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Clear away any health or financial condition-and more

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Imagine this:

  • Clear anything that may be keeping you from focusing on your goals and dreams.
  • Clear any health condition from pain to weight to arthritis and so on.
  • Clear any financial condition such as debt, sufficiency issues, paycheck to paycheck living, etc.
  • Clear anything from bad relationships to being single.
  • Clear dysfunctional work place, abusive coworkers, not getting projects done, missing goals.
  • Clear any negative emotions and things that block you up.
  • Clear anything keeping you from sharing abundance with others, your family, friends, community, and the planet.
  • Clear anything that keeps you from your spiritual aspirations.

How could that affect your life? What could that mean to how you want to live your life?

For three years a group of us have been meeting on the phone every other Tuesday night to clear away energetic blockages in our lives and bring in healing energy.

We are about to begin a new series, and we’d like you to join us.

Here’s how it works

We’ll meet on the phone or on the internet LIVE every other Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. US Central Time for 16 sessions.

Your mentor and healer, Dawn Crystal, will lead each session. This will be the fifth series she’s done for us. About a quarter of participants join us live and the rest use the easy-to-access audio recordings.

  1. Goals & Aspirations – October 1
    (Join us 30 minutes early for an introduction.)
  2. Health Conditions – October 15
  3. Financial Conditions – October 29
  4. Relationship Conditions – November 12
    (Join us 30 minutes early for individual clearings.)

    Dawn will work one-on-one with a handful of participants. You should find that as issues clear from others, they will clear from you. Be sure to come to these optional sessions.
  5. Life Work Conditions – November 26
  6. Emotional Conditions – December 10
  7. Sharing Abundance – December 23 (MONDAY)
  8. Spiritual Issues – January 7, 2020
    (Join us 30 minutes early for individual clearings.)
  9. Goals & Aspirations – January 21
  10. Health Conditions – February 4
  11. Financial Conditions – February 18
  12. Relationship Conditions – March 3
    (Join us 30 minutes early for individual clearings.)
  13. Life Work Conditions – March 17
  14. Emotional Conditions –  March 31
  15. Sharing Abundance – April 14
  16. Spiritual Issues – April 28
    (Join us 30 minutes early for individual clearings.)

What do you clear?

Before each session, fill out a private worksheet that you can download. List everything in that topic that you would like to clear from your life.  These are things you have and don’t want. For example, on the session for Financial Conditions, your list might include the following:

  • I don’t earn enough.
  • I pay the minimum on my credit cards each month.
  • I am late on my rent.
  • I’m not saving enough for retirement.
  • I don’t have a good cushion.

It’s important you don’t judge yourself on anything. All you want to do is list things in your life you have and don’t want.

This will remove the energetic attachment that could be dragging you back. It helps create an energetic vacuum so you can attract what you want.

After each session rip up and throw out the worksheet. Get it out of your life.

How to achieve your goals quicker

Before each session, write your important goals on your worksheet. Know how clearing items from your “have but don’t want” list during each session can help you achieve your goals.

The session could be on Health Conditions and your important goals may be financial. Know how your financial goals can be helped by clearing health conditions.

This is a powerful step. Everything is connected. The more you understand this and see it in your own life, the more everything will flow for you.

Why are there 16 sessions?

We are doing 16 sessions every-other-week over the upcoming months to build energetic momentum for you. This will help advance your important goals.

Doing a clearing now and then will have a positive effect, but clearing consistently over time will have great results for you.

Here is a photo of Dawn with Jack Canfield in his home. Dawn had removed a stubborn pain from Jack’s shoulders in a matter of seconds.

What happens during the sessions?

It’s like a meditation, but different.

All you have to do is sit and listen.

Dawn Crystal will first clear your primary energy centers and chakras.

Then she will do three to five “silent clearings.” During the first clearing, think of the first item on your list you don’t want. She’ll clear it away, and then do a “sound healing.”

This is where it gets weird and interesting. She moves energy through her voice. She’ll make a series of sounds. Some will be pleasant and relaxing. Some will be a little loud and perhaps obnoxious. But they all work to heal the space that had been occupied by what you don’t want. This is her gift. This makes her sessions unique and powerful.

These sounds will move your energy so that expansive and positive energy can move in. This will help you live a healthy, happy, joyous, and productive life while you achieve your goals.

The higher your energetic frequency, the more expansive energy within you, the easier it is to create in your life what you want.

You’ve learned through all of our programs including Abundance for Life, Effortless Success, Seeds of Enlightenment, Spring Forest Qigong, Diamond Feng Shui:  When you can replace contraction with expansion, you can achieve your goals.

Plan on joining us early for the first session to hear a special introduction to the series.

And, as you saw in the list above, you can join us early for four other sessions for individual clearings. We will randomly select a number of individuals to do live clearings and healings with Dawn. You’ll want to be here for them, because they will work on you, too!

Enroll here…

Your next step is to enroll right now for eight payments of $48. That’s $24 a session for Sound Healing | Silent Clearing. Click here. Your enrollment comes with a 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee, so if you find it is not for you, we’ll happily refund what you’ve paid.

The day before each session you will receive an email with the listening instructions. Again, you can listen on the phone, over the internet, or through a recording.

You’ll find handouts in your online digital Library.


Write back with any questions. The first session is Tuesday, October 1, at 8:30 p.m. US Central Time. Click here to enroll.

What others say

I mentioned that this is Dawn Crystal’s fifth series with us. I have been on all of the sessions of Sound Healing | Silent Clearing. I wouldn’t dream of missing a session. And thanks to the recordings, I could catch sessions even when I couldn’t be on the call live.

Here are a handful of comments for you from past participants:

Relationships continue to improve. I can give and receive more love. And I'm not isolated anymore. Conflict or tension dissipates quickly and easily. And I have forgiven people I thought impossible to forgive. I still hit pockets of old emotions, but I try to allow and not run away. I used to feel hopeless because I knew I would sabotage anything good I might attract, but no more. Best of all, the old, haunting images from my past that played over and over all the time are gone.”

“I have received incredible healing from Dawn! Of particular note recently is that my entire upper right shoulder and entire right arm had given me intense pain for years, and Dawn has healed these areas completely! It is a miracle and I am so grateful to Dawn! :-)”

“I have dissolved a cloud of negativity that undermined any attempt at moving forward with utmost confidence.”

“I have been experiencing so much love from my co-workers and people in general. I don't know if it was always there and I didn't accept it or if I'm attracting it. Maybe both. It's lovely and a relief. And I'm safe to express the love I have for people, too.”

“My relationship with my husband has improved remarkably. Now we are talking about money, how best to use it, rather than stewing quietly. I am writing with the old confidence I used to have, and have sent out agent queries for my two books of short stories. Yesterday I received word one of my stories was a finalist in a well-regarded literary magazine contest. Thanks Dawn!”

“I used to have SO many thyroid issues—alternating between being too fast and too slow, nodule growths on my thyroid, the autoimmune disease Hashimotos—and my doctor just told me my thyroid has completely normalized!!! Thank you SO MUCH, Dawn! I have been dealing with these thyroid problems on a severe level since 2013”

“I have noticed two main things. First, I've been getting clarity around some health issues I've been having for a long time. This is really freeing as I've been able to better understand what's been going on so I can find the right solutions. Second, I recently began a massive clearing out of my living and work spaces! Organizing the stuff that I need and passing on or throwing out the stuff that I no longer need to keep—feels great.”

“One of my issues was getting up in the morning. After Dawn's clearing there has been a tremendous improvement! It may take 5 - 10 minutes but that is a HUGE shift.”

“My life has been a blur of confusion and anxiety until I listened in to your first session. I am really amazed at how the heaviness and fear will lift away, even when I'm listening to a recording.”

“A lot of unraveling of automatic behavior.”

My intuition is stronger and when my mind tries to second guess it, I am better able to quiet the chatter and act on my intuition.”

“It is the first time in my life I have EXPERIENCED my spirit.”

I am happier even though my current situation is light years from where I want to be. I find myself happy and smiling - I ask myself 'Why are you so happy?'”

“I've wanted to clear health issues, wellness issues, and abundance. I've recently felt motivated to explore different herbs to help support my challenges from a source I'd never explored before.”

“The life-long dread and anxiety I have always felt before traveling, especially out of the country, is gone.”

“Lots of uncomfortable emotions are gone including stuck feelings such as fear and shame!”

Shoulder pain almost entirely gone, and focus has improved.”

“I have gone from being extremely anxiety-ridden on a constant basis to completely calm—this has been a lifelong problem and is an absolutely amazing outcome! :-)”

We have a special recording for you to hear excerpted from sessions with the individual clearings. You’ll feel the power of Dawn’s sessions and the impact they have on participants.

I hope you will join us. It begins October 1. Remember, your enrollment comes with a 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee, so yes, enroll now. You’ll love it.

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