Diamond Feng Shui Success Stories

Feng Shui changes had immediate results

"We moved the bed to a better direction for both of us, and we both have slept better." said John Hunot.

"Within one week of using Diamond Feng Shui to gain recognition for my work, I was called by the Chief Medical Officer where I work. We had not had any meaningful conversation for over two years. He asked for my opinion on proposed policy changes, which led to a discussion about a certain individual who had been seriously under-performing for the past two years. I had reported and complained to my supervisor about this individual with no real change. The following day the Chief Medical Officer put that individual on a 10-point work plan and he clarified my leadership role in this department. Morale and the atmosphere in general have greatly improved since the change.

"Within five weeks I began a part-time position at our local hospital, which is just blocks away. My other job is 52 miles away. The hospital expects to increase my hours within the next year to full-time, which will save two hours a day traveling!"

Pain immediately subsided and is now gone

Terry and Camilla moved to their current house about seven months before using Diamond Feng Shui. Since moving in Camilla had begun to experience near debilitating pain in her hip. Both experienced personal conflict and mild depression, old problems from their past that had not plagued them for years. They really felt uncomfortable in the house, spending the vast majority of their time at their cabin home in northern Minnesota.

According to the Diamond Feng Shui manuals, the energy in their master bedroom was so bad that they moved into a smaller bedroom in another area of the house. Immediately the pain in Camilla's hip subsided and has now gone away completely. They described the new room as much cozier and romantic, and their personal relationship improved right away as well.

In the home office, for their renovation and consulting business, Terry's desk faced a wall, with his back to the door. This was in one of his worst personal directions. Using the information in the Essentials course he repositioned it. He says that right away it felt much better. And, the project they started immediately after that has been one of the best and smoothest of their 23 years in business.

"Our home has become the hang-out for the neighborhood!"

"Our 10-year old daughter had a Conflict Star in her bedroom [Level Three]," writes Amy Theisen. "She reluctantly moved into a different bedroom and is like a new person. She gets herself up in the morning for school and gets ready with very little help. She has had only one nightmare since the change, which is dramatic considering they had been occurring regularly to the point she didn't want to sleep alone or was waking up and getting into bed with Brent and me.

"Our relationship has improved significantly although I will not say it is perfect. Her attitude and willingness to talk rather than yell has made for a much more pleasant environment overall.

"We noted this past summer that our home has become the hang-out for the neighborhood kids. Last year, the kids shuffled between houses, sometimes here for an hour then off to another house. This year the kids all congregate and stay right here for hours upon hours! Is this good? Yes, it is actually fun. My kids can't figure out why everyone wants to play at their house.

"We also noted that when we have friends or family visit, they stay much much longer, even to the point of apologizing for how late they stay. We enjoy it tremendously and feel they are much more comfortable and relaxed. For example, traditionally, family birthday parties for our kids resulted in guests staying until about 7:00 p.m. This year, it was nearly 10:00 p.m. before many of them finally made their exit. I don't recall anyone leaving before 8:30, and those were the ones with other engagements that evening so they had to leave!

"One highlight that happened for me in September was when a one-year old boy was terribly upset at a fireworks display. The group he was with were somewhat sensitive to his fears but not to the point of calming him. I felt the need to visualize white light around him...thanks to Marie's teachings. Within 30 to 45 seconds of starting this, the young boy reached for me, a complete stranger, and climbed out of the woman's arms who had been holding him. He stayed with me for 20 minutes and calmed down considerably. He was in no hurry to go back to his mother. It is amazing the intuitive powers of young children!"

Her father came back into her life

A month after Heidi made Diamond Feng Shui changes to bring new people into their lives, her daughter's father appeared on the scene. At six, Sophie had never met or talked with him, and now he's become a regular part of her life. They are all so happy.

Heidi had been thinking she needed to leave the real estate business for financial reasons. Then almost exactly nine months to the day after making Diamond Feng Shui changes, she switched to a new real estate company and immediately amazing opportunities opened up for her with top agents at the company.

Marie Diamond says that most people who use her system of Feng Shui experience results within nine hours, nine days, nine weeks, or nine months.

Bad Feng Shui affected the entire family

You'll soon understand why one couple wants to remain anonymous. Let's call them James and Edna. Sadly, their story is not uncommon.

Unknowingly, they moved into a new home with very bad Feng Shui. Almost everything in the Diamond Feng Shui manuals needed to be checked off for change. Worse yet was that the negative energy of their new home would affect two generations of their family.

In the months to follow, James began experiencing health issues and their relationship soured. That year three of their four children attracted houses with very bad Feng Shui.

One son purchased a new home and immediately suffered severe financial losses. The whole family began losing focus at work, school, and home.

One daughter's husband had an affair shortly after remodeling their house.

The other son saw a drastic downturn in his business.

What about the fourth of four children? As soon as she discovered the problems in her parent's Feng Shui, she made Diamond Feng Shui changes in her own home. Her family thrived during the year, while her siblings, who remained uninterested in Diamond Feng Shui, suffered.

From Paul R. Scheele, Learning Strategies Co-Founder

Dear Friend,

I'd like to share the astounding results my family received from Diamond Feng Shui. When Marie Diamond visited our home in 2004, she stopped at the front door and said it created emotional problems for our middle child. We have, in fact, three boys and the middle one became our problem child shortly after we moved into the home in 1990. It was mind-boggling to consider that it may have been the energy of the house all along.

The effect of the cure has been nothing short of miraculous. Today our son is emotionally balanced, working full time, and is back in college getting A's.

In the master bedroom Marie asked if my wife had surgery during the past eight months. Libby indeed had had two surgeries. Marie pointed out that the energy shifted in February 2004 and that medical problems were bound to show up for Libby. Part of the problem was that the direction of our bed was in Libby's worst energy direction.

That afternoon Libby and I shifted our bed for the first time since moving into our home. I always resisted in the past even though Libby had wanted to change it. We discovered it had been positioned for my ideal energy flow! Since moving the bed, medical problems for Libby have gone away.

Marie asked if our youngest son Scott had problems with his feet. In fact, Scott has been to a specialist after chiropractic care would not resolve chronic pain in his ankles and feet. We had assumed the problems stemmed from his rigorous sports activities. Marie showed us that the beam over the last quarter of his bed cut the energy flow over the area of his pain.

We moved his bed and the pain vanished in spite of his continued sports schedule.

Before meeting Marie Diamond I had done my best with Feng Shui from books and advice from two paid consultants. Nothing compared to the instant results that came from the Diamond Feng Shui system.

And now the most exciting part...

Everything that Marie did for us we can now do for ourselves thanks to the Diamond Feng Shui Personal Learning Course. It is a complete, thorough, up-to-the-minute resource that will serve you long into the future. I would absolutely order it right now...


Paul R. Scheele
Learning Strategies co-founder

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