate Your Witness in Moments of Truth
Look into the Shadows
Manifest Your Highest Good

Chapter 8: Put Natural Brilliance to Work for You
Learn How to Learn
Get an Attitude
Analyze Your Results and Step Up to Natural Brilliance
Be Receptive: Receive Your Genius
Be Generative: Create New Choices
Be Persistent: Stick to It and Keep On Keeping On

Part 3: Apply Natural Brilliance
Chapter 9: Activate the Natural Brilliance Model
Open to Greater Possibilities
Use the Other-Than-Conscious Mind and Preconscious Processor
Acquire Information and Skills Nonconsciously
Discover New Pathways into the Body-Mind
Do It!

Chapter 10: Leap over Performance Barriers with Direct Learning
Learn How to PhotoRead
Discover Direct Learning
Activate Direct Learning
Keep It Simple
Find Evidence of Success
Trust Your Inner Mind

Chapter 11: Approach Paradoxical Problems with Creative Problem-Solving
Run Hard to Stay in Place
Solve Dilemmas and Resolve Paradoxical Problems
Write a New Story
Take the Easy Way Out of Your Trap
Follow the Creative Problem-Solving Process
Externalize the Problem
Enhance the Quality and Effectiveness of Solutions
Take the Right Path to Success
Set Goals for Success
Break Through in Business

Chapter 12: Generate Your Path to Personal Genius: The New Option Generator
Do the New Option Generator
Exercise 1: Define the Problem Issue
Exercise 2: Integrate the Detriments
Exercise 3: Integrate the Benefits
Exercise 4: Engage Direct Learning
Exercise 5: Simulate Future and Change History
Exercise 6: Take the Learning Challenge
Exercise 7: Keep Track of Your Achievements

Chapter 13: Stay on Track
See What You Cannot See: Overcome Perceptual Barriers
Feel the Fear: Overcome Emotional Blocks
Question It: Overcome Cultural Barriers
Tell Them How It Is: Overcome Environmental Obstacles
Overcome Intellectual and Expressive Barriers
Beware the Invisible Barrier

Chapter 14: Activate Your Natural Brilliance Daily

Appendix: Advance Your Skills - Tips from the Natural Brilliance Retreat
Take New Routes to Release
Take New Routes to Notice
Strengthen the Body-Mind Connection: Go into State
Assume Useful Postures
Achieve Goals without Self-Sabotage
Dream Your Way to Success: Activate Your Natural Brilliance
Review Your Day


"I have read many excellent and superb books, but Natural Brilliance is above and beyond description. A must for anyone really commits to self-development. Just do it, and celebrate your genius," - Noel Alicea, President of Peak Performers of Puerto Rico

"Your insight into why and where people get stuck, your inspiration in motivating for positive change, your start and poignant examples of change in real people, and the step-by-step change anyone can achieve make Natural Brilliance a must." - Jim Nelson, President, Learning Systems Center