Year of PhotoReading with Paul Scheele and Millicent St. Claire

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Welcome to
The Year of PhotoReading!


PhotoReading is a “whole mind” approach to reading. You will be processing information faster and with greater comprehension than ever before

The star technique is “mentally photographing the printed page” at rates exceeding 25,000 words a minute. It turns your mind into an information sponge and gives you an edge in creating the success you want. In the beginning you will comprehend what you need from books and other written information in a third of the time it currently takes you, and as the year progresses, the sky’s the limit!

Your Year of PhotoReading is designed to
wire in the process

So you can use PhotoReading as
effortlessly as reading this sentence right now

You won’t have to work at anything. Through your Year of PhotoReading you merely need to use the PhotoReading system on written information you want to know. As you do, your world will change as dramatically as you choose.

All because you use your extremely powerful “nonconscious” mind (or “subconscious” or “other-than-conscious” or “whole mind”). You already have the capacity. You simply need to use it.

Year of PhotoReading
is a series of events & experiences
to give you the proficiency you need

First, learn the basics PhotoReading

If you’ve been through a PhotoReading seminar or the personal learning course, you have met this minimum requirement.

If not, we’ll get you immediate access to the personal learning course through our online digital Library. It will include eight audio sessions that will get you started. You will be PhotoReading three books!

You don’t need to “get good” at PhotoReading. This is about learning the basics to prime your mind for the amazing experiences of your Year of PhotoReading.

Experience 3 Seminars
to keep advancing your skills

You will have recordings of three weekend seminars to help you get proficient and skilled at every aspect of PhotoReading.

These seminars will help make sure you are never intimidated by information… you can handle your daily reading needs with less stress and greater ease… you can learn anything on any topic… you can raise your expertise… and you can live on purpose.

Weekend #1 - Recordings available now

You will refine your use of the PhotoReading steps along with Paul Scheele. You will get feedback so that you know how to use the steps optimally, efficiently, and effectively… so you can get what you need from written materials. You will get comfortable PhotoReading both physical books, ebooks, and other written information.

Weekend #2 – Recordings available now

You will be activating books and getting feedback from Paul Scheele and fellow participants.

You will use “Syntopic Reading,” in which you will PhotoRead a handful of books on a topic of your choice. You will then Activate all the books simultaneously!

Isn’t that amazing? Pulling the relevant information from a stack of books that had been researched and written by experts you trust! You never again need to rely on the expertise or point of view of a single author. This truly is holistic learning.

And you’ll begin using “Direct Learning” for spontaneous improvement in most any skill such as writing, investing, tennis, golf, piano playing, public speaking, cooking, gardening, even PhotoReading!

We HIGHLY recommend that you attend this weekend in person so that you can benefit from Dr. Paul’s teaching and the hands-on experience. And you will be spending time with like-minded people wanting to get more from life.

Weekend #3 – Recordings available now

This weekend will be about refining your skills for your specific needs. If you have gaps, you’ll discover how to bridge them. You’ll fill in any missing pieces. Your confidence and competence will be confirmed and energized.

Booster Sessions will answer questions,
direct your focus, and amplify your motivation

One-hour Booster Sessions will help to keep the PhotoReading system… your skill-development… and your commitment front and center. This is YOUR Year of PhotoReading, and we are here to support you.

85-Day PhotoReading Challenge
will wire everything in
(Participation is optional)

After the first seminar and before the second, you can join the “85-Day PhotoReading Challenge” where you commit to PhotoReading a book every day for 85 days!

Minimum Commitment – 1 book a day
Target Commitment – 3 books a day
Outrageous Commitment – 10 books a day (Yay!)

What’s in it for you? (Besides the excitement of achievement!)

The Minimum Commitment will give you supreme confidence in your ability to PhotoRead. If you PhotoRead a book just before bed, you can find yourself dreaming about some of the contents of the book, maybe applying the ideas in the book to your life.

The Target Commitment will make PhotoReading second nature for you. PhotoReading will become as effortlessness as drinking a glass of water. You won’t have to think about it. You just do it. And feel satisfied.

You’ll find yourself with multiple experiences of “spontaneous activation” where you simply know significant information from a book without “activating” it. (Activating is a way to bring knowledge into your conscious mind so you can think about it, consciously make decisions, and use it in your daily life.)

If you PhotoRead a week’s worth of books on a single topic, you’ll find yourself thinking about that topic and its contents throughout your day. Metaphors involving the topic will seep into your daily conversations and writings. You’ll find your knowledge on the subject increases significantly with very little effort.

Get a stack of books on Shakespeare and find yourself finally loving the stories.

Get a stack of books on finance and finally understand how to invest your money to serve your goals.

Get a stack of books on childrearing, and intuitively enhance how you are with your kids.

Get a stack of books on project management, and find projects flowing effortlessly in your work.

PhotoRead a dictionary every day and find yourself using words you didn’t know you knew, and CORRECTLY!

The Outrageous Commitment will take everything mentioned above to a ridiculously higher level. You’ll stimulate your intuition in ways you never thought possible. You’ll be able to PhotoRead a book, think of a question you may have, and readily find the answer in the book—at times you’ll immediately go right to the page!

You may even simply know the information without having to go back to the book!

Where do you get all of the books to PhotoRead? Your own bookshelf, your friends’ bookshelves, and the library. Tell your librarian what you are doing, and they’ll let you take boxes home every trip! And, remember, many public libraries allow you to check out and read ebooks on your phone or tablet. (PhotoReading works equally well on ebooks as well as physical books.)

Do you have to activate all of those books? Nope! But, we suggest activating at least one a week, so you get really good at activation. By the end of the “85-Day PhotoReading Challenge” you’ll be getting all of your reading done in at least a third of the  time it currently takes you.

Syntopic Reading & Direct Learning plus a 90-Day PhotoReading Challenge
for exponential and ever-expanding use of knowledge
(Participation is optional)

After the second seminar, you are welcome to start another “90-day PhotoReading Challenge” to continue your march to mastery. Your choice!

The purpose of these optional challenges is to help you master your nonconscious mind through PhotoReading, get more from books than others might think possible (even the authors), and take control of your life.

Many years ago our PhotoReading students began asking, “If PhotoReading at 25,000 words a minute is possible, what else is possible?!” You’ll find what is possible as you push the boundaries of what you may have done before.

Join our private & exclusive Facebook Community

You’ll be invited into a private Facebook community just for those in the Year of PhotoReading. We only want people in the group committed to their mastery of this amazing whole mind system.

Here you will be able to share your successes and bouts of excitement. You’ll be able to get coaching from fellow PhotoReaders. You’ll get ideas for how to get better and better. You’ll meet people who are great supporters of your dreams and goals.

Your Mentors, Paul Scheele and Millicent St. Claire

In 1985 at the challenge of IDS/American Express, Paul Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies, studied people who could go through written information as fast as they could turn the pages.

Using his expertise in neuro-linguistic programming, accelerated learning, and preconscious processing, he determined how people could do this, and he developed the PhotoReading whole mind system to teach everyone to get the same results.

Since then hundreds of thousands of people have learned PhotoReading and over two million books have sold worldwide. For over thirty years the Minnesota Department of Education licensed Learning Strategies to teach PhotoReading.

Millicent St. Claire is a Master PhotoReading Instructor having first been trained as an instructor in 2002. She also has certifications in Accelerated Learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, HeartMath, and Laughter Yoga. She developed the LIGMO Resiliency Coaching Program.

Millicent is extraordinarily competent with PhotoReading and can help you develop competence to serve every area of your life. She will challenge and inspire you through your Year of PhotoReading. “If you’re not being your best self, what are you doing?”

Recordings of all sessions are available now.

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Why the Year of PhotoReading?

First, why would you want to learn the PhotoReading whole mind system in the first place?

  • To use more of your mind to read more easily and with better understanding.
  • To sift through the junk and bunk so that you are reading information that serves you best.
  • To improve your memory and sharpen concentration…and all aspects of learning.
  • To make your work life better, more productive, and more prosperous.
  • To take the load off. To free up time. To make your life easier.

Why do the Year of PhotoReading?

  • To wire in the PhotoReading system so that every aspect of it becomes second nature for you.
  • To use the vast internal, inner mind resources that you already have. Not only will this work for your reading, but nearly every part of your life.
  • To live a life of peak performance, of breakthroughs, of experiencing the best life has to offer.
  • To create, invent, discover, design, dream up, originate, and devise what has not been devised.
  • Amplify your intuition and access to the wisdom of the universe.
  • Catapult yourself into a bright future.

I don’t know if you know this, but PhotoReading was what brought Paul Scheele and me together in business. I had always known it had to be possible to read faster than 200 words a minute, which is the average reading speed, but I didn’t know how.

I tried several speed reading courses, but they didn’t do what I wanted. I knew that the brain was capable of so much more. But when I explored the idea of mentally photographing the printed page at rates exceeding 25,000 words a minute, I knew this was it.

Your brain is so amazingly capable. PhotoReading gets you to use that power in ways most people believe isn’t even possible.

I realize the time and financial commitment of the Year of PhotoReading is significant, but I also know that the benefits to you can be even more significant. Commit today. Say, “Yes, I want to use more of my full potential.”

If you are new to PhotoReading:

Year of PhotoReading 2023 Three Weekend Seminars
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It's Risk Free!

Order now for 12 payments of $200. Please give me immediate access to the digital PhotoReading personal learning course and recordings of Year of PhotoReading.

If you attended a PhotoReading seminar/retreat or have the personal learning course:

Enroll me now for 12 payments of $190. This represents a $120 discount.

I cannot wait to hear about the gains and the successes you experience.