Unflappable You By Paul Scheele

Overwhelm is a choice (stop choosing it)

You have to wonder whether overwhelm has become our new way of life. We don’t think so, but we can see why so many do. Feelings of overwhelm are a natural response when things around you seem out of control.

Just the idea of a virus slamming the brakes on our lives.

Or so many fellow humans forcing the conversation about how we treat each other.

Or the personal impact of the global economic problems.

Or the divisiveness among those we chose to lead our governments.

Yes, some will suffer with overwhelm, because they don’t realize overwhelm is a choice. It’s natural that overwhelm shows up, but it is your choice whether it stays or leaves.

Paul Scheele will help you opt for calm, clarity, and effectiveness by helping you get in touch with your internal resources in his brand-new Unflappable You program beginning LIVE on July 27.

Stop choosing overwhelm, and your life will change. You’ll enjoy more happiness, peace, and prosperity automatically.

Get in charge of your life
instead of letting life run you

Join Paul Scheele for four daily tune-ups of your inner mind to use those powerful internal resources we all have (and more often than not, neglect).

On the first day, Paul will help you recognize what is good in your life so that you have what you need to carry forward.  You will use the power of gratitude to attract more of what gives you purpose and confidence.

And then on the second day, you will move beyond the stresses, challenges, and opportunities you face every day (even when feelings of overwhelm take hold) so that you discover the greater capacities you have within for creating the life you choose.

Come the third day, you will access the source of inner power, determination, and commitment to accomplish your tasks and goals in efficient ways. Paul will help you eliminate energy wasters while developing a disciplined habit of taking consistent action.

And on day four, you will learn to follow your heart, aligning your thoughts and actions with your passions. This will help you be energized by your work and stay resilient in the face of setbacks and challenges.

Put another way, you will learn to access your internal resources so you:

  1. confidently acknowledge and keep everything good in your life,
  2. courageously release unwanted limitations, barriers, and vulnerability,
  3. persistently achieve possibilities, desires, visions, and hope,
  4. avoid worries about the future and be the unflappable you.

And in that flow shines the brilliance of Paul Scheele. That’s actually the process of profound change we all have to go through while successfully dealing with the vagaries of life. It makes change less time consuming and complicated. Paul first presented it in his Natural Brilliance book. Through the years it has been refined to be perhaps the best flow for Paraliminals. You can sum up Paul’s decades of research and development as helping your desired changes in life get done faster and simpler.

As a matter of fact…we’ll all be listening to Paraliminals together with Paul during these sessions. And, here’s the best news:

Unflappable You includes
the new "Om" Paraliminals

You will not be listening to the classic Paraliminals that you might have in your collection now. You will be using the new Om edition Paraliminals.

Have you ever listened to a soothing chant of Om? Or, have you chanted Om, yourself?

The "frequency" or "vibration" of this ancient chant helps us attune with our true nature. It is beautifully satisfying and expansive. Similar sounds are found in spiritual traditions and everyday cultures all over the world.

We've added a layer of an Om chant to the Paraliminals you will use during Unflappable You to enhance effectiveness and enjoyment. As Paul's voice splits into two voices on the Paraliminals, you'll hear calming Oms emerging from the background.

And after you have experienced the Om Paraliminals during this program, you'll have them permanently in your online digital Library so you can use them again and again.

Unflappable You is the only way you can get these Om Paraliminals. They are not otherwise available for sale.

Get Ready for Unflappable You

First, choose a goal. What do you want to achieve? What would you like for yourself?

It is completely all right to say, “I want to be calm and resourceful through all challenging circumstances,” just as it is all right to say, “I want a new position with a 40% increase in pay.”

Here are a few other ideas:

  • I enjoy perfect health and well-being.
  • I am at my ideal weight.
  • I get things done in a timely manner. (Perhaps you have a goal here.)
  • I perform at the best of my ability. (Again, maybe you can state a goal.)

As soon as you enroll in Unflappable You, watch a short 20-minute video Paul prepared for you. You will find it immediately in your online Library.

Then, meet up with Paul Scheele online for an hour, four days in a row, beginning July 27.

The Unflappable You juice

We hope you can do the program live with Paul. Of course, you will have recordings so you can do the sessions at your convenience.

When you join us live, everyone will experience the same Om Paraliminal session simultaneously. Our brains will synchronize to the exact same Holosync frequency at the same moment, creating a resonance field that amplifies the impact and benefits of the inner work we do.

It's like linking hundreds of supercomputers together at once. The power becomes amazing.

Enhanced with Holosync audio technology

You may remember that Holosync audio tones have been embedded on Paraliminals to increase your ability to benefit and learn.

Centerpointe Research Institute's Holosync audio technology creates the electrical brain wave patterns of many desirable states. These states include deep meditation, increased creativity, focus and concentration, and accelerated learning ability.

It helps create new neural pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres, balancing the brain, enhancing mental/emotional health, improving mental functioning and self-awareness, and healing unresolved emotional problems.

It's all about making your Paraliminal experience more effective and satisfying.

How Unflappable You sessions work
(and the dates)

You will get together online with Paul Scheele for four days in a row:

Monday, July 27 - "The Magic and Fullness of Life"
With Gratitude Om Paraliminal

Tuesday, July 28 - "Calm, Clarity, and Effectiveness"
With Overcoming Overwhelm Om Paraliminal

Wednesday, July 29 - "Consistency and Determination"
With Self-Discipline Om Paraliminal

Thursday, July 30 - "A Life that Matters"
With Success Built to Last Om Paraliminal

1:00 p.m. US Central Time

During the first 30 to 40 minutes, Paul will coach you in preparing for the Paraliminal scheduled for that day.

You'll finish each session with the Om Paraliminal Paul selected.

You cannot join us through the telephone for Unflappable You. Telephone lines do not have the capability to carry stereo, which is vital for both the Paraliminal and Holosync technologies. You will have to use a computer or device with headphones or earbuds to receive our live stream and participate. Easy peasy.

Recordings will be in your online digital Library within two business days after each live session. (i.e. Monday's recording will be in your Library Wednesday afternoon, etc.) Each Om Paraliminal will also be in the Paraliminal section of your Library for ongoing use once the program is complete.

You will receive reminders with listening instructions before each session. And you'll always be able to call our office during Minneapolis business hours with any questions.

Enroll Right Now

You can enroll right now for 4 payments of $30. Listening instructions will be sent to you through a follow-up email. Your first session on July 27 is almost here!

Unflappable You (Digital)
4 payments of $30.00
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30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your experience of Unflappable You, you may request a refund of what you paid within 30 days. Of course, our coaches will be ready to help you with any questions or concerns that come up.

The Learning Strategies Advantage

We’re on this planet right along with you, and we’re doing our best to help you get great at living life and experiencing your fullest potential… through any circumstance, through any challenge…helping you be unflappable. We do that primarily through helping you access your vast internal resources. That’s the secret to manifesting successful living, positive relationships, vibrant health, and spiritual growth.

Paul ScheeleOur co-founder and your mentor, Paul Scheele, PhD, is a master at helping you access your inner resources. We're celebrating our 39th anniversary, because we've helped you through thick and thin.

There is probably no one better to have in your corner than Paul.

He created the Paraliminals as easy-to-use tools for you to activate those powers of your nonconscious mind. And now with Unflappable You and the new Om Paraliminals, you can take it to the next level.

As you journey with us, you can count on us for a foundation of trust, learning, fun, creativity, resourcefulness, and consistency. We've been here since 1981 helping millions of people, and we expect to be here long into the future helping you every way we can.

You don't have to go it alone. We are here for you.

Life is too short to leave your personal growth to chance. Enroll in Paul's Unflappable You. We are ready for you. It begins on Monday, July 27.

What others say...

Earlier this year Paul hosted Abundant You and Best You, based on this powerful format and the Om edition Paraliminals. Here's what folks said about the new Om edition Paraliminals.

“I like that there is more "going on" with the addition of the Om as it seems like I resist the Paraliminals less.”

“I was able to feel and see the vibrations of the Om. That was so unique and beautiful!”

"I love the Om. When I was listening to the Personal Genius Paraliminal CD earlier this week, I found my imagination inserting the Om.”

"I really liked the Om. It helps the breathing technique. I just follow with the OM, beautiful! This series was a breakthrough for me in understanding the value and purpose of each Paraliminal, and how it enhances my life and in turn will enhance others. Each time I do them, I review the coaching and it gets better and better." —Carol Tresenriter from Sterling, Illinois

"I love them! I think all Paraliminals should be upgraded to Om Paraliminals." —Pilar from Santiago de Chile

"I admit at first it seemed a strange idea to combine the two, but as soon as I heard it the first time, I really liked the voice, the rhythm, and the effect.”

From Abundant You to Unflappable You

Earlier this year Paul hosted Abundant You. Listen to an interview with Paul where he talks about the amazing "Quadrant system" he used in Abundant You and will use in Unflappable You.

Introducing: A more potent way to use Paraliminals in the brand-new Unflappable You program.

As if pressing play and closing your eyes to use a Paraliminal audio session is not easy enough, Paul uncovered a new way of thinking about how to listen to Paraliminals that will accelerate your results. Enjoy the interview.

Unflappable You (Digital)
4 payments of $30.00
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!