Euphoria! by Paul Scheele, Hale Dwoskin, D. Trinidad Hunt, Chunyi Lin, Bill Harris, Rex Steven Sikes

7 experts help you experience a natural, euphoric high continued-

Well, friend, I have plowed through the Internet and thumbed through countless books in libraries and bookstores. There has never been anything, at all, ever created like our Euphoria!

Nothing comes close

Nothing else brings together the breadth and completeness of the expertise we've assembled for you. When you experience Euphoria!, you will know what I mean.

Let's meet the experts, starting with …

Paul scheelePaul Scheele
with Euphoria Paraliminal Learning

Paul Scheele has created a unique Paraliminal learning session to help you "enter at will a sense of inner calm, experience joyful flowing with the events around you, and feel blissful happiness, love, even rapture, and peace. To realize the energetic melding of body, mind, and spirit," says Paul, "you can achieve a level of human functioning that permeates your thinking, envelopes your feelings, and transforms your behavior."

You will open your eyes from this Paraliminal session with a blissful smile on your face. I find it awesome, and yes, each time I listen to it, I feel wonderful.

This Paraliminal session is our first used with a new brain-syncronization technology we have just acquired. It will enhance your experience of euphoria.

Hale Dwoskin
with the Sedona Method for Euphoria

My friend Hale Dwoskin will teach you the "Sedona Method." You will start tapping your natural ability to let go -- to release all the unwanted feelings now covering your natural state of euphoria. Right now bliss is just a few "releases" away from your awareness. As you easily learn this ability, you will find yourself with eyes wide open in a world filled with goodness.

Hale has been involved with teaching and sharing the world-renown Sedona Method since 1976. He has helped thousands of people have whatever they are looking for in life, including the natural high of euphoria. This is the first time Hale has shared some of this material outside of his much longer tape course and live seminars. You are in for a treat.

Does it work? Absolutely. As long as I've known Hale, I have noticed a consistent state of happiness and joy that I have rarely experienced in anyone else -- even when things have not gone well for him.

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