Genius Mind by Paul R. Scheele

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program about?

Main Program Description:

Features Paul Scheele's acclaimed 'Genius Mind' seminar to a packed audience of a thousand. You'll see how the brain works... and learn how to use this knowledge to further your financial, relationship, & academic success.

Special Features Description:

The Special Features explore in greater detail the topic being discussed on the Main Program such as brain gym exercises, centering exercises, and a process to increase your reading speed. You'll also learn more about three of our programs: PhotoReading, Abundance for Life, and Spring Forest Qigong. Total length of special features: 2 hours.

How long is the program?

The main program is 1 hour in length. There are 2 bonus hours of special features.

Does anything else come with the videos?


How is Genius Mind different from Genius Code?

They are two completely different programs. There is virtually no overlap. Your mind continually sends you messages that could dramatically change your life. Genius Code helps you understand these messages to boost your IQ, memory, learning capacity, mental quickness, intuition, and creativity. It is based on Dr. Win Wenger's work with the Image Stream. This is not part of Genius Mind, but if you enjoyed Genius Code you will love Genius Mind.

Does Genius Mind actually teach you something?

Paul does not just tell you how powerful the mind is, but he teaches you information you may not know. Plus, when you watch the special features, Paul will guide you through experiential processes that you can do right then and there.

If you have many of our other programs, you might be familiar with some of the things Paul teaches. You will still gain insights that will help you in your quest to maximize your potential. It will be well worth the small investment and your time.

Is Genius Mind good for children to watch?

Yes. The program is suitable for any age.