Clear Mind ~ Bright Future by Paul R. Scheele

How to live on purpose

Decades ago my personal coach asked me about my purpose in life.

I said I didn't know it.

He said, “You are president and owner of one of the best self-growth companies in the world and you don't know your purpose?”

That sent me on an inquiry into what my purpose might be. I thought about how our company helps people maximize their potential. But that has never been a goal, intention, or purpose of mine.

I thought about all of the good we do. But that wasn't it either. I'm not about doing good.

I thought about the millions of letters and emails. Nah. My purpose isn't to write or to educate or to promote.

I thought about the love, kindness, and forgiveness that we teach, but I've never looked at that as a purpose or a mission.

So, the next week I told my coach I wasn’t clear on my purpose and it did not matter.

I told him, whatever my purpose is, it drives my life. It influences my decisions. It guides my intuition. It led me to my role here are Learning Strategies. But I was not conscious of it.

He said, "But you seem to live on purpose more so than most people I know. Why is that?"

That sent me on another inquiry. When I began to prepare for a promotion of our Clear Mind ~ Bright Future program. I shouted eureka!

I've been using the Clear Mind ~ Bright Future protocol since the mid-1980s when Paul Scheele and I began offering a New Year's goal-setting training to our clients. And within that protocol lies the secret.

You see, it is not the typical goal-setting process. Instead of consciously thinking and setting goals, you do a series of short burst brainstorming sessions around your life.

You brainstorm and write as quickly as you can. This way your conscious mind can't interfere. The ideas bubble up directly from your inner mind. And, your conscious mind doesn't edit them. You come up with clear goals that really fit your life and your desires.

Do you see what has happened here? With my conscious mind out of the way, my purpose literally drove ideas through my inner mind. I took these ideas and turned them into goals. These goals helped me build a phenomenal company and a wonderful life.

You can do the same.

Goals driven by purpose are always easier to attain. Even when I didn't know my purpose. But my inner self knew. Or as Paul would say, my "soul self" knew.

The beginning of every year since the mid-1980s I have done the process. Each year I will do it again. Please get the course today. It's the way to connect with your own purpose.

Best Regards,
Pete bissonette
Pete Bissonette
President, Publisher,
and someone with a clear mind and bright future himself

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