Beat others to the finish line

When you 1) develop your Image Stream and 2) unlock the code to understand what the messages mean, you will find yourself consistently performing at higher levels. Paul and Win call this "genius-level thinking."

Alexander Graham Bell submitted his patent only hours ahead of another inventor. Darwin's "Origin of Species" was published merely weeks ahead of another book on that subject. These scientists tapped into something essential, and so can you. You can be the first to come up with new ideas, maybe ideas that make you a fortune. Have you had an idea and later seen it on TV or in a store? With Genius Code you can come up with ideas and develop them quicker. Creativity and successful timing involve using your Image Stream.

Bonus mini-book to help you learn to Think Visually

Win writes, "For years it was cited as a scientific fact that one American in three was unable to visualize. And—oh, yes—I was one of those who absolutely could not until I used the following methods to get pictures for myself. Since then, out of the thousands of people I have taught to ImageStream, every person has succeeded and thus enjoyed the benefits of visual thinking."

This mini-book, Visual Thinking, is a must for anyone wanting to improve visual thinking skills as well as for anyone who says, "I cannot visualize!" Visual thinking has been touted as an undeniable key to success. It is the ability to see things in your mind’s eye. You get this explicit mini-book free with your course when you order right away.

The SECRET to better grades, new skills, wealth, and wellness

Use the Genius Code to see yourself making immediate progress toward what is important for you. Paul and Win are absolutely convinced the secret to getting what you want lies in the messages your brain sends you every day. Go for it.

"There is a flame that burns brightly in the human heart. A flame that allows us to dream and reach out beyond where we are now."

If you have the sense that you have yet to tap your full potential, if you think there might be a powerhouse raging inside you, if you want to do more than dream, get your Genius Code today.

If you are at all intrigued by Genius Code, try it now. You have to experience Paul and Win’s unique creation. And, if it is not for you, return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

Can you imagine accessing your genius mind? What power! What possibility! Paul, Win, and I, along with the entire staff of Learning Strategies, encourage you to step out and pick up the phone. Order today on our secure web site. We will rush your new Genius Code to you right away.

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P.S. – I know the genius that Paul and Win put into Genius Code, and I know that it will help anyone who wants to get more out of life. But be forewarned: if you are interested in exploring the edge of personal development, you might stay up all night when you first get the course. Genius Code with Image Streaming is cool, effective, and relevant. And with the Genius Code Live DVDs and the Accelerator you have a fast track to maximize your potential. Try it. Order on our secure website or call us right now at 866-292-1861.

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Genius Code Deluxe Course (CD/DVD)
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