"Amplify your genius and increase your intelligence"

This groundbreaking ImageStreaming process opens a secret passageway to the dynamic resources of your brain, and it is easily within your reach. Use it, and feel brighter, clearer, calmer, more confident, and happier than you do at present! Take it farther, and achieve greatness.

From the beginning you will find it infinitely easier to

  • Make your 6th Sense as available and expedient as your other five senses
  • Attain absolute self-confidence in all you do
  • Solve any personal or professional problem with startling creativity
  • Accelerate the speed of learning anything
  • Achieve your goals using your own immense support
  • Experience every moment as perfectly rewarding

Have you ever made a decision that turned out to be a disaster?

Have you had a hunch that you did not honor, only to learn later that it could have

* made you a lot of money,
* introduced you to someone who could have benefited you, or
* initiated other extraordinary consequences?

Have you ever been stuck for ideas at work?

Because your brain is designed to send you messages, you can direct it to send particular kinds of messages to solve problems or give you insight. Such as...

Have you ever wished you had had an idea that would have made a fortune in the dot com boom?

Gain mental power by using speed and surprise to outfox your conscious mind

Earlier I mentioned mental exercises. You can use two—"Thresholding" and "Over the Wall"—to see answers in advance of the conscious mind. That's right. You can get solutions to problems before you consciously recognize them. This stops your logic from sabotaging what is best for you. These clever exercises make problem solving nearly effortless and automatic and their outcomes wise and successful.

You only have to do the exercises a few times to receive automatic and permanent value. This is not like the eternal work of building your muscles where you have to keep pumping three times a week forever. And, you can revisit the exercises when you need especially sharp insights to challenges that crop up in your life.

Clear communication channels to and from the inner mind to improve problem-solving and increase intuition

For many people the impressions of the Image Stream are cluttered with static such as what you might see on TV. Thankfully, two other mental exercises called "Hidden Question" and "High Think Tank" get the noise and interference out of the communication lines between the conscious and the genius mind. The result is like installing a high-speed connection to access the web. It improves problem solving and increases the speed of getting intuitive and creative insights.

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