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Clear YOUR Upper Limits

By April of this year, a friend’s business more than doubled from the previous entire year!

I’ve known her for 16 years, she’s always done well, but this year has been extraordinary.

On a telephone call last spring, I asked her what she did to create the success. I expected to hear of new marketing tactics or powerful business strategies. But no. I was completely surprised by what she said:

“I can’t point to any one thing. Everything simply improved dramatically.”

“How?” I asked. “What did you do?”

“I don’t know, other than I worked on clearing my upper limits.”

“What does that mean?”

“I figured that if the universe wanted me to enjoy unlimited prosperity and abundance, then the energy must be there to make that happen.

“But what was stopping it? Where were the obstacles? I didn’t know.

“So, I worked diligently on clearing any energy blocking my success. I worked to clear my upper limits, and I am humbled by the results.”

She did not know what was hindering greater success, so she began working with “energy healers,” she used processes to eliminate beliefs that didn’t serve her, and she meditated. All in the course of a few months.

The first thing I did after that telephone call:

I called Dawn Crystal. She’s been leading Sound Healing | Silent Clearing sessions for us since 2017.

I asked her: How does someone clear upper limits so they enjoy unlimited and surprising success?

Dawn said there are two types of limitations: 1) those you know about, and 2) those you don’t know about.

Of course, that makes sense, so I asked: If we were to do a Sound Healing | Silent Clearing series on clearing upper limits, how would that work?

“Simple,” she said, and the new series was born. It was so successful, we are running it live one more time. If you are intrigued, join us.

Just look at some of these testimonials from this year!

“My business is growing exponentially and new doors are opening up. I had always felt that there were blocks to my moving forward. I should end this year with my highest income in five years. This course has lived up to its name of clearing upper limits. Forever grateful!”
— Florence A. from Silver Spring, Maryland

“I was able to save $11,000, I moved to another state, then I bought a house with a great interest rate, and I was able to buy a car. When I started I didn’t know what ‘clearing the upper limits’ meant or what it would do but I know that my physical manifestations are real.”
— Natosha M. from Cleveland, Ohio

“The clearing works - that’s what I liked most. I immediately noticed a clear head and a calmness around me. Good traction - I am publishing my book Happiness Habits this month. That’s a big deal for me.”
— Sriram from India

How this new series will work

It’s easy…

1) We will get together every Tuesday for 30 minutes over 20 weeks. You can join us live or by the recording.

2) Each week you will make a list of three to five items to clear so your upper limits clear. I’ll give you examples in a bit.

3) One by one, Dawn will lead you through a “silent clearing” that dissipates away the energy of the items on your list.

4) After each clearing, Dawn will lead you through a “sound healing” to heal the space of that item. The clearing and healing have the effect of creating a vacuum, which will draw in the miracles you’re expecting.

5) In the 20 weeks you’ll be able to go through upwards of 64 blocks to clear your upper limits, to free your way to unbridled and surprising success.

“I had many personal breakthroughs that will assist me in meeting my goals and aspirations.”
— Participant

“I love this material. When I listen and do the steps, I feel more calm. I feel more relaxed. I sleep better. I notice I move through life with more ease. I felt more balance in my body. I noticed more money coming in.”
— Grace D.

3 types of “things” you can clear

There are three approaches to consider, and you can mix and match through the series. Follow your intuition. There’s no way to do this wrong.

TYPE 1: Areas of Your Life

You can simply select an area of your life so you clear anything holding you back. You don’t have to know what the block is. You just need to know that you want to unclog this area. You want the limits shattered.

Because you will have 20 weeks, you will have plenty of time to address every area multiple times so that layer after layer are cleared away. Remember, you will be able to do three to five items each week.

Here are examples of various areas of life:

  • Financial
  • Career/Business
  • Personal Time
  • Family Time
  • Health & Well-being
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth
  • Spiritual Growth

TYPE 2: Specific Aspects of Your Life

You can get more precise and choose something specific to clear. Here are examples:

  • A project at work
  • Your job performance so you receive greater raises and bonuses
  • A situation with a partner, friend, relative, colleague, boss, employee…
  • An upcoming meeting or get-together
  • Investments, savings, or spending
  • Reducing debt
  • A specific health condition
  • Writing a book, renovating your home, or starting a business
  • Dating or family situations
  • Meditation or a spiritual practice.

TYPE 3: Specific Things in Your Life that You Don’t Want

You can eradicate limits by clearing out specific negative beliefs, negative emotions, unsupportive people in your life, not enough resources, not enough money, too much debt, doubt, illness, negative circumstances, lack of skills, karma… You can clear anything you have in your life that could be creating your upper limits.

“I continue to release the negative/dense energy/trapped emotions each and every session. It is so liberating. I have had several breakthroughs and I continue to move closer to living my goals and enjoying my life more. I look forward to the next series.”
— Participant

“I've felt more momentum toward goals which were stagnant before, and more opportunities have arrived. I am grateful for this program.”
— Participant

You will receive an hour with Paul Scheele
to help you decide what to clear

Paul Scheele is a co-founder of Learning Strategies, and he knows how to direct your inner mind for extraordinary results.

In a special brainstorming-like session of 90 minutes, Paul will help you gain clarity on what you want in every area of your life.  What would you like to create so your life is filled with rewards and happiness?

This will make it infinitely easier to determine what you want to clear.

You’ll end up with a list of things to systematically clear through the 20 sessions.

Can you imagine what your life will look like when you erase your upper limits?

Paul, Dawn, and I recorded this session live, and you’ll have it in your online digital Library as soon as you enroll in the new Sound Healing | Silent Clearing on Clearing Your Upper Limits. Here’s how…

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Dates & Times
for Clearing Your Upper Limits


It is ready for you in your online digital Library.


First Session: December 28 – Tuesday – 9:00 p.m. Central Time

Every Tuesday through May 10

Plan on 30 to 35 minutes for each session.

We will begin 30 minutes early on three Tuesdays so Dawn can do individual clearings for participants.

2 SPECIAL SESSIONS with Dawn Crystal

The first two sessions will have special themes:

LAST TUESDAY OF THE YEAR: December 28 – We all will clear everything energetic from our lives in 2021 that does not serve us. We will not be bringing ‘contraction’ forward!

FIRST TUESDAY OF THE YEAR: January 4 – We will all clear everything energetic from the new year that does not serve us. We’re going to be proactive and get rid of blocks in advance!


We will begin 30 minutes early on three Tuesdays so Dawn can do individual clearings for participants. You will be encouraged to raise your hand. Plan on attending these sessions even if you are not chosen, because you will certainly benefit from the energy of these clearings.

February 1 – Tuesday – 8:30 p.m. Central Time
March 8 – Tuesday – 8:30 p.m. Central Time
April 12 – Tuesday – 8:30 p.m. Central Time

Recordings will be available about an hour after each session is finished. It is best to do the sessions at the same time each week. If you cannot attend live, pick a time to consistently use the recordings. This will allow you to go deeper and deeper into the clearings.

“The program is very simple, so helpful, and I love the consistency of having it weekly on the same night and time. I always feel the energy moving and clearing, as well as my life force being expanded and uplifting me with very loving and supportive energy. My life is really opening up to new opportunities and the flow of abundance has really increased.”
— Participant

How to Enroll Today

Dawn Crystal's Sound Healing Silent Clearing Series 10 Teleseminar
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It's Risk Free!

You can enroll right now for 10 payments of $48, which is a reasonable $24 a clearing session. It’s even less a session when you consider the initial Brainstorming & List-Making session with Paul Scheele and the three sessions for Individual Clearings.

If you are not satisfied with your experience, you may request a refund anytime in the first 30 days. This way you will be able to do a month’s worth of sessions without risk.

Why is the series 20 weeks long?

Dawn says, “Can you imagine what will happen when you consistently clear your upper limits week after week for almost a half a year? Miracles! We will be clearing out layer after layer of whatever is limiting your life. I am really excited for this series.”

“I usually feel calm, content and very light after the sessions. I was a very worrying person during my whole life. The big shift is that I am much more conscious about what I am thinking and feeling. And I am able to turn feelings around in a very short period of time. My eyesight is getting better, my dreams become friendly, before they were dark and scary. I feel better in my body.  I feel confident, much safer and supported here on this planet earth which was never the case before!”
— Monique from Switzerland

We all are destined for
abundance & happiness

Dawn Crystal

As your mentor and healer Dawn Crystal knows, we all want to be happy and live in the flow of abundance. What’s why hundreds have joined Sound Healing | Silent Clearing in the last five years. Remember…

All great teachers say, “Happiness is your natural state.” They say that happiness makes everything more enjoyable, heightens your experience of life, heals all problems, and provides an opening for manifesting what you want.

Dawn Crystal helps bring you to this natural state of happiness by neutralizing, clearing, and healing everything that causes unhappiness. She helps eradicate resistance in your energy field, so the beautiful states of happiness and neutrality permeate your entire being and way of life without limits.

Week by week your happiness will increase, and it is all while releasing your upper limits that have kept you from enjoying a wonderful life.

Please join our group of like-minded and open-hearted people who want happiness and abundance to flow.

P.S. – Here are more testimonials from those who took the most recent Sound Healing | Silent Clearing program with Dawn Crystal:

“After many years of constant combat levels of stress, trauma, and verbal, emotional and psychological abuse, I shut down. I lost my job and 10 days later I lost my mom. After months of just sitting I realized I needed help and started trauma therapy, but that didn’t help. Fast forward to when I got your email, I knew I had to try. So grateful I did. It was uplifting and I liked the energy. This was the best thing I could have done for my healing.”
— CB from Minnesota

“My experience has been a slow and steady move in the right direction. I'm making better lifestyle choices, I'm having an easier time communicating when I have a conflict, and I'm identifying and addressing my fears.”
— B.K. from Phoenix, Arizona

“I have become a new and improved person. I do not recognize the old me anymore. I used the sessions as a venting session. What I noticed is that the next day or shortly thereafter, the things I vented about seemed to resolve themself. Another thing is that when I would see things in my reality that I did not like, my thoughts used to spiral out of control and I would start telling myself why I will not get my goal and intention. Now, when something ‘unfavorable’ appears in my reality, I automatically tell myself why it is proof that my goal and intention is about to materialize. This is HUGE for me.”
— Victoria Wilson from Springfield, Virginia

“I feel like I have an effective tool to heal and move forward in life unencumbered by my own spiritual wounds or that of others. Better relationships. Easier to attract money. Much more sensitive.”
— Participant

“The most benefit for me has been in relationships—especially with my adult son. We are back to the closeness we had when he was a little boy, and it's beautiful. I'm not trapped in the dark rooms of my childhood anymore. Not that I don't still feel pain about it or have flashbacks, but I'm not trapped there all alone, all the time. Plus I'm more sensitive, which I think I've always been but tried to suppress because I thought I was crazy, and it was just another weird thing to hide. Now I accept and allow it for positive loving things. I can give and receive love like never before.”
— Lynn in Twentynine Palms, California

“It feels like things are changing. Some of the difficult things have become easier to do and work on after the sessions. I have a few breakthroughs and it feels that happened very naturally without much effort from me.”
— Participant from Seattle, Washington

“There has been a forward movement toward my goals. There is a breakthrough of being more loving, more living with a loving spirit, more outgoing, sharing more with people, more freedom and knowing more of who I am and feeling freedom from knowing me more.”
— Participant

"This has been one of my favorite programs.”
— Participant

Dawn Crystal's Sound Healing Silent Clearing Series 10 Teleseminar
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!

Sound Healing | Silent Clearing comes with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

After enrolling, you will receive an email with information on how to connect to the sessions through the Internet or on the telephone. You will also receive a reminder the day before each session. And, yes, recordings will be available for when you cannot attend live.