Euphoria! by Paul Scheele, Hale Dwoskin, D. Trinidad Hunt, Chunyi Lin, Bill Harris, Rex Steven Sikes

7 experts help you experience a natural, euphoric high continued-

How to enjoy your smorgasbord of Euphoria!

Just like a good buffet dinner, start at one end and sample your way through. Then return to get more helpings of what you liked best.

Begin with Paul Scheele’s session. He will introduce you to the Euphoria! Personal Learning Course and bring you into his Paraliminal learning session.

On the next day listen to the next coaching session from Hale Dwoskin followed by his Sedona Method Release session.

Follow your intuition day after day until you have visited all six programs.

Then choose the program you liked best, and heap your plate with it. Spend as much time with the program as you wish, and enjoy increased great feelings and benefits every time you "feast."

At some point you may be ready to do a similarly extended period with one of the other sessions. Or, you may want to listen to different sessions on different days, depending on your own need.

You will enjoy this course endlessly for years to come.

Your telephone call lead Paul and me to a fascinating finding

When you call our office, the phone usually is answered within 12 seconds. If not, every phone in the place rings -- we do not want customers to wait. That's why Paul or I may answer the telephone. In talking with customers, we have uncovered this fascinating finding:

No matter what you want in life -- whether higher income, better relationships, a bigger house, more toys, a new car, or an education -- your goal behind your goal is peace of mind. You want to feel contentment, happiness, and love. You do not want stress, pain, fear, rejection, and failure.

Our other programs can help turn you into a millionaire, but what good is money without peace of mind?

We can help you read super-fast and build a powerful, even intimidating, vocabulary, but if you feel empty and meaningless, where is the joy?

We contend that when you experience peace of mind, everything else gets better and easier. You will be able to hold onto the rewards you earn -- longer and without struggle -- because of balance in your life.

What you get with Euphoria! is more than a good feeling. It is a way of life to last a lifetime…if you so choose.

Bonus book for Euphoria!

In addition to the audio sessions, you will receive a book of insightful writings from other mavens:

  • "Touching the God-spark within," by Joan Borysenko
  • "The Secrets of Inner Happiness and Contentment," by Paul McKenna
  • "Live, Love, Laugh, and be…Euphoric!," by Charlotte Ward
  • "The Joyful Path of Wholeness," by George Emery
  • "Self-Hypnosis to Alter States and Find Natural Brilliance," by Nikki Goldman
  • "Your Personal Creativity Ritual and the Creative Flow of Euphoria," by Barbara Kobe
  • "How We Feel Changes How We Feel," by Patty Ruhle
  • "The Brilliant Light of Euphoria that You Are," by Susan Slack
  • "Conceived in Truth," by Richard F. Hay.

You see, we truly want you to experience euphoria. It is a state that we can all enjoy.


Your new course comes with six audio sets and a book, just as I described above. It is a lot less expensive than mood-altering substances, such as anti-depressants, drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

But I have to give you this warning: you might become hooked on feeling wonderful, even while others around you are miserable.

Your joy could be disconcerting to those who would rather see you join them in misery. While you enjoy all the pleasure you desire, others may be busily suffering as much as they can stand. This is unfortunate, but as you choose to live a happier and healthier life, you become a model. Paul says, "You will have important and positive effects on those around you. As you express more of who you are and spend more time experiencing euphoria, you guide others to heal their lives."

My hope, that you can experience the peace of mind and bliss that I did back on September 26th, has now become a tangible option for you and those you love. Please try it. Your benefit is worth much more than the price of this course. Order Euphoria! today. Order here on our secure website, or call us at 866-292-1861, and we will rush the course to you right away.

For your personal best,
Pete bissonette
Pete Bissonette

P.S. -- From these seven experts you ought to be able to experience euphoria and peace of mind beyond your greatest hopes. Take it from me, you’ve got to try it. With our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, it is completely risk-free. Call us today at 866-292-1861 or click right here to order.

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